8 Steps to Starting an Awesome Hobby Blog

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Have an exciting hobby that you want to share with the world? If you wish to write about your gaming experience with Vulkan Vegas or talk about travel and food, consider starting a blog. It’s one of the quickest and most exciting ways to share your hobbies with the world.

Are you unsure where to start? It’s time to hear from an expert. Daniel Bennet is a site editor that loves sharing his knowledge about his many interests; you can see his profile here. Join us as he goes over the steps you must take to start a fantastic hobby blog

Find A Hobby That You’re Passionate About

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s much more essential than you think. Psychology Today highlights the importance of pursuing a skill or activity that interests you. It states that enjoying a few hours of leisure time can have a positive physical and mental effect.

While many hobby bloggers believe that they should focus on the trendiest ideas, this is the wrong approach to use. Focus on something that you truly enjoy and are knowledgable in, even if you’re learning as you’re blogging. 

The more passionate and familiar you are with the topic, the better your content will be. You love for your chosen topic will shine through in the effort that goes in your blog. This will make it more relatable for your readers, and they’ll enjoy it as much as you do.

Come Up With A Domain Name

Your blog domain name is what your audience will type into their browser when visiting your site. Since it’s your virtual address, you should give it some thought on how well it represents you. Here are a few factors to consider for your blog’s domain name: 

  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Should you choose a free or paid domain name
  • Does it fit the tone of your hobby blog? 

Tell A Story

It’s more than just a blogging hobby — you’re connecting to readers on a deeper level. Write a bio that’s a quick, fun summary of what you’re about. Share your heartbreaks and victories. Not only will it add value to your content, but it’ll keep your audience hooked and ready for your next post. 

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Create Relevant Blog Content

You should always make sure that the posts are relevant to your blog’s hobby. Regular readers develop an expectation of what they can find on your site. If your hobby blog is about cooking, then writing a post about sewing a new clothing garment wouldn’t fit. 

Always ensure that you’re creating unique posts that would bring value to your readers. Sticking to the cooking site example, sharing some of your favorite recipes or kitchen tips are a great idea. You want your readers to see you as the first point of reference for any related information.

Variety is Key of Blog

Try to be as diverse as possible when compiling content. Have a steady supply of videos, tutorials, listicles, reviews, Q&As, and podcasts if possible. While the topic may be enough to keep visitors coming back to your site regularly, sticking to one format may become predictable. 

If you’re not keen on making how-to videos yourself, you could reach out to vloggers or others who have already made videos applicable to your site. You’ll find that they’re often more than happy to allow you to use it in exchange for a special mention in the post. 

The same goes for images used in your blog posts. You don’t need to stick to boring text only. Spice it up with some attractive pictures. While you could access plenty of royalty-free stock image sites for extensive galleries, mentioning the owners is a great way to boost their credibility too. 

Be Consistent

Being consistent can mean two things. One, posting on a regular schedule that your audience can anticipate. If your timing is erratic, viewers will have difficulty keeping up with it or staying interested for long. 

Two, you can explore different writing styles or Free Time Hobbies, but you shouldn’t make a drastic change in your niche. For instance, you can’t start a casino blog, talk about poker, switch to knitting sweaters for baby goats the next. When you post something that the audience enjoys, you’ve set the expectation that you’ll create similar content in the future. 

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If you want recognition for your hobby, you have to maintain consistency. If you’re struggling to stay focused or sticking to a schedule, you can also curate your platform with content from other creators. It’ll help you fill in the gaps on your off-days and can offer you some inspiration when you most need it. 

Engage With Your Audience Via Blog

The only thing more exciting than writing about your hobbies is finding people to enjoy it with you. Once you’ve attracted an audience for your niche, you can keep a high retention rate by engaging with them. Other than the standard of asking to comment and share your content, you can also request to share their experience or feedback.

A couple of ways to do this is by ending your posts with thought-provoking questions related to the topic. You can also start an open discussion or start a challenge that’ll encourage your viewers to participate. 

Extend Your Platform

While your goal is to grow your website, you should never underestimate social media platforms’ importance. This is the go-to arena for spreading awareness for any topic or website. So take advantage of it.

Find out which platforms are the most favored by your target audience and create profiles accordingly. Be sure to maintain a regular sharing schedule and never repeat content. Following a simple sharing strategy will make your profile more visible and help attract new followers.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth starting a blog? If you consider the health benefits, creativity, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people – the answer is yes. You can create a rewarding blog today by writing about what you’re passionate about and staying consistent. In no time, you’ll build a community that loves the hobby as much as you do. 

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