5 services to look for in Philadelphia criminal lawyers 

Philadelphia criminal lawyers 

Have you been charged after being suspected of driving under the influence? Have you violated your probation because of an emergency or important occasion and been charged with a fine or jail time? If this sounds like you and your current circumstance, hiring a Philadelphia criminal lawyers may be the best option for you.

Let’s see a few services provided by Philadelphia criminal lawyers that will help you so you can avoid jail time and get off without any indictment for your upcoming court case! Click here to learn more about Philadelphia criminal lawyers

Driving under the influence

If you find you have been suspected of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, your Philadelphia criminal lawyer will be able to let you avoid conviction by guiding you through trial. They will be able to analyze your arrest report to see the evidence that was brought against you, such as Attitude, personality towards the officer, breathalyzer result, questioning, etc. If your lawyer finds that you are guilty of the charge, they will find some way to help lower your jail time or come up with a plea bargain.

Drug charges

If you have been charged with possession of an illicit substance—whether you have the intent to sell it or you were simply using it for your own recreational consumption—then you need to hire a Philadelphia criminal lawyer to avoid being brought up on charges. Since there can be a wide range of drug charges, such as possession with intent to sell or possession, you need to hire a criminal lawyer who knows the right argument to use with the details of your case (were you holding drugs, did you sell to an undercover police officer, how much did you have, etc.). 

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Criminal defense

After being charged with a crime, it can seem inevitable that you will serve jail time. However, by hiring a Philadelphia criminal lawyer, you can either lower the sentence to a much lower amount, or you can fight the sentence altogether. With the help and knowledge of a criminal lawyer, you can find anywhere the prosecution went wrong in the case, any evidence that you can use on your behalf, or any witnesses that have contradicting statements.

Probation violations

Violating your probation is a serious offense—especially if it has happened more than once or you have been charged with various offenses. Avoid jail time after violating your probation by hiring Philadelphia criminal lawyers to help you fight your case.

Court representation

You can also hire Philadelphia criminal lawyers to represent you in court. Philadelphia criminal lawyers are well-versed in the attitudes, arguments, and strategies to use in the courtroom. Since they have had education and training in school, and extensive experience in real-life cases, they are confident, prepared, and well-equipped when heading into the courtroom. Compared to handling the case yourself, where you may lack the proper presentation, affectations, and strategies, Philadelphia criminal lawyers are ideally suited for this task. 


Finding the best Philadelphia criminal lawyers for your case is key to getting off without jail time, hefty fees, or ruining your life. By hiring an attorney to help you with a current DUI case or criminal charge, you will be making a smart decision for your future.  

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