3 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Off-Road Helmet


Whether you are new to off-roading or you have years of experience, you’ve likely noticed that the helmets used for off-roading are slightly different from motorcycle helmets. You’ll need different features for your helmet if you’re traveling on rugged terrain. Here are a few reasons why. 

What Makes Off-Road Helmets Different? 

Off-roading helmets are always comprehensive, which means the helmet has a more pronounced front protrusion. These helmets also feature a chin guard to keep your entire head protected. In addition, off-roading helmets usually have a larger eye space than most standard Dorado helps, so you’ll have room to adjust your eyes to the built-in goggles. 

If you’re using it for off-roading, your helmet probably won’t have a visor. The visor would cause the helmet to fill with dirt which can affect your vision and comfort while riding. The visor-less model gives you a better field of vision and consistent ventilation so you can safely participate in intense hiking sports. 

Now that you know the differences between a conventional helmet and an off-roading helmet, here are three main factors to consider while you shop. 

1. Your Preferred Riding Style 

There are several types of cycling activities, so you’ll probably find a variety of helmets that fit into three main categories: 

Cyclocross or Road Biking

If you engage in this type of cycling, invest in a helmet that provides enough ventilation to keep your body cool. In addition, the helmet should cover your head and face and include material that will keep you protected in bad weather

Mountain Biking

Since you’ll be traveling on rough terrain, it’s best to purchase a helmet that can keep your head and neck steady. Choose a helmet that has a peak, along with side and back reinforcements.

Recreational and Commuter Biking

You won’t need too much cycling gear if you’re a casual rider. A recreational biking helmet will give you the basic protection level and is best if you’re taking a relaxing ride on even terrain. (www.ihacvet.com) Check to see that the helmet provides enough inflammation so your body temperature won’t rise too high during your ride. 

2. Displaying Your Style

Even though you shouldn’t prioritize a biking helmet for its aesthetic appeal, you can still find a helmet that fits your style. First, consider helmet shape; choose an oval or round helmet if you want a sleeker silhouette. 

You can also find helmets in a variety of colors. Of course, classic black is always a great choice since it will go with any outfit. However, you should show off your style with a helmet in a bright color or a helmet designed with your favorite logos or graphics. You can even take your helmet to an artist and ask them to paint a rendition of your favorite photo on the side of the helmet. While the style of the helmet does not determine its safety, there are helmets that provide all the safety features you need in a style that displays your personality. 

3. Think About Helmet Materials 

The craftsmanship of the helmet should help you determine how sturdy and safe the helmet will be. Strong material that will withstand impact is important. Check to see that the helmet is designed for long-term wear and is equipped to shield your face from rain, wind, or snow. Try on the helmet to see if it has enough airflow for you to repel sweat from your face while you’re off-roading. 

Choose a helmet manufacturer who is committed to creating helmets that are comfortable and protective. Ask as many questions as possible when shopping for your helmet, and test the helmet to see if it’s an ideal fit for you before you make your purchase.

The Bottom Line

You can count on Polaris RZR parts when you need accessories and replacement parts that will make your off-roading experience safe and enjoyable. In addition, Polaris RZR helmets are made with quality materials, including thermoplastic and fiberglass, to ensure your head and neck are protected as you enjoy the thrill of the open road. 


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