4 ideas to start online business in 2021

ideas to start online business

All that is needed for implementation is the Internet, a gadget and knowledge in a specific professional field; this is another significant advantage of online business. Many ideas can be started with no investment at all or with minimal cost. Today we’ll talk exactly about this and analyze a few ideas to start an online business in 2021.

Create a personal blog

Blogging is not that long ago, but it quickly became a popular and profitable direction. This is an occupation on the border of hobby, self-employment and business. Today even universities are introducing disciplines about blogging.

There are many blogging sites out there, and everyone can find what they like best. If you want to shoot a video, youtube will do, for beautiful photos – instagram. And these are just the most popular sites.

In terms of investment, blogging isn’t too expensive. But you need to understand that competition is growing: in order to gain a quality audience and monetize a blog through advertising or collaboration with brands, you need to invest a lot in it to create quality content. But many bloggers invest exclusively personal time, doing without financial investments. 

Podcast is the future

Podcasts are audio or video files produced in series by the same author and cover one broad topic or a set of related topics. Podcasts are gaining popularity, so 2021 is a good time to try your hand at this.

Podcasting requires preparation and investment – you need to buy high-quality equipment (microphones, stands, audio processing software, sound cards), and also spend a lot of money on content development and podcast promotion. There are three ways to make a profit from such a business – take money for a subscription, collect donations, or insert ads into episodes. Once you have a loyal audience, it will be easier to promote your podcast. And when the number of listeners exceeds tens of thousands, advertisers themselves will begin to offer cooperation.

Streaming space

Along with podcasts (audio space), streaming is another one that will be very popular soon. Yes, it’s very trendy today but in the next 5-10 years, most of the internet users will be streaming, talking and discussing things during the streams. Twitch is the first and biggest streaming platform. After selling Twitch to Amazon for almost $1 billion, the founder of the platform said that Bezos can take Twitch to another level. It’s not easy to get Twitch followers in 2021. Keep these things in mind – quality streaming content, be very active and connect with the fans – stream on a regular basis – never disappoint fans with delayed streams.

Crypto market in general

The bitcoin rate in March 2021 broke through the $ 60,000 mark. In simple terms, mining is the extraction of cryptocurrencies at the expense of equipment capacities (most often, specialized mining farms). The second option is PoS mining, that is, mining on the “proof of ownership” algorithm , where you do not need to have powerful equipment to mine new coins, but you need to have a certain amount of cryptocurrency on your account. 

Coaching people online (in your space)

Each of us has knowledge in a specific topic, and this knowledge can be sold on the Internet. Many people value their time: instead of looking for and studying information on a topic on their own, they prefer to buy mentorship or information products from specialists.

You need to create a website and your own information product, as well as invest in advertising.  Earnings depend on your professionalism, on marketing, on your area of ​​expertise (today there are coaches for business, time management, recovery, personal development, and many others). Successful info businessmen receive millions of rubles a month. 


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