7 Key Benefits of Getting a Car Wrap

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Do you ever wonder why the car wraps you see on the road or in parking lots these days tend to be those promoting a business of some kind? It’s because car wrapping makes great publicity — especially for local companies.

Still, when you see a wrapped car, you might wonder why more people don’t wrap their personal vehicles. Car wrapping can protect the vehicle and help maintain its shiny new look.

Many wrap their cars, so they look clean and their exterior finish will last longer. If there is no ad message or other unique design, most people won’t even know it’s wrapped. And that’s fine.

In this article, we’ll discuss these and other reasons people get car wraps.

  1. A Car Wrap Job Takes Less Time Than a Paint Job

On average, vinyl wrap installation takes from two to three days when professionals do the work.

Vinyl car wrapping is labor-intensive. It involves the meticulous placement of pre-fabricated and pre-measured vinyl decals on a freshly cleaned vehicle’s body panels.

Once the car has been wrapped, the detail work begins — for example, flattening wrinkles, trimming the edges, and heating the vinyl to make it adhere more effectively.

Still, professional car painting can take at least a week. Dents and scratches need repair. And since the paint goes directly onto the body, it takes more time to correct mistakes like dripped paint.

And then there’s the drying period — which can take up to a few days

  1. Paint Is Lasting — Car Wraps Can Change

Naturally, if you spend time and money to have your car painted, you won’t want to have it repainted with a new look in just a few months. And you will want to take good care of the paint job.

There is no question that vinyl car wrapping is an investment, whether you do it yourself or go to a pro. But, unlike painting, it is not so costly that you can’t redo a car wrap job when it shows signs of wear.

What if your business launches a new marketing campaign? Do you want to keep driving around sharing outdated messages?

  1. Wraps Are Cheaper Than Custom Painting
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If you’re willing to settle for the lowest quality of car paint, you probably will end up paying at least as much as you would for car-wrapping — probably more. Invest in the car wrap, and you might have money left for a re-wrap.

Maintaining a wrapped car also adds some savings since getting a car wrap guards against airborne objects like pebbles. And when you’re ready for a new look, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Car Wraps Are Easy to Duplicate

Printing companies usually produce vinyl decals for car wraps using the same equipment used for any vinyl signage. So it shouldn’t surprise you that they can replicate your designs forever.

Begin with a good design and go from there.

What’s more, though, is that if your business maintains a fleet of company cars, you can have them wrapped in identical designs. Include your contact information and whatever else you want to see emblazoned on them.

Having look-alike vehicles moving around a city can give the impression that the company behind them is a sizeable one. Thus, it might offer more products and services.

  1. Car Wrapping Protects the Car and Might Boost Resale Value

Vinyl is strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant. It holds up to moisture, rust, and corrosion. And it’s one of the most popular and versatile forms of plastic. Vinyl, in effect, acts as a “skin” for your car.

When it’s time to trade in the car and remove the vinyl wrap, the exterior condition should be pretty good. That’s provided, of course, that there have been no accidents or severe impacts.

These types of damage are one reason why many private individuals realize that getting a car wrap is a good investment — even if they have no statement to make or messages to send.

  1. Wrapped Car Designs Are Memorable and Build Trust

If you park at the office, employees’ cars might sport the same branded wrap design as yours. But in other locations, like supermarkets and discount stores, your wrapped car should be easy to locate.

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But you’re not the only one who will benefit from a distinctive vinyl wrap design. When you’re using a car to promote a business, people will recognize your brand.

When they’re exposed to the brand often enough, they might start to consider it trustworthy — especially if it represents a product or service on which they rely.

Don’t breach that trust! Brand trust speaks to the company’s reliability and values. Nonetheless, the company must uphold the implied promise of its brand.

  1. Promote Your Business From Wherever You Are

Car-wrapping integrates well as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign. Here are some reasons why:

  • Unless you never leave your home, it’s all but inevitable that you will be exposed to a branded vehicle.
  • Car wraps that are on-brand will echo other brand exposure, like business cards, signage, websites, television advertising, and other media.
  • Logos are everywhere and provide quick and easy ways to prompt people to recall your brand.
  • Brand strategists offer increasingly creative (and subtle) ways to put your brand in the public eye.

Yet branding a vehicle is among the most personalized ways of getting brand exposure. You, as the brand representative, are there to speak for its values and tell its story. In other words, it doesn’t need to remain anonymous.

A Car With a Message — or Not

Getting a car wrap could protect your personal vehicle, brand your business, or distinguish your car by making a statement. Whatever your choice, vinyl car wrapping seems to be here to stay.

Indeed, it’s more than just cars that use vinyl wraps with messages nowadays. You can spot them and their advertising or branding messages on trucks, city buses, and even jet airplanes.

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