7 Healthcare CRM Features for Maximum Patient Engagement

Do you know that every one in eight citizens is working in the healthcare industry in the United States? According to Zippia, there are more than 9,00,000 businesses that deal in medical and social assistance services including caregiving. More than 20 million people in the country are employed in various areas such as health insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare administration, health tech, etc.

Being the third largest industry in the USA, the healthcare domain has some underlying needs that only a custom CRM system can fulfill. These platforms not only assist medical service providers in maintaining error-proof patient data but also draw vital information instantly. Let’s take a look at some of the best healthcare CRMs used in the USA:

Top Healthcare CRM Used by Professionals in the USA

  • Salesforce Health Cloud CRM – Patient relationship management software
  • PatientPop – Medical practice management tool
  • IMS InTouch – Medical record maintenance software
  • HIPAA CRM – Patient management and marketing automation portal
  • OperaDDS – Patient management portal for dental care professionals
  • Enquire CRM – Post-acute care and senior housing
  • NexHealth – Patient experience solution

All these CRMs have their functionalities, but several features are common among them. A healthcare UI/UX design company tests these features to ensure seamless patient engagement. In this post, we will explore those core features that make healthcare CRM worthwhile.

Top 7 Features of An Efficient Healthcare CRM System

1. Dashboard with Multiple Reports

In general, any CRM that entails data management and insights collectively should offer brief reports on the dashboard. Similarly, a healthcare CRM system should have separate sections to show monthly or weekly data on the total number of patients and the service classification based on their history.

2. Quick Message Reminders

Several healthcare CRM features are added to the software to bring more leads or retain patients in medical practice. Tailored message reminders & push notifications are some potential measures that help healthcare businesses maintain contact with their patients and remind them of their upcoming appointments.

3. Patient Health Record

The manual method of keeping a patient’s record in a clinic or a hospital can often be difficult. Hospitals and large-scale healthcare facilities have hundreds of employees to take care of these health records.

On the contrary, a healthcare CRM can store the data of millions of patients on a cloud system. With the help of structured authentication, you can provide access to these details to your selected employees.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility

It may not represent any particular feature of the healthcare CRM, but it is an essential aspect of healthcare mobile app development services in the US. Healthcare enterprise portals should be compatible with every screen size including tablets and smartphones. It helps healthcare staff manage the data without disrupting other operations.

5. Appointment Management

Instead of investing solely in appointment booking software, you can ask your software development company to add a module for appointment scheduling. Not only can you foresee daily and weekly appointments with patients, but you can also quickly assess the reports and patients’ history at your convenience.

6. Report Segmentation

Assorting the medical reports of your patients on an integrated portal is something that your healthcare CRM can tackle. You should consult a mobile app development firm that religiously follows HIPAA compliance regulations and manages your patients’ details while protecting them on a unified portal.

7. Internal Team Management

An all-inclusive healthcare CRM with an internal team management feature will help you save costs on roster software. Your staff members will be able to punch in and punch out through their respective credentials. Moreover, you can update the shift roster every week and month at a time with proper customization.

How to Hire A Company for Healthcare CRM Development Solutions?

Do you need a custom healthcare CRM system resonating with your daily requirements? If so, you should look for a healthcare mobile app development company in the USA that acquires project experience in software design and development. Zazz is one such app development agency that integrates customized healthcare CRMs with features that can collectively improve the daily operations in your practice. To discuss your CRM software for your healthcare venture, get in touch today!

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