37 Types Of Ladies Bags– Complete Guide

Ladies Bags– Complete Guide


Without a matching purse, no ensemble is complete. Just like without great jackpots, Intertops casino bonus wouldn’t be complete. In this fashion dictionary, learn about the many various styles of bags. Get to know all bag-related phrases and terminology in our dictionary below, some types of women’s purses, from travel jargon to sports bags.


Backpacks seem to be that type of bag that is slung around the shoulders with two strong belts. Backpacks have typically been tremendous, with students carrying books and tourists and hikers carrying food, cameras, and drinking water bottles. Then, in 2017, the fashion style of shorter backpacks, ranging in size from a laptop to a hand, became popular.

Bag With A Belt

Belt bags were also miniature bags that were linked to a belt. Fanny bags vary from belt bags in that there is no apparent separation between the belt’s band as well as the bag, while belt bags are simply a pouch linked to a belt. Some brands, therefore, use the phrases interchangeably to denote both sorts of bags. Also known as a waist bag.

Bag For Bicycles

A bicycle pack is a bag made of waterproof material that contains loops or even other attachments to connect it to a bicycle and is used by riders. Handlebar bags, pannier bags, frame bags and pannier bags are the three different bicycle bags.

Bindle Bags

In the American Northeastern hobo society, a bindle is a cloth sack wrapped across the ends of a stick and slung over the shoulders by any hobo. It was also widely employed by the poorest parts of India’s west and north. Bindle is a phrase used to characterize a sack constructed by knotting opposing ends of cloth. It is manufactured by fashion manufacturers to offer the hobo society a modernized, wearable spin.

Box Clutches

These are palm-size types of evening purses in the design of a box. Although box clutches can be created more informally and worn to casual accent ensembles throughout the day, they have typically been utilized as a night fashion item. (https://www.easyvet.com/) Handles and straps are not always included in box clutches.

Bag For Bowling

Bowling bags are semi-circle designs with small handles, influenced by conventional playing ball bags.


A briefcase is a tough, rectangle shape box-like handbag with a short handle. . Nearly all briefcase of men is incredibly hard and rectangular. Certain briefcases for women are made of softer materials, such as leather, and have rounded, gentler corners.

Bucket Type Bag

Bucket bags are elongated types of bags with top straps that resemble a bucket or a loop just on top like a closing. From the inside, such bags may feature a zipper or snapping stud (tich) closure, as well as an oblong or circular base. Whenever the topmost closure is hanging, the handbag is also referred to as a drawstring bag.

A Camera Case

A camera bag is a cubical, structural, and cushioned bag used to transport a camera, generally with distinct pockets for securely storing lenses, storage devices, and batteries. Such bags might be professional, tailored for specific camera sizes and utilized to transport digital SLR cameras by skilled photographers. Alternatively, they might be informal and beautiful, resembling a standard handbag used mainly by women to transport cameras when traveling or on photographic expeditions.


Clutch bags resemble small, palm-size party bags with minimalistic or concealed hardware and removable or no straps.

Coin purses

These are little bags that have been used to hold coins. They’re generally carried in conjunction with several other bags or as components of a bag. Coin pouches are the smallest of all the handbags, yet some manufacturers use the phrase “coin handbag” to refer to a wristlet.

Cross Body Purses

These bags are some of which are carried with the straps hanging throughout one shoulder, including across your chest diagonally. Longer straps that descend at the pelvis and shorter straps that descend at the waistline are also utilized with these types of bags.

Doctor Bags

Handbag with shorter handles in a moderate to enormous size.


Duffel bags, often referred to as gym bags belong to tubular bags with straps and lengthy handles.

Envelopes Bag

An envelope bag is a tiny, narrow rectangular portable bag or clutches with a triangle flap that resembles an envelope. Ladies frequently carry their phones and makeup in these purses at gatherings.

Evening Bag

An evening bag is a tiny ornamental handheld purse or clutch worn by ladies at night for gatherings or meals. Evening bags are frequently intended for special events or matched with professional outfits and are sometimes adorned with sequins, pearls, and perhaps other exterior work. An evening bag is an embroidered clutch. However, it could potentially be a challenging material clutch.

The Fanny Pack

A fanny pack is a form of a waste bag with little or no distinction between the waist as well as the bag. Because there is nothing strap to hold, such bags are appealing because they are hands-free. Such packs are popular among travelers and those who go trekking or climbing.

Bag With A Flap

A flaps bag is a style of handbag with a flap next to the front to conceal the zip fastening. Mostly on the bottom of the flap, there is usually a snap stud (tich) button closing. Flap handbags are usually sling bags, although they can also be clutch or cross-body bags.

Bag With Frame

A rectangular or triangular bag with straps on two ends that motorcyclists connect on their bicycle handlebar to carrying items when mountainous biking or lengthy bicycling. Such bags are waterproof and constructed of soft materials such as canvas or water-resistant cotton.

Bag With A Handlebar

A handlebar bag is a sort of cycling bag with hooks on the rear for attaching to a cycling handlebar. Such bags are made for motorcycles, but they may also be used as bicycle backpacks.

