5 Ways To Manage Waste Efficiently and Be A Greener Business

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Nowadays, running a business is no longer just about sales and keeping customers happy. The roles that a profitable organization plays in society have broadened, and one of the most important things that a business must do is contribute towards environmental betterment. Companies and manufacturers are some of the largest contributors to pollution and resource depletion, and it is crucial to take the necessary steps that can reverse these actions. Here are the 5 Ways To Manage Waste Efficiently and Be A Greener Business:-

One of the primary ways that organizations contribute towards pollution is through improper waste management. Businesses tend to generate enormous amounts of waste every year, and when they aren’t disposed of correctly, it can lead to terrible land and water contamination. So following proper waste management is one of the best ways that a company or business can be sustainable.

In this article, we’re listing down some unique ways through which you can ensure proper waste management as a business, and start your journey towards being more sustainable and green. 

  1. Reduce and Recycle Packaging – Packaging is an integral part of any business, and it can make a big difference in how your customer and your demographic perceive you. However, packaging is also one of the leading reasons behind waste production and can be very unsustainable. Reducing the amount of packaging you use in your orders will help in lowering the amount of waste you produce, enormously. For instance, instead of using multiple types of packaging, use one or two types at most. Make sure that the packaging you do use is high-quality so that it doesn’t risk damage. At the same time, instead of using brand-new materials, use recycled materials and fabrics to create your packaging. You can also revamp disposed packaging of other brands and make them your own which is something that many small businesses do. 
  2. Do A Waste Audit – Just like how an energy audit helps you manage energy consumption in your organization, without jeopardizing output levels, a waste audit works to reduce the amount of waste produced by your business without putting sales or profit at risk. A waste audit can be incredibly helpful as it lets you know the exact steps that you should take to become more sustainable. Some of the possible things to evaluate in a waste audit are – the placement of garbage bins and how convenient they are, how full are the trucks that carry trash back to landfills, how much consumables do you stock, etc. A waste audit can be carried by a group of people from inside the organization, or you can even hire specialists who will do the job for you and give you a thorough report, in exchange for a fee. 
  3. Hire Waste Management Companies – One of the main reasons we tend to go wrong with waste management is because we fail to account for the fact that different kinds of waste need different types of disposal. If you dispose of various types of waste in the same way, it can be incredibly harmful and damaging to the environment and can lead to contamination of lands and water bodies. Hiring waste management companies can be a great solution to this issue, as they can ensure that your waste is disposed of in the most correct, sustainable way possible. Websites like www.businesswasteguru.co.uk are a great help here, as they can help you find the waste management service that is perfect for you, based on the information that you provide them. 
  4. Separate E-Waste – Every organization produces a significant amount of e-waste, and tech companies even more so, and if they aren’t taken care of properly, electronic waste can be extremely hazardous to everyone who is exposed to it. In Guiyu, China, over 80% of the children population suffers from respiratory illness due to the high levels of electronic waste that is disposed of there. Collaborate with special e-waste recyclers and waste managers, and ensure that your electronic waste is being disposed of or recycled the right way. Create a culture of awareness in your organization on how to dispose of e-waste the right way, and incentivize bringing and recycling e-waste in your workspace.
  5.   Reduce Disposables – Waste that is generated by your business doesn’t just mean what is produced during the production process, but also by day-to-day activities. Reducing such waste is also crucial, and you can do this in the following ways. First off, reduce the presence of disposable products in the office. This can be plastic utensils, packaging, etc. Instead opt for reusable utensils that can be used and washed, or offer everyone the option of bringing their own items. Reduce miscellaneous plastic waste around the organization and replace them with products made of recyclable, reusable material. At the same time, it is also important to make sure that all resources are being utilized to the fullest, and nothing is being disposed of unnecessarily.
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