5 Pro Tips for Traveling with Dogs to Vegas

Tips for Traveling with Dogs to Vegas

Well, to pets, the city may be nothing but a concrete jungle. Even though many people will love the idea of taking dogs with them during Las Vegas visit, there isn’t really much for your canine friend to enjoy. 

However, your company and special treats might be your dog’s biggest jackpot hit. So, why not take it out – after all, it’s a gambling town. That said, you must now be packing for your long-awaited visit to the city of your dreams. 

But before you book your flight, ensure to check-in and notify airport officials on the plan of taking your pet with you. That way, you will get an early reservation and keep close access to your dog throughout the journey. 

Taking Your Dog to Vegas? Here Are Some Travel Tips for You

There’s so much Las Vegas first-time visitors might not understand. Hotel pet-friendliness is among the many things some people should overlook before making a trip here.

The issue is of utmost importance to anyone who dreams of going to the town with a pet. Since you do not want to limit your fun, it is essential to make every arrangement on time. 

Likewise, take time to learn a thing or two concerning the specific places you are to visit. That way, you will be assured of optimally enjoying your stay. Much said, here are Las Vegas traveling tips for dog owners;

Ensure Your Dog Is Kennel Trained

Whether you are taking a flight or a long road trip to Vegas, kennel trained pets will be less anxious when caged for some time. Likewise, your dog will be caged when staying in Vegas hotels. 

Whereas this ensures your dog’s presence doesn’t inconvenience your stay, it’s advisable not to leave the pet locked-in for long. Since there are well-designed streets where you can walk with your pet freely, make sure your dog accompanies you when making trips in the city. 

Make Advanced Flight Arrangements

There are restrictions in most airlines for those traveling with their pets. First, you will be required to have an airline approved pet carrier and book the flight in advance due to space limitation. 

Likewise, there’s a minimal allowed pet weight, especially to those who do not like the idea of putting their pooch in the plane’s lower compartment. Bear in mind that your dog needs to weigh below 25 pounds for you to board with it in the cabin. 

Due to the flight length and your pet’s extended stay in the kennel, it is essential to take your dog on a lengthy walk previously in order to tire it before the journey. This will ensure the pet spends most of the time asleep and will be less disturbing in the cabin. Moreover, make sure it gets the required access to food and water. 

Seek Professional Transport Services 

In case you will be staying at a considerably long distance from the airport, it becomes highly essential to look for a pet-friendly taxi or cab. However, due to the limited options accessible, the prices range from $55 per hour. 

In the event, you need to give a shot at a more economical means, enquire if the driver is okay with your pet’s company. As many people are conversant with car travel tips for pets, I will just highlight a few of the essentials to follow. 

First, you need to keep the dog secure. If a distance is a bit long, it is vital to make regular stops for your pet to relax. Lastly, feed your dog in moderation during the trip. 

Beware of the Accessible Pet-Friendly Hotels Before Booking 

There are several Las Vegas hotels that openly accommodate pets (check out this in-depth guide to Vegas hotels). They include; 

  • Caesars properties 
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Trump International
  • Four Seasons 
  • Some MGM Resorts properties, including Vdara and Delano

Dog accommodation fees and space accessible for pet stay differ. However, for gambling lovers, these few charges shouldn’t deter you from accessing the world’s biggest casino city. In case you want to practice the vice online, here are some tips for you. 

According to Mike Tan from OnlineCasinoGems, “Online casinos give you the option of playing games for free. You’ll get a sense of the games and learn how they work before playing for real.”

That said, people traveling with pets will find uniquely designed dog parks, with several grounds made of natural and artificial turf. Therefore, these parks offer a natural environment for your pet, allowing you to enjoy your stay undeterred. 

Make Advanced Hotel Booking

Weight limitation and the maximum number of pets per house in Vegas hotels are common practices. In many popular Vegas pet-friendly hotels, you can have no more than 2 dogs per residence, and their combined weight should not exceed 70 pounds. This is as a result of the limited number of resorts ready to willingly welcome you and your furry friend. 

Like human occupants, staying with dogs in the sin city will bear fees of between $55 to $75/pet/day. There’s also a cleaning fee of about $75, which might leave you looking for cheaper options if your budget falls beyond this range. 

Wrapping Up

As I wind up, I hope the blog offers ideal solutions to anyone who’s dreaming of traveling to Las Vegas with his or her dog. Should you be visiting the city for the first time, do not get carried away by the unique sceneries to the extent that you forget to pack right for your pet. 

Bear in mind that a trip with your dog will be a bit challenging, but it’s ideally worth a try. From airline restrictions to accommodation limitations, making your tour plans in advance is the only way to overcome the challenges of a successful trip. 

Besides that, you need to make sure the place you want to stay in fits under your budget. Luckily enough, there are friendly-priced resorts for those under a strict spending plan. Finally, it is important to have a kennel-trained pet for you to enjoy your stay in Vegas.

Since most hotels are there to provide optimal comfort to quite a large number of visitors, loud barking and restless dogs aren’t condoned at all costs. They are removed and boarded off property at the owner’s risk, an act that expounds on the utmost importance of having kit-trained pets.

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