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are purses that droop or fold in the center when placed down and are composed of delicate, flexible materials like leather. The form of a drawstring backpack on a stalk that hobos wear across their shoulders inspired the design of such bags.

Bag For Laptops

Laptop bags have huge bags with cushioning that are intended to transport laptop computers. Other chambers in shoulder bags may be used to store laptop components, textbooks, or other items, as well as a distinct cushioned area for the laptops.


Messenger bags as moderately size rectangular bags with such a thick and heavy strap that are typically carried by males. Such cross-body purses are usually formed of soft material, such as leather, and have a cover and clip clasp. They are frequently utilized to carry textbooks. Often called a satchel.

Micro bags

Micro bags are relatively small replicas of ordinary handbags, generally with a bunch of hardware and detailing. Micro bags are typically tiny than the hand palm of your hand or even shorter than a hand, while mini bags can be palm-sized or somewhat more prominent.


A minaudière bag is a little evening handbag or clutch made of durable material that is intended to hold small items, including keys as well as lipstick. Hooks and belts are not always included on minaudières.

Such handbags are decorative or beautiful and are frequently seen as a piece of women’s jewelry. Even though most businesses use the phrase “minaudière” interchangeably with “clutches,” some only refer to them as ornamental clutches.

A Mini Bag

Mini handbags are tiny versions of traditional handbags. They might be the size of a palm or somewhat more significant. Some manufacturers utilize the term micro bags’ to refer to the same thing as tiny bags, yet micro bags can be significantly smaller. A micro bag is smaller than a clutch.

Pouch For Your Phone

A phone pouch is a little bag used to hold a smartphone. Smartphone pouches can be softly cushioned to secure the cellphone and include a discrete section for credit cards or keys. Many cellphone purses are designed to be stored in a more oversized purse and don’t include a strap or handle. For quick phone accessibility, several of these bags feature a long strap that might very well be carried cross-body or across the waist.


A pouch is a tiny bag composed of soft material such as silk or leatherette having a zipper or string fastening used to hold or transport small objects such as jewelry, cash, rosaries, or cosmetics. Wristlets are usually referred to as ‘pouches’ by brands.

Round bag

Strap bags or pockets in a circular pattern are sometimes referred to as circular bags.


This bag is a purse with a plain top and curved bottom, as well as a frontal flap shaped like a horse saddle.

Shopping Bag

A shopping bag is a big purse having top straps which are intended for shopping and occasionally do not have a closing. Stores might need shopping bags composed of paper, jute, or polymer to contain purchased products for clients to take home.

Shopping bags are frequently reusable and may be taken by retailers for shopping, etc., to help the ecosystem. Several fashion labels also utilize the term shopping bag’ to refer to a big bag with a belt or top straps intended to be handled while purchasing.

The Side Packs

Two sling purses are joined in the center of respective straps and may be carried beside each other. The shoulder packs first appeared in Chanel’s Spring 2019 collections and were spotted by fashion bloggers. However, whether they would become a widespread design style needs to be known.

Slings Bag

Sling handbags are tiny bags with a long ribbon that may be carried hanging through one shoulder.


A tote bag is a big rectangular bag that may or may not have a zipper. In certain circumstances, tote bags include a clasp and strap closing or zip closure. It is frequently constructed of washable fabric and is practical for beach excursions to transport a change of clothing or a beachfront sheet because of its vast size. Women’s leatherette handbags are famous for carrying laptops or paperwork to the office.

Case For a Vanity

A compact rectangular portable bag with a topped handle for storing women’s beauty products such as cosmetics. Vanity boxes are typically hard-cased as well as leather-bound, having little pockets inside to segregate different beauty products or bags for brushing. On the inside of such sorts of bags, mirrors are sometimes attached.

A wallet  bag

A wallet is a small, foldable pouch that is being used to keep cash and credit cards. Wallets don’t have handles or straps. However, they may feature a loop to wrap over the thumb or wrist for transporting. Wallets are usually carried in bigger purses. Wallets frequently contain tight compartments for keeping various credit cards, as well as separate sections for holding money notes or licenses.

Weekend tote

A weekend bag is a big purse with upper straps and a wide strap, usually made of sturdy material such as leatherette or canvas, to store overnight apparel and amenities for a weekend excursion.


A purse, sometimes characterized as a bag, is designed to carry wallets, money, phones, and other things on a daily basis. Long straps or handles are ordinary on purses, which you may wear on the shoulder or grasp in your hands.

Handbags can be used as a means of transporting personal items or as a fashionable statement. Some handbags have zippered or buttoned internal or exterior pockets where the wearer can store essentials like keys, lip balm, or money.

There are a lot of terms to emphasize that handbags are crucial. Besides, whether functional or not, it’s a flexible item that you might utilize to dress up your clothing easily.


What is the most well-known handbag brand?

Most of the prominent brands in handbags are undoubtedly familiar to you. Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Coach, Hermes, Kate Spade,  Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Prada are among the most famous designers.

What are the most popular handbag styles today?

At the moment, fashion is leaning more toward relaxed, unstructured looks. StyleCaster recommends slouchy bags, including bucket bags, half-moon bags, hobo bags, and saddlebags. Traditional backpack styles, such as the shoulder bag, are also fashionable.

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