5 Ways for Your Customers to Minimize HVAC Strain in Winter

minimize HVAC strain

Winter can be a demanding time for HVAC units and systems, as experts at Gustave A.Larson are aware. The increasing need for heating to combat the low outside temperatures can lead many homeowners to working their HVAC units more than they should. Find five ways for your customers to minimize HVAC strain in the Winter season.

And it’s understandable. When the weather outside is frightful, it becomes imperative for your customers to provide adequate heating in their homes. And, while it is normal to make mistakes that can cause strain in their HVAC systems, it is also advisable for them to learn how to avoid making those mistakes to prevent their systems from developing unnecessary faults and minimize HVAC strain.

1. Installing a programmable thermostat

There’s no need for your AC to keep running even when you’re not home. Advise your customers to install a programmable thermostat which will allow them to adjust the temperature in their household when tey;re not home. They should keep the temperature down when the home is empty to avoid unnecessary HVAC strain, bringing it back up once they arrive.

2. Replacing air filters

Dirty and clogged air filters can cause significant strain on an HVAC system by increasing the amount of energy necessary to adequately heat your customers’ homes. This can reduce the system’s life expectancy and cause it to break down more frequently. Cleaning or replacing air filters on a regular basis will minimize HVAC strain.

3. Increasing the heat

But now by tuning your HVAC unit up during winter. Instead, open your blinds when the day is sunny to let some natural light and heat in. Keep the windows and the doors in your home closed while the heater is running to maximize heat gains. Your customers can also try doing heat-generating activities such as washing dishes, showering, and cooking during the coldest parts of the day. 

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4. Improving insulation

One of the best ways for your customers to reduce the strain on their HVAC system during winter is to enhance the insulation of their homes. A poorly-insulated home will require a lot more heating than a well-insulated one, causing the heating system to work longer and harder, increasing strain and reducing longevity.

5. Repairing the ductwork

Finally, your customers should pay attention to keeping their ductwork in pristine condition in order to maximize the flow of warm air throughout their homes. Cracks and holes in the ductwork will cause the warm air to dissipate, decreasing heating efficiency in the household. This will lead to the need to push the HVAC system more, placing greater strain on it. This is easily avoidable by having HVAC technicians inspecting and repairing the ducts if necessary.

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