7 Factors That Determines the Quality of Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire has sustained to be the most coveted gemstones ever throughout the history of mankind. Renowned as the stone of Saturn, it holds a limitless value from the astrological point of view. Since ages, it is worn in different kinds of jewelry due to its splendor and immense benefits that it brings along.

People suffering from weak Shani in their birth chart could wear this stone to calm down the heat of this planet. Also, it is beneficial for ascendants born in the month of September. It bestows them with good prosperity and health. There are many amazing advantages to wearing a blue sapphire.

To avail them, you must choose an authentic and genuine stone. Inferior quality stone or fake stones cannot deliver any of these advantages to its wearer. Hence, before buying it, you should know the factors that determine the quality of blue sapphire.

  1. The color of Blue Sapphire

The hue of stone is what strikes your eyes when you are looking to buy blue sapphire stone online. The authenticity of Neelam stone depends on its natural color. Generally, the color of blue sapphire varies due to factors like inclusions, saturation, combination, and different origin.

Like other sapphires, blue sapphire color with deep hue and high saturation is assumed to be the best. There should be no influence of any other color on the surface and on the inner side. A stone with cornflower blue or royal blue hue fetches the higher prices in the market.

  1. Clarity of Blue Sapphire

After color, clarity is the second most important factor for determining the quality of blue sapphire for sale. Though, the purest stones may also have rutile inclusions. You can’t find these inclusions with bare eyes.

Sapphires, in general, have fine lines or needle-like inclusions which are nearly impossible to see, except through magnifying glass. Such stones are called eye-clean gems. When buying these, keep in mind that such stones are incredibly rare in the market.

Gemologists recommend that such stones are flawless and rare. If you can see inclusions with a naked eye, then that’s a red flag for you. They are heat-treated to enhance their quality. Hence, you should not buy them.

  1. Origin of Blue Sapphire
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Though blue sapphire is naturally found in all parts of the world, Asia, Africa, and Australia are the major producers of this gemstone. Stones excavated from these areas are reckoned to be of the best quality, particularly Neelam stone from Kashmir region. Its velvety blue color, literally, makes it stand apart from stones coming from any other region.

Blue sapphire stones from Kashmir are the supreme quality. Hence, Kashmir sapphire cost is the highest in the market. Neelam stone from Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) are also rare and highly expensive.

  1. Cut of Blue Sapphire

The value of stone largely depends on its cut. The cut of blue sapphire should be precise and clean. Fine cutting of gem enhances the beauty and increases its shine. When checking blue sapphire quality grading, you must view the image closely to see fine facets and symmetry of gemstone.

A lot depends on the cut of stone to encrust it in jewelry as well. In fact, blue sapphire in heart, trillion, and pear-cut are sold at much higher prices compared to round and cushion cut.

  1. Carat of Blue Sapphire

Carat weight of blue sapphire plays an exceptional role in determining the value of a stone. Higher the carat or heavier the weight, more value it generates in the market. In fact, Sapphires are heavier compared to other stone.

For example, blue sapphire is smaller in size if compared with a diamond of the same carat. Hence, you need to fetch high-carat stones to make some splendid jewelry. Astrologers also recommend blue sapphire stones according to birth charts.

Therefore, you should take suggestions from them before buying a blue sapphire. If you don’t have such help, you can depend on portals like Gempundit.com offering such services for their clients.

  1. The durability of Blue Sapphire
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Durability matters the most when buying a gemstone. It is an expensive investment and you cannot take risks while buying precious gems. Usually, the quality of blue sapphires is measured 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness.

Brittle or low-quality stone can break down into two as they are not hard. This would ruin your jewelry as well as your investment. Hence, it is not worth to buy a stone with low strength.

  1. The place to Buy Blue Sapphire

The place from where you are buying blue sapphire matters a lot when you step out to purchase it. You can find many e-commerce websites offering wonderful stones at the best blue sapphire price in India. In fact, you will find more varieties, sizes, weight, and quality at these online stores as compared to local shops around you.

These sites facilitate their clients with unlimited features like online consulting, recommendations from an astrologer, and much more. The amazing return policy and lab certification with every blue sapphire stone are what people find most attractive in this deal.

You should surely choose one of these online websites to get authentic and suitable gemstone to turn your fortunes.

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