The key to creating a well-rounded and attractive space is to pay attention to the subtle nuances of decor. Unfortunately, some of these tricks are so simplistic that they seem illogical.


However, they can help make a huge difference to the overall look of any room. Modern interior design has a simplicity that provides timeless relevance. A modern home can be comfortable and cozy without being fussy with clean lines.


The modernist aesthetic is not limited to any particular style, as mid-century modern furniture is in demand in many homes of different styles. Collect cool modern interior design ideas and get inspired to create your own masterpiece.


Blending Pattern


It is not necessary to adhere to one pattern in the room. You can blend two or three prints harmoniously without much effort.


Pay attention to the size of the pattern. Smaller, voluminous prints look best on dense surfaces such as cushions or third pieces such as floor carpets.


Bold, bold patterns usually work well with focal elements that have empty space around them.


Bring Plants


Whether you want to add a touch of flair or fill an empty corner or table, houseplants add depth and personality to any room.


There is nothing more impressive than decorating your home with eco-friendly items. These days when everything seems to be eco-friendly, make your home stand out by using sustainable and eco-friendly things.


Plants can add needed color to some rooms or add freshness to an industrial-style space. Depending on the shape you want to create, you can place your plants in clay pots, cups, ceramic kettles, or terrariums.

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Sometimes one big picture can clutter up a space. Select a collection of small pictures that can be arranged in groups.


If you have a picture on your sofa that looks too small, hang it on the side instead of in the center. You will be amazed at how well these simple upholstery tricks and visuals work.




Groups of small objects are more visually appealing than individual pieces. This is true for almost any piece of furniture, from artwork to pillows, vases, and even pendant lights.


The pieces do not have to match exactly, as long as they look visually identical. So, for example, you can arrange jars of different sizes and two pairs of pillows of different sizes.


Put something you love


Show off what you like to create a truly unique look. For example, consider decorating your home with spectacular furniture regardless of the color you choose for your interior design.


A room would feel incomplete without elements such as photos, favorite souvenirs, antique artifacts, and more.


Spacious arrangement


Having too many elements in a room creates visual clutter. Margins help define the focus of the entire room.


Arrange your furniture so that each item has enough space to breathe. Modern times give you the best quality and options to opt for your place.

This allows each part to shine on its own and the array as a whole to work.


Buying one by one


It can be tempting to buy all the accessories and accents to complete one jewel at a time.

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The result is stuff that fills the space and doesn’t go well with the decor. So instead, start by carefully choosing two or three accessories. Then, add as you go, slowly but steadily adding only what you like.


Layering technique


This simple interior decoration trick creates intimacy in a small room. Use paintings, mirrors, or wall shelves to create a background.


Tables and seats form the next tier and usually look good when placed close together.


Finally, use rugs, bedspreads, and throws to increase comfort and unite the entire space.




Sometimes it’s very easy to get tangled in restrictive interior design rules. It can make your space feel plain or stereotypical, particularly if you’re trying too hard to stick to one decorative style.


Experiment and get creative by mixing furniture and décor styles. Original combinations and original ideas can lead to very original spaces that convey your signature style.





When decorating, it’s important to step back and observe the room. If you focus too much on something, you may miss the big picture.


Especially when it comes to interior decoration, taking a picture of your space will help you analyze weaknesses more easily and better understand what to do next.




We hope these smart interior decorating tips will help you create a cohesive and happy living space. So style your home with such great ideas and decorate your home effortlessly.


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