3 Essential tips you need to know before renting a Camper Trailer

a Camper Trailer

Home on Wheels! Sounds exciting, right? Camper trailers are just what you need to go on a cross country concert or a family vacation to the mountains for a week of exclusive time with family or friends with a Camper Trailer. 

The Camper Trailer industry has rapidly picked up speed since its advent in the 1920s. Today, we have numerous types of camper that are differentiated on the basis of maneuverability, size, shape, type, load capacity, among other variables. Choosing the right camper trailer for your trip is also essential because you wouldn’t want to compromise on the size when the family size is large, maneuverability becomes the main concern on a zig-zag road. 

So, to help you make a better and informed choice, here are three essential tips that you need to know before rent a Camper Trailer. 

Tip #1: Choose the right type and maneuverable camper trailer

Well, if you are looking for the right type of camper trailer there are several pre-requisites to consider. There are factors that help decide which type of camper trailer is right. For starters renting a pop-up trailer is best for a smaller load capacity as compared to the fifth wheelers which can hold more number of people and but are not so easy to haul and take a lot of work before you can hit the road again. Also, trailer axle and parts are also an essential aspect of our guide. If you are looking for the best trailer accessories supplier look no further than Tow-Max. They provide top-notch Trailer spare parts and accessories that enhance the trailer performance and longevity. Similarly, there are a few other matters that need your attention: 


Types of Camper Trailers:

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer


These are the most luxurious and expanded type of Camper trailers best suited for large family size. The fifth wheel trailer’s length varies between 20 to 45 feet and they are easier to maneuver than other trailers, because of their heavy weight. 

A normal Fifth wheel trailer will have the best in class amenities including, Flat Screen TV, eloquent furnishings, multiple peripherals for a better and luxurious living experience. There are further variants in a Fifth wheel trailer and the maximum capacity for the biggest one can hold up to 12 passengers comfortably. 

These types of camper trailers do have certain advantages and disadvantages. Advantages in the sense that, you will have an extra room, and a lot of many facilities the likes of which are found at your home. 

On the contrary, the bigger camper trailers are not so easy to operate, assemble, pack up and the sheer weight of the camper trailer is not easier to haul by your everyday vehicle. You will need a high power SUV to do so which means that the fuel economy will hit a new low with the Fifth Trailer. 


  • Travel Trailer: 


Just as the name suggests, travel trailers come in all sizes and lengths. They start from 14 feet and are available in the market for up to 40 feet. It is like they are the most versatile forms of Camper trailers that are well suited for several kinds of trips. 

The travel trailers are easier to pull and they will attach right to the bumper of the truck which further gives the freedom of easy handling. Travel trailers can be accustomed as per the needs and requirements. This means that they can be modified enough to make it a luxurious camper or can be adjusted to provide the necessary items leaving aside the lux components. 

A non-expandable and regular sized travel trailer can hold up to 8 people. With an increase in the number of passengers, the overall weight increases and this can test your front vehicle’s towing capacity. So, it is better to ensure that you are using a powerful vehicle to haul the camper trailer. 

A travel trailer has advantages in the area of easy setup, and you can tow it from a number of vehicles. But, the problem arises in the area where hitch can dwindle due to impact. The design of a travel trailer is such that an imbalance in the way it attaches to the vehicle can be troublesome. 

  • Pop-Up Trailer:


If you want to know which are the most cost-effective and economy camper trailers, this is it. The Pop-up trailers are affordable and they are easy to pull. They are compact in size and will not take much of the road space while driving which means that the pop-up trailers have good maneuverability. The collapsing and unfolding facility in these trailers is what makes the pop-up trailers easier to handle. 

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The most important thing about these camper trailers is that have a good fuel economy and are the best fit for a small nuclear family trip. Also, the popo up trailers can be hauled by any type of vehicle provided it has hitching mechanism. 

The popup trailers are smaller than their counterparts hence they can only hold up to 4 people. In terms of its operational advantages, the popup trailers can be hitched to any kind of vehicle due to their lower weight. However, the lower weight and tent-like structure are not safer for wild locations. Plus, the popup campers are only good for short term travel. 

  • Hybrid (Expandable) Trailer:

 a Camper Trailer

Hybrids trailers are born out of innovation and have the weight benefits of a pop up trailer and the spaciousness of a luxury one. This is because instead of the tent pop outs they have hard sided pop outs which add a security level and provide the extra space. 

The hybrid trailers have 2 or more pop outs and that results in a much greater space, which again folds-in while traveling. Also, the hybrid trailers have a lower cost than the bigger fifth wheel or travel trailers. The weight is less and so they can be hauled by a minivan or an SUV. More importantly, the foldable tents and other peripherals make it easy to maneuver. 

