8 Marketing Hacks to Expand a Nutrition Product Company

Marketing Hacks

Building a brand is hard enough as it is, but marketing that brand? That’s a whole other story. 

Marketing a nutrition product is different than other products. You have to be cautious of the legalities associated with your claims and the science behind your product. 

If you have a nutrition brand, here are 8 helpful hacks to start marketing more effectively. 

  1. Build a Sustainable Brand

One of the things people look for in a brand nowadays is its impact on the planet. Where your ingredients are sourced, how you package your product, and even how you ship your product can make a huge impact on the planet and your customer base.

The planet’s future relies on sustainability and brands taking charge to be more conscious of their carbon footprint.

As the future moves toward eco-friendly products, you don’t want your brand to get left in the dust. Start by making strides to lessen your impact on the planet and use these successes in your marketing strategies to attract more environmentally conscious consumers. 

  1. Know Your Stuff

When marketing for supplements or nutrition products, it’s important that you know the science behind your product. 

Not only so that you look competent enough to sell it, but so that you can be confident in your sales and the results you provide. You don’t want to be another fitness product company that’s all talk and no result. While it may make you money initially, it won’t last. 

Consumers rely on trust in their suppliers, and if your product doesn’t provide results, they won’t return. 

Start by including relevant studies that support your product’s purpose on your website and in quality content. Potential customers feel better about a purchase when you make the science transparent. 

You can also attempt to get a doctor’s endorsement of your product as being safe and effective. They will go through your ingredients and scrutinize what’s being used to determine if it can help do what you claim it does. These endorsements can be incredibly valuable for brands looking to expand their client base. 

  1. What Makes Your Brand Unique?

Hopefully, you already recognize what makes your brand unique. It’s something that sets you apart from competitors and has the potential to draw clients away from them or create a new audience altogether. 

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Using this unique factor as a marketing tactic can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Emphasize what makes you different and show that you’re better because of it. 

Potential customers will never turn to your brand if you look like all the other versions of your product that are out there. They’ll want to choose the more popular brand, even if it doesn’t offer the same results. 

  1. Simplicity Is Key

When it comes to marketing fitness products, simpler is always better. You want to make sure that your customer understands the science behind your product but doesn’t get lost in it. 

Make it easy to understand with infographics or images. Simplicity helps get your message across faster and more effectively.

Come up with some snappy keywords to use on your packaging. Customers will associate those keywords or phrases with your products and make it easier for information to spread through word of mouth or online. 

  1. Create Community

When you focus on your customers and your audience, sales will come naturally. 

Creating a community of people who believe in and support your product is vital, especially in such a competitive market. Foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie on your website and social media. 

Create group pages to discuss progress, ask for advice, or talk about things they would have in common. You become a facilitator for the community, and your products begin bringing people together. 

This works as a great marketing tactic because now not only do people know your product is credible, but you’ve reached the emotional side of them as well. Studies show that emotion is one of the main drivers behind purchasing trends. 

  1. Follow Laws and FDA Guidelines

Of course, anytime you sell food supplements or fitness products, you have to make sure it’s safe and that you’re following all FDA laws and procedures. 

The FDA has a stringent set of regulations that you as a brand must adhere to. Not following these regulations can result in serious consequences. Don’t make any claims or promises that you’re not 100% sure about, and even so, make sure you can legally claim this on marketing materials.

  1. Use and Pay Attention to Customer Testimonials and Reviews
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People want to hear about what other people think about your brand. While you might do a great job telling people everything they need to know, most people prefer to rely on reviews rather than your word.

Seeing that others have used your product and saw great results is a #1 indicator that you’re not a scam and your product is legit. You can even use good reviews in your marketing materials as another indicator of your product’s success. 

Try getting video or written testimonials of your customer’s experience with your product to show others what they have to look forward to.

Reviews on various platforms are also critical. Good reviews can be advertising in themselves, but if reviews are bad and you don’t resolve them, it can make you look worse. While it may be easier to brush them off, address complaints, and pay attention to disgruntled customers.

Looking at and responding to comments on social media, your website, and other sites you sell your products can be informational. It may even show potential customers that you care about your customer and their opinions. 

  1. Use High-Quality Content

Using high-quality content like images and blog posts can be extremely rewarding for your brand in the long run. 

Informational blogs provide the information your customers want to hear. This is where SEO marketing can also come in handy. Using keywords and phrases your customers may be searching for, you can direct them to your website, where they’ll find a related product. 

Using high-quality images is also essential, as it gives your brand the individuality that stock photos can’t provide. Consider investing in a product photographer to help you make your images more effective. 

Marketing Your Nutrition Product

Nutrition products come with their own sets of marketing challenges. When trying to kickstart a marketing campaign for your nutrition product company, it’s best to get advice from those familiar with your industry and the laws and regulations you have to follow. 

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