6 Reasons why Watermelon is the Best for skin

6 Reasons why Watermelon is the Best for skin

Good skin is all that we dream of but protecting the skin from this scorching heat in summers becomes a really tough task for everyone. Exposure of skin in the excessive heat causes its breakage and other skin problems like Skin aging, wrinkles, Tanning, Stretching of skin, etc.

You must have read about different juicy seasonal fruits available in the market which are best for the skin but Watermelon stands at the top among them all. Apart from being good for your Heart, Bones and weight loss, Watermelon is considered essential for increasing the appearance of the skin.

Here are the reasons why Watermelon should be among the top of your skincare regime:

  • Well-Hydrated skin:

Watermelon consists of 92% of water and 6% of sugar which makes it ideal for hydrating the skin enough. Hydration is very crucial in summers as it makes your skin better and glowing.

Lack of adequate amount of water required in the body makes the skin looks dull, dry and blemished. Eating watermelon is a great option for especially those people who finds it a problem to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Well-hydrated skin looks more clean, clear & Moisturized.

Note: Don’t opt for tetra packed juices as they do not contain nutrients in them due to the mechanism used for the processing of juice. Cold-pressed juices are a way better option in order to get proper nutrients and vitamins of Watermelon for better skin

  • Act as a Natural toner:

Now you don’t need to spend your valuable money to buy beauty products because watermelon is going to full fill your needs all at once. Watermelon consists of a natural property which acts as a natural toner which enhances the appearance of the skin and makes it more beautiful.

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Steps to do for good skin:

  • Take out some juice from the watermelon.
  • Use a cotton pad and gently apply it all over the face.
  • Add some honey for better results.
  • You can also use the pulp of watermelon. Take it out and gently rub it on your face.

Watermelon juice makes the skin looks more refreshing. It has been observed as one of the best skin care routine to be followed for acne free skin as well.

  • Slower down the skin aging

Due to skin aging, our skin appears to be dull with wrinkles, spots, dark circles and more. As we grow older the tendency of our skin to fight with the dust and other harmful particles becomes weaker.

Watermelon has anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C, and lycopene which all together protects the skin from aging thus making the skin look younger and fresher. Apply the pulp of watermelon or the watermelon juice every day for better skin than before.

  • No more Oily-skin

Watermelon is enriched with Vitamin A which controls the secretion of oil from Sebaceous glands (The Gland which is responsible for the oil secretion). Apply watermelon on your face on a daily basis to get rid of oily skin.

Watermelon is the best natural remedy for your skin. Within a few months, you will gradually observe the change in your skin. Isn’t it a blessing for the oily-skin people?

  • Protection from the Sun!

Vitamin C present in watermelon protects the skin from the damage caused by the Harmful UV sunrays.

Before you step out moisturize your face well with the watermelon juice or its pulp and wash your face with the face wash. Repeat this process again after coming home. Do not fear to step out in the sun just add watermelon in your diet as well as on your skin.

  • Relieve from Heat Rashes
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Heat rashes or Sun burns are very common during the summers. But you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is keep the watermelon in the refrigerator until it becomes cold enough to apply. After it gets cooled, gently apply it over the heat rashes or sunburn. You will feel way more relaxed plus there will not be itching any more as there is no usage of chemicals in the following process.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from that Watermelon is considered best for skin care regime it has several other Health benefits too. Watermelon is a great option to add on in your weight loss diet. Since it has 92% of water and loads of fiber which will make you feel full and less hungry throughout.

Applying watermelon on the hair also helps in making the hair stronger and thicker. It prevents the hair fall and the breakage of the hair. You will feel energetic and active throughout after having watermelon.

This summery juicy fruit has countless advantages for your hair, skin, and health. Why don’t you try out by yourself and feel the change?

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