8 classic French clothing styles to try

It’ll take you much more to look like a traditional French man or woman. The styling ideas and choice of clothing of the French have been exemplary and unique. And for that, you’ll have to visit the right stores and, most importantly, make the correct choices.

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your wardrobe and bringing about a new French collection to your closet, look no further than what we have in store for you below. The 8 classic French clothing styles are outstanding and sure to change the look of anyone who chooses them. Check out the following:

1.Trench Coat

Wearing a trench coat as a French man or woman is just croissant – it’s interlinked. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your wardrobe to the French style, a beige trench should top your list. And for that, you could check out the French clothing by Blue Illusion and be sure to pick the best Trench coat.

2.Strappy Dress

The latest inclusion that you could make and begin with your French clothing collection is this one. Pick a beautiful patterned strappy dress, best for the summers or even fall. But make sure you’re not choosing the basic solids. We’d suggest you go for the tiny small floral patterns or miniature block prints; either way, it’s going to be a great choice.

3.Black Blazer

Another must-inclusion that you must have a black blazer. You’ll often see women in the streets of France wearing exotic black blazers over a short dress with high boots. The attire looks extremely classy and outstanding. So, ensure that this is a must-inclusion in your closet.

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4.French Stripped T-Shirts

Another trendy yet classic style of the French woman is the stripped t-shirt. They love the look of this and usually pair it up with a blue flared bottom denim. The look is absolutely classy but remains true to the French style always.

5.Silk Scarves!

We’ve seen the beautiful French woman wrap a classy-looking scarf around her head and wear a pair of sunglasses. The vest inside has a nice cut-out line, and the entire look enhances. This is quite a famous and favorite for the French, and must not be a miss out when thinking of adding a French collection.

6.Down-Button Shirt!

Another quite a favorite choice for all French men and women is white shirts. Women in particular love to wear this as a short dress too. And at times, they pair up with flared bottom pants. But either way, they do style up the down button shirt with style and take full control over the look. So, why don’t you try it out with a beige shoe pair and big glares, throw your hair down, and be sure the look is absolutely perfect?

7.A Soft Cardigan

With the beautiful summer kissing the people in France, you’d definitely not need anything heavy to style yourself. So, having a soft cardigan and pairing it up with a tiny pendant should be good enough to enhance your entire look. You can add a big belt to the flared jeans and carry a brown tote bag along with it. This is a perfect look for a winter brunch or even for a casual day at the office.

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Styling up vests with any kind of pants or tops is a common styling method for French women and men. Both the genders love to flaunt off their skin and get the goldish look the sun blesses them with during summers. So, don’t refrain from the look as it’s a great choice you can make for yourself.

Final Thoughts

With this, as we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you’re aware of quite a few French clothing styles to add to your wardrobe. So, go ahead and include them, and be sure it’s going to be the best choice you’re going to make.

Remember to pair the pieces of clothing with the right kind of shoes. French women love sneakers, ballerinas, and at times, stilettoes, so are careful when you make the choices with the types of clothing your use.

And when it comes to makeup, French women keep it as minimalistic as possible! 

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