7 Surprising Benefits of Ordering A Custom Door in Singapore

The door market in Singapore is jam-packed with several ready-made choices. These doors feature different materials, styles, finishes, and colors. Having so many variations to choose from is a good thing. This is because it allows you to explore the selections based on your preferences. 

However, the downside is that ready-made doors might not embody exactly what you need. Fortunately, there’s the option to customize doors based on your desires. Custom doors are made following your exact specifications. This method is usually lengthy and a little more expensive than buying ready-made doors, but its benefits are endless. As such, it is important to engage a reliable door supplier in Singapore for installation if you want less headaches and issues down the road. 

What Are Custom Doors?

When you decide to order a custom-made door, the contractor asks you several questions in a bid to understand what exactly you need. In other words, they base a door design on your specifications. 

The material, design, finish, style, color, and other customizable aspects are made according to your preference. Considering this route has several benefits that might not be clear superficially. So, in this article, we share seven of them to help you realize why you should consider a custom door.


#1 Custom doors are made specifically for you

When you approach a door craftsman with a custom door order, they design and build it using your specifications as a guide. Most custom door orders are unique. Therefore, if you like to stand out, a custom door is your best bet. It will make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Moreover, it can also be a conversation starter with your visitors or neighbors.

#2. You get guidance from the contractor 

After browsing ready-made designs and not finding what you want, a door contractor can help you customize one to your liking. Door contractors in Singapore have extensive knowledge about doors which you should utilize. You can leverage this opportunity to consult on the best design, style, or color based on your rough idea. In fact, this consultation is justified considering you are spending more than you would at a ready-made store.

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#3. Custom doors have lower chances of failure

Unlike ready-made doors that are made in haste, a craftsman takes time to build a custom door. This dedication produces an excellent product. After all, it’s worth the investment you put into it. 

A custom door fits properly during installation, which ensures it fits appropriately with the door frame. The advantages of this are that it limits the chances of getting loose and provides enhanced security and privacy.  

#4. Custom doors contractors offer after-sale services 

After-sale services such as delivery and installation are usually offered after ordering custom doors in Singapore. This is helpful because since they manufactured it, they know how to handle it best. 

As a result, you get a safe delivery and installation of your new door. Additionally, you get a warranty on custom doors with offers to repair or replace them at no extra cost. It’s rare to get such customer service with a ready-made door.

#5. Custom doors are built within your budget 

Even though these doors are relatively expensive, you can order a custom one that agrees with your budget. The contractor will advise you on what’s achievable in terms of design, material, and style based on your budget. 

In other words, every budget, so long as it’s reasonable, can get you a custom door. A little tip to deal with budgeting: if you have multiple preferences, you can prioritize some and compromise others to strike a balance.

#6. Custom door matches your existing home design 

Design is one of the top reasons people consider custom doors in Singapore. This happens mostly when replacing them. Ready-made doors that match the current style can be hard to find. Still, this flexibility can also come in handy when changing the design such that you can customize based on the new design. Therefore, whether you are looking for a door that matches your existing or new design, you should consider custom doors. This helps you create a cohesive look for your home.

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#7. Custom doors can increase the value of your property

The quality of a door is considered when evaluating your home. Custom doors are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Again, a custom door is made from select material and specified design elements. Thus, these two aspects increase the value of your house during a re-sale. The buyers will be impressed by the quality, and you can use that to bargain for a higher asking price for the home or property.

Choose A Credible Door Contractor in Singapore

Most of the above benefits are tied to the contractor. That means you have to work with an experienced, trustworthy, and professional door contractor to experience these benefits. Otherwise, you would be better off buying a ready-made door from your local supplier. 

If you’re considering ordering a custom door in Singapore, we hope this article has helped you note some of the benefits that come along with it.

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