7 Pretty Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas to Pin (Even If You’re Not Remodelling)

Pretty Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Every space in the household has a special place in our lives. All the nooks and crannies have certain memories associated with them. This is why any renovation at home involves a collaborative process, where every individual of the family comes together and works to uplift space and mood, whether it is the living room or the kitchen, or the bedrooms! Here are 7 Pretty Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas to Pin (Even If You’re Not Remodelling).

Just like other spaces, bathrooms are also important parts of the house. A bathroom is a space in which most of us remember spending a lot of our me-time, and so every bathroom is a spectator to our happy songs and our sob stories. Considering that this space deserves special attention, it is essential that any renovation should be carried out after careful and complete planning, while keeping the structural and logical requirements in mind!

While it is important to be especially careful about the space allocation, the fixtures and the accessories, deciding upon the flooring and walls is equally critical. However, what can get really stressful is trying to finalize the shades you would like to paint your personal space in, the fixtures, and the ancillary additions to the house. What cannot be ignored are the most important features of the space, which are the tiles. Tiles have a long shelf life, from five years to more than a decade, so rest assured they will remain around for a long time. Remember that the bathroom tiles hold more importance as compared to the rest of the house since this area is more water-prone and dirt- and dust-prone. The size of the bathroom also decides how and which tiles should be placed, since they can make the bathroom seem bigger, or can give it a very compact and clumsy look!

The market is flooded with tile options, from patterned to three-dimensional tiles. Here are a few tips which will come in handy if you want to use floor tiles to give that grandeur effect to your bathroom.

  1. The Marble marvel:

Marbles are something which we most commonly rely on, almost without giving a second thought. They are considered timeless beauties and can be rivalled by few. For almost ages now, interior designers and experts have used marble to adorn different places in the house. (Diazepam) In fact, earlier applying marble in the house was almost synonymous with the class that one belonged to.

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However, with marble tiles becoming popular, contemporary times have seen a wide change, making marble a household name, especially for the bathrooms, considering that they are timeless, ageless and the strongest beauties. They can be used in much wider spaces and are able to give the bathroom a very composite look and feel. Even designers have started a lot of experimentation with marble tiles! The Valencica range, inspired by designs and architecture of the city of Valencia, Spain. The marble designs with a gloss and a foreign charm are a perfect fit for people who want to give their space a premium look.

  1. Give it a Motif Motive:

Patterns are the best friend of those looking to create lovely designs, and that’s not something that has begun now. The use of pattern tiles can probably be traced back to the time when tiles were just introduced. Giving a specific pattern to the bathroom not only makes it look classy but also adds to the statement you may have created across your whole house. It is a great idea to match the shades of the wall and add a contrasting pattern to the floor tiles. In fact, it will give your bathroom a luxurious look and you will feel you are sitting in a hotel while lounging in your humble abode. Double charge vitrified tiles from Orientbell will be a perfect food for your eyes!

  1. White Innocence:

White is the colour that suits and goes well with almost every space. It is commonly said in designing language that one can never go wrong with the whites (of course, you should not forget that the maintenance of white colour does need a commendable effort from your end). The language of a white mosaic is very explicit. Put it clearly in your bathroom, and accessorize the bathroom with complementing colors like greys and other lighter hues. For example, a floral pinkish mosaic around the cabinets or a grey wash basin with a supporting white mosaic will be an absolutely charming option for your bathroom.

  1. Contrast and make it shine!

Not everyone is a lover of white colour. Some people like their space merged in contrasting colours. The approach of giving a continuous and uniform look to the bathroom is not mandatory and mixing and matching is not a bad idea at all. A white hexagonal flooring with black grouting or vice-versa can give it a honeycomb effect, which looks very unique and also enhances the anti-skid requirement of the bathroom. Moreover, the accessories can be contrasted to give the bathroom a grand look. For instance, having a black tile with white grouting, and a similar contrast when it comes to the cabinets and the wash basin area can make the area shine.

  1. Black Beauty:
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Another concept that has been quite a favourite for some is an all-black bathroom, which has stark originality and a rustic element to it. Such a bathroom that flaunts a complete dark look can be comfortably complemented with various contrasting accessories. We cannot deny that as much as white and black are opposite to each other, their combined presence makes any space light up to its peak. A black floor and wall tiled bathroom with white accessories like the wash-basin, bathing tub and other fixtures can be the highlight of any household decor. Star black tiles from Orientbell will definitely cast the spell on your bathroom!

  1. Let the bathroom speak for itself!

Speaking almost metaphorically here, the bathroom is a space that the elders enjoy, but at times, it can be really tough engaging the little ones to be in there for the most basic task like brushing their teeth. This is where having a quirkier and lively bathroom can really come to your rescue. Let the bathroom have a splash of colours in it. For example, yellow spotlights on the tiles near the front mirror can add beauty and elegance to the bathroom. Add tiles in a format that can illustrate the usage, and it could be very useful for the kids!

  1. It’s your space, do not hesitate to experiment:

Your bathroom deserves what suits you the best. Contemporary concepts obviously have the glamour which will pull you towards them, but do not forget that old is gold. While some prefer only the retro look and others only the contemporary look, others love to experiment by combining the modern and the vintage to create new concepts! A splash of light pinks and blues, the light green hues, or the mix and match of pastels is still something which a lot of homeowners prefer for their space! But then you are at liberty to create your own space, with your own concepts and ideas.

There is no set formula that can give a space its real glory, it is simply these little additions and experimentations which can turn your bathroom into a lively enchantress! So what’s your idea to spruce up your bathroom?



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