7 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Video Resume

7 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Video Resume

It seems as if the world has entered a state of constant competition. People want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their value in the labor market. To ensure it, they choose different methods – from professional social media pages to creating video resumes.

Surprisingly, one short video can indeed showcase your professionalism, presentation skills, charisma, and confidence. It will not work with a dry and dull text document. It does not mean you must burn your CV and never write it again. A paper resume is still important, but creating a video supplement will put you in a winning position.

A recorded resume is a short video in which a person lists their skills and achievements and describes professional biography. Using top online resume edit service like Skillhub is a way to make one’s self-presentation strong and effective. Below you can find helpful tips that will urge you to take a camera and start speaking. (peytonsplaceanimalrescue.org)

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Imagine yourself as a hiring manager who gets thousands of applications a day. Would you be able to read each of the CVs carefully? Perhaps no, unless you have supernatural reading powers. So, getting a video application instead of a text is like a breath of fresh air, especially if it is well-mounted and of high quality.

2. Demonstrate Creative Approach

Sending a CV in such a format is suitable for people searching for creative work. If the company you are applying for values crazy ideas and creativity, a video resume might add some points. For example, if you are an advertiser, a PR manager, a designer, a salesperson, or an HR manager, try this method.

Of course, not every job requires creativity and innovation. Before applying for a position, make sure to choose a resume example by industry, considering its scope and complexity. Still, recordings provide so many opportunities that you can make them either formal or with an element of humor.

3. Hide Your Flaws

We all know the scale of suffering of those job seekers who apply for positions requiring several years of experience. What is to be done if you do not know where to get this experience? It looks like a vicious circle. But why not try and break it? 

Video resumes provide unobvious pluses for students. Indeed, it is an original way to showcase your presentation skills and shift focus from the fact that you do not possess enough work experience. If you manage to express yourself and show your abilities interestingly and vividly, consider that the work is in your pocket! Everyone would agree that a confident self-presentation looks much more convincing than a half-page A4 resume.

4. Expand the Information Field

Recording a video helps one expand the range of information they can provide to the potential employer. Such a resume is not limited to dry business phrases and learned cliches from the Internet. Using this format, you have the opportunity to rehearse the interview and prepare thoroughly and effectively.

5. Reveal Your Personality

By sending a text CV, you agree to stay incognito. Of course, it is possible to attach your passport photo to let an HR see and feel all your serious attitude. But let us be honest. Such images rarely help when it comes to a job offer. Neither a person’s character nor possible ways of behavior can be understood from glancing at a photo.

The one sent in a video format reveals a person’s qualities. Yes, the main disadvantage of regular resumes is that employers do not see real people behind them. There is only a list of skills, abilities, past jobs, and studies. Digital CV format is dynamic, so it is much better remembered.

6. Be Open and Ambitious

It is said that a recorded resume immediately increases your chances of getting a higher-paid job. But this statement can be confirmed only if we speak about jobs involving public speaking. A video CV is the best way to reassure an employer of your professional competence. 

Still, remember that it must match the vacancies. As is the case with text CVs, it is better not to record a universal video. Try to pay attention to specific proposals and make separate responses. This way, you will emphasize your interest in work, creativity, and diligence.

7. Enhance Your Chances

If you are desperately sending CVs to different companies, but the answers are absent, it is time to apply a different strategy. If your text resume is accompanied by a video one, the chances of getting hired will significantly increase.

But here is the point. Do not repeat the previously given information from the printed document. Candidates usually attach a video resume to a text file, so the information should not be duplicated. But the main mistake of some applicants is to read from a piece of paper while recording. 

Remember that the recruiter will anyway see everything written in the application. It is better to tell the employer about your achievements and convince them to hire you. It would also not be superfluous to add your hobbies, especially if they are related to professional activities.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Video Resume

Final Words

There is no doubt that a video resume is not a magic wand that opens the door to an interview at once. And if you hesitate you can turn for help to top-resume-reviews.com. Still, it is an excellent instrument for improving one’s chances of getting a decent job.

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