10 Questions to Ask When Touring a Senior Living Center


Picking the right senior living community is a huge choice that should not be undertaken lightly. After all, you will be spending the rest of your life there. Here are some questions you should ask to ensure that you will be happy in your new home. 

Abuse Of Residents

One hears horror stories of residents who have been abused by their caregivers. Find out how employees are vetted for their positions, whether the center has a training program to educate carers on neglect and abuse of the elderly, and what channels are available for dealing with suspected incidents.

Living Areas 

Senior living facilities have different sized rooms based on what residents can pay. Establish whether you will have to share bathrooms with other residents and the policy on cooking in rooms. Are the apartments furnished or unfurnished? Do they offer free WIFI? How is housekeeping managed and do you have to pay extra for the service? What arrangements are there for doing your laundry?


You will want to know if meals are designed to be nutritious and how the center makes sure residents get fresh fruit and veggies daily. Are there special arrangements for diabetics or vegans? Are tea and coffee available throughout the day?

Health Care

In the event of an emergency, do staff call an ambulance? Do you have to pay extra for any services such as transport to doctors’ appointments? How is first aid managed and are there qualified nurses or physicians on-site? For example, McKnight Place Town and Country senior living offers short-term rehabilitation and regular on-site visits from a variety of medical practitioners.

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Does the facility run programs for exercise and entertainment? What activities are available and are these included in the monthly fee? Are there areas for socializing? 


Are bathrooms fitted with handrails and nonslip mats? Do residents have panic buttons in their rooms? Is there a plan to check on each resident every day?


Does the facility have a backup generator for power failures? What arrangements are made to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh water?

If Your Needs Change

You may enter a senior living community in excellent health but if this declines will you be moved to a frail care facility? How will this affect your monthly fee? Ask for a tour of this section to see the state of residents. Are they bathed regularly? If they are incontinent, how often are they changed? Do they seem happy and well-cared for?


Apartments are allocated based on your income or funds. What does this mean for you? Is it value-for-money or can you get better living arrangements elsewhere? How often is it increased and by how much? What additional costs are there, such as parking or transport?

Can I Speak To The Other Residents?

The surest way to determine if people are happy at a senior living facility is to speak to residents who have been there for a few years. But don’t let the center tell you who to speak to. This way you will get unbiased input.

If the tour guide refuses this, then maybe they have something to hide, such as unhappy residents.

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Don’t settle on the first place you view. Visit at least three or four facilities in your chosen area and compare their answers to these questions.

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