5 reasons why java developer should learn Hadoop

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There is no way to stop technology from getting advanced and enhanced every day. Therefore, to survive in the industry it is required that the professionals also should go with the flow and do not stop to enhance their knowledge. In order to grow in parallel with technology, it is important to continuously keep yourself updated.

In today’s job market two buzzwords are ‘Big Data’ and ‘Hadoop’. Here is the list of 5 reasons why java developer should learn Hadoop. Let’s have a look at these reasons below:

  1. Java developer with Hadoop knowledge gets differentiated from the crowd

There is a big crowd of Java developers in our industry but then identifying them out from the big rush is not possible. A java professional who has Hadoop knowledge has a specialization to take up the challenges being thrown by the big data. Hadoop along with big data analytics course can make you stand out of the crowd. Industries around the world are now forced to use Hadoop because that is the only best way to deal with a huge amount of unstructured data and that is the reason they keep hunting for professionals who are skilled in Java along with Hadoop.

  1. Opportunities widen up for professionals

With big data, lots of jobs have come up in the market and that is the reason why professionals are moving towards the analytics and Hadoop courses. Once a java developer gets the Hadoop knowledge, he is eligible to apply for multiple positions in the industry.

There are many institutes available online that provide the best in class Hadoop training and make you an expert in Hadoop and big data analytics.

  1. Premier organizations hire java Hadoop developers

As most of the organizations have now switched to Hadoop so instead of hiring separate java developers and Hadoop developers, they prefer to go for the professionals who have knowledge of the duo. Thus, with these skills, you can get an option to get hired in your dream company.

  1. Learning Hadoop is easy for java developer

As Hadoop is written completely in java, it is not a tough job for a Java professional to learn Hadoop. So when in less effort you can get a great future, why not go for it.

  1. High salary packages for a Java Hadoop professional

Along with great acceleration in the graph of career, java professionals who know Hadoop skills definitely get a better salary in comparison to other technologies like SAP, UNIX, C++ or maybe just Java developers. There has been a significant rise in the salaries for IT professionals who have skills in big data related languages.

Therefore, if a java professional learns Hadoop, then he or she can be more valuable to the organization.

These reasons are more than enough to let you know why it is always recommended to learn Hadoop when you are already an expert of java.

This post is contributed by Mr. Farhan Siddiqui, He is a full-time freelance writer. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. We hope you will like this post

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