Since they are expandable, the hybrid trailers can hold up to 8 -10 people and are filled with all kinds of amenities and appliances. Hybrid trailers are compact but still, they are heavier than the traditional pop up tents. This means that you will need a heavier vehicle for hauling. 

Tip #2: Financial Issues that you need to know 

Now that you have the basic idea behind different sorts of camper trailers, let’s talk about the pocket expenses when you are looking to buy one or even rent it out. 

Deciding which type of Camper trailer will meet your needs is a bit of an overwhelming experience. It is something that needs research and experimentation to start with. 

So, before you go all out in excitement and buy your own, make sure to try out a different version of Camper trailers by taking them on rent first. You should also check a few other aspects other than money. Such as ensure that your chosen trailer has spare parts availability and has enough accessories. Check out Tow-Max, for the best trailer accessories and spare parts. 

Out of the four types of camper trailers listed above the fifth wheels are the most expensive, only because they are more inclined towards the pomp side of traveling. A traditional fifth wheel camper will cost you around $40,000 and it will have all the basic amenities that are not found in even the best of pop up trailers. But on the higher end, these fifth wheel trailers will cost you something up to $85,000. 

Moving on to the Travel trailers which are the most popular type of motor homes bought by people. These camper trailers are pocket-friendly and the range starts at around $20,000. Due to the relatively lightweight, they are also easier to haul which means they are economical too. If however, you are looking for a luxurious experience there are trailers that will cost you about $45,000. 

The reason why hybrid trailers are considered as cost-effective is that they are a better version of the pop up tent trailers and have canvas walls instead of hard sided walls. This saves the cost and brings down the cost to a range of $22,000 to $31,000. 

Pop Up trailers are smaller in size and just pop out to become much bigger. This is why the price range starts at $9000 and on the higher end, they will cost less than $20,000. 

Is renting it better?

Well, surely it is. Before you buy or even if you only go out on vacation once a year, then there is no need to buy a whole new home. Consider taking it on rent and have the same fun and frolicking adventure at a lesser cost. 

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For renting a Camper trailer you need to know about a few things first and this includes the deposit, the pricing method, cost charged per day and a few other things. Typically, the per night rental cost of a pop-up camper trailer is observed to somewhat between $100 to $150, that is during the normal season. And for the same season, a fifth wheel trailer rent is kept at something between $350 to $500 per night. 

There is a deposit of sorts when you want to rent a camper trailer and the rate depends on the type of camper you are looking for. For a pop-up trailer, a deposit of $500 is enough and this can also vary in the peak season. 

Also, some rental services or even individuals have kept a system of taking the security deposit that is equal to 2% of the total cost of the Camper Trailer. But in no instance, will a high-class camper trailer security deposit be less than $1500. 

You need to know about the rent procedure and mechanism. Some rentals allow for pets and other sundry services without charging any extra cost, while others will charge for each of them. 

When it comes to mileage per day, what is mostly observed is that on average the per day miles limit is something between 100 to 150 miles. And for every extra mile, they will charge you. Plus, there are weekly and nightly rental plans. 

So, it can be deduced that there are a lot of variables that play a role in deciding the true cost of renting a camper trailer. Most importantly, it all depends on your choice, the services you want, days you are looking to spend on the vacation and also .

Tip #3: How to Choose a suitable Camping Trailer rental service provider: 

The last thing that you need to decide is from whom to rent a camper trailer. Living in a city you have several options at your disposal. This includes:

  • Local Camper Owner: Surely, there will be a few camper trailer owners in your city. Those who want to rent it out must have listed their campers on some regional website. You just need to look for the owner, make contact and take it out on your trip easily. The benefit of renting it from a local owner is that the Camper will be in a better condition and you may not have to indulge into a lot of formalities. 
  • Local Camping Trailer Dealer: With a local dealer you will surely find a number of options than a single camper owner provides. You can look for the best camper that suits your needs and check out different versions all in one place. Being a local dealer also means that the dealer may be known to you and this gives you an upper hand in terms of price negotiation. 
  • Website based Trailer Rental: Websites offer several offers and discount rates that will bring down your total cost of renting a camper trailer. More than that, an online rental camper trailer will have to offer several accessories and additional equipment that you may have to buy yourself in you are renting the camper from a local owner or a dealer. 
  • Camper Trailer Rental Company (Nationwide): This first benefit of a nationwide company for renting a camper trailer is the kind of support services that they can offer. Due to their nationwide service portfolio, you can get 24*7 assistance along with a lot of perks and availability of camper trailers. 

In the end…

The motive of this guide was to ensure that you have all the necessary information about renting a Camper Trailer. We have discussed the types of Camper Trailer along with their advantages and disadvantages in brief. Plus, you also came to know about the prices if you are looking to buy and if not then you can check out the rental options for the same. So, stop worrying about how to choose the right camper, follow this guide and make an informed decision. 

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