6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

Going to Boston? Then it’s a perfect time for you to think over the things to do in this city! There are so many, what to choose? Don’t worry, we prepared a top list of the best outdoor activities to try! visit here

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

Experience whale watching

Boston is situated near the Atlantic Ocean, so the chance to meet whales there is high. Imagine watching these wonderful marine creatures rising from the deep and slapping the waters with their massive tails! It’s an unforgettable experience that will be interesting both for kids and adults.

There are plenty of companies that offer whale watching. For example, Newburyport Whale Watch provides a vessel named Captain’s Lady III that can carry 146 passengers. Their boat heads to the feeding locations, where people can see Finback, Minke Whales or Humpback.

There is also Seven Seas Whale Watch in Gloucester harbor. People choose this destination because it’s situated close to the major whale locations: Jeffrey’s Ledge and Stellwagen Bank. For those who want to go to Gloucester harbor from the Boston Airport, it’s a good option to rent cars. The road to the Seven Seas Whale Watch takes 50 minutes of driving, which is the fastest way to get there.

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

Discover Freedom Trail

Interested in the rich history of Boston? Then walk along the famous Freedom Trail! It’s a 2.5-mile-long road, paved with red brick, that leads to 16 significant historical locations of the USA. Boston Common is the first site of the trail and the last one is Bunker Hill Monument. Notable graveyards and churches can be seen there. The road is filled with explanatory signs, stops, and ground markers all around the way.

The Freedom Trail allows you to walk there by yourself, choose your own route, and schedule. Turn on the audio podcast, stroll alongside the road and observe important historical buildings in peace. The other option is participating in a tour. For example, Walk Through History provides different programs for tourists that include enthusiastic guides. They dress in themed clothes of various periods and lead people through history.

Go shopping

If you like spending time in shops, and marketplaces and buying lots of new things, then go shopping in Boston! In this city, the whole process transforms into a sport outdoor activity.

There are a lot of places to go to:

  • Harvard Square is full of restaurants and specialty shops spread all over the territory.
  • Faneuil Hall is one of the best urban marketplaces.
  • Newbury Street is perfect for fashion lovers. This street is covered with trendy boutiques, such as Max Mara, Reiss London and more!
  • Beacon Hill is a one-half-mile square that provides various antique shops.
  • South Shore Plaza welcomes you with department stores and many parking lots.

You can walk on your feet or drive. A car is a good option if you want to carry a lot of things from place to place or take friends with you. For those, who don’t have their own vehicle, there is an opportunity to book a rental car for young drivers in Boston.

Travel to Boston Harbor Islands

People, who like outdoor relaxation, can board a ferry and attend this national recreation zone. It consists of 32 islands, and 21 of them are related to Boston Harbor Islands Archeological District. The area is rich in exquisite flora and fauna. Cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, and muskrats inhabit the islands, together with exotic plant species. Several types of animals are rare and protected by the Boston Harbor Island National Park Area.

The National Park Service provides various ferries to get to the islands in spring and summer. Schedules vary, so check them in advance. Self-guided activities and regular public programs are organized for those who are willing to enjoy the exquisite nature of the park. There are several islands where hiking and swimming is allowed. Remember to arrive at Long Wharf North beforehand, at least 20 before the tour.

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

Visit the Arnold Arboretum

It’s a research park that is maintained by Harvard University and situated in Jamaica Plain and Roslindale. The institution possesses a world-class collection of temperate woody plants and a lot of species from the eastern parts of the USA and Asia.

You can try guided tours. The Arnold Arboretum offers visitors the opportunity to have a 90-minute walk through the history of the park. The official website provides white and black maps for self-guided tourists. The institution is available from April to November.

If you want to get to the Arnold Arboretum from the airport, then it’s better to rent a vehicle. Speaking of an appropriate age to rent a car in Massachusetts has certain limitations. You have to be at least 21 years old and have relevant documents with valid photos. When making a reservation, be aware that under 25 car rentals can be charged extra.

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

See Boston Fenway Park

You can’t miss this option if you’re a baseball fan. Situated near Kenmore Square, Fenway Park is well-known for being the Boston Red Sox’s home. It was opened 110 years ago, in April 1912.

It has several interesting features, such as Green Monster, a 37-feet wall that is situated on the left field of the stadium. Various signatures of the players of all times cover the inside part of the Green Monster. There is also a famous lone red seat that is a sign of the longest home run in the history of Fenway Park. Hit by Ted Williams in 1946, the home run reached 153 m in length!

6 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in Boston

Several walking tours are available in the stadium. Also, visit Fenway Park Living Museum to look at significant historical photos and artifacts.

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