7 Reasons to Pick Durfi Mattress for the Bedroom

Reasons to Pick Durfi

Mattresses are the reason you can sleep peacefully to wake up all refreshed and energized. Uncomfortable mattresses result in joint pain and disturbed sleep. Durfi mattress offers long-lasting comfort and convenience to its customers. It unites two support systems, memory foam layers with an innerspring system. Moreover, Durfi has two distinct mattresses- Durfi Hybrid Mattress and Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress. The affordable mattress price with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network allows its customers to purchase products with no-cost EMIs. Let’s consider the seven reasons to pick Durfi Mattress. 

Why Choose Durfi Mattress for the Bedroom? 

Durfi Mattress includes pressure-relieving technology with memory foam. It offers a perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort. 

Given below are the reasons to choose Durfi Mattress over others for the bedroom.

1.Breathable and Breezy   

The special cover has antibacterial properties due to self-quilted high GSM fabrics to provide unique solace and design to the mattress. Further, the material used does not cause any skin allergies and protects the environment in the best possible manner. 

The air fabric ensures proper air circulation for breathability at night to promote comfortable and relaxed sleep.    

The Airflow Technology and Pocket springs maintain and regular proper airflow as you sleep. Also, the mattress will adjust the temperature as per your body temperature so that you will feel cool all night. 

Choose to pay from Bajaj Finserve EMI Network Card for exciting offers on the mattress price. 

2. Relieves Pain

Durfi Mattress has an orthopaedic structure to promote maximum push-back and custom-built support to relieve back and joint pain. 

No more morning soreness as this mattress provides optimum spine and back support. The medium-firm surface makes sure the spine is aligned correctly. Opt for a Durfi Hybrid mattress to provide complete support to your body.

3. No more Motion Disturbance

Pick Durfi Hybrid Mattress to prevent motion disturbance by your partners. No motion will disturb your sleep as well as your partner’s sleep due to no transfer of movement.

The Tungsten Carbide Springs in Durfi Mattress sits in an individual fabric pocket. It doesn’t allow movement transfer between people.  

4. Easy to Adjust with Shapes

Durfi Mattress can conform to a human’s body shape easily. It will take the form of your body regardless of the sleeping movement or sleeping position. Further, it makes sure you get comfortable sleep throughout the night. 

Choose the Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress having a supportive foam layer for exceptional neck and spine alignment support. 

Another reason to pick Durfi Mattress using Bajaj Finance Emi Network is the availability of 1 Million+ Products. Further, it has a presence in about 1900+ cities. 

5. Easier to Maintain

Both Durfi Hybrid Mattress and Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress provide you with the best of both worlds. The 8-layer Durfi hybrid mattress seems difficult to maintain. But, that’s not the case. 

The easy-to-maintain mattress does not require any special maintenance or cleaning arrangement. That’s one crucial reason for choosing the Durfi mattress among other available mattresses in the market. 

6. Provide Excellent Edge Support

The structural spring system provides excellent edge support for a comfortable sleeping position. The mattress support extends throughout the surface area to distribute weight evenly. 

The mattress incorporates a resilient tungsten carbide inner coil responsible for providing excellent edge support. Additionally, the edges can retain their original structure for a lifetime.

7. Made After Experts Consultation

No reason to carry the baggage of the previous day even after having an 8-hour sleep. The discomfort from the mattress results in waking up multiple times at night. 

The doctors found the root cause of the problem, and the culprit was the low-quality mattress. And, Durfi mattresses came into existence after series of research among doctors. 

The mattress follows the guidelines of expert sleep doctors to provide optimum comfort and relaxation. So, the Durfi mattress is good for health as well as the body.

Is The Mattress Affordable? 

Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress or Durfi Hybrid Mattress, none is made too soft or too firm. Each one is here to simplify the sleeping pattern. 

Also, the mattress price is affordable compared to other mattresses in the market. Get 30 days night trial and ten years of warranty with the Durfi mattress. Furthermore, Durfi Mattress offers EMI options to avail from Bajaj Finserve EMI Network Card to enjoy attractive EMI schemes. 

Final Thoughts

Durfi Mattress is best to keep your body aligned by conforming to your body shape.

Further, the Durfi Original Memory Foam Mattress is best for people who like to sleep on a firmer mattress with firmness level 5. The Durfi Hybrid is a medium-firm memory foam mattress with firmness level 7. 

The mattress is customizable in multiple sizes and offers a decade of warranty. Choose Bajaj Finserve EMI Network and use your EMI Network Card to pay for your purchase. 


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