8 tips for gamers in their day: to play without worries!

8 tips for gamers in their day: to play without worries!

Do you remember that era in which “videogame” was simply synonymous with a platform where we could only move within the same screen? Everything that was before our eyes, and we could not go beyond the limits.

Today it is not like that. Today, video games are stories in themselves and we are part of them, we get involved with their characters and give them the life you can play best online games on http://notdoppler.online. Thus, the limits of the screen are no longer restrictive and, having become a more than important element in our lives, video games began to be profitable not only for companies but also (unfortunately) for cybercriminals.

But despite the possible risks and threats that target players, and the existence of malicious programs in the gamer world, we know that it is possible to enjoy video games by applying good security practices that will keep us protected.

Next, and on the occasion of the International Gamer’s Day that is celebrated every August 29, we gather the 8 best tips to play without worries:

1. Do not deactivate your security solution

This is still a frequent practice among those who want to optimize their resources or accelerate them, but it is a mistake: it could leave you exposed to infections.

Key loggers, exploits or malware that could make your PC part of a botnet are just as real in the gamer world as in any other online activity, so you need your security solution proactively detecting any possible risk. And it is not necessary for you to give up the full functionality of your favorite game: products with gamer mode do not cause interruptions or lag problems.

2. Download only legal games and official repositories

False cracks of popular and expected titles will never be absent, as happened this year with Mortal Combat X or previously with Crisis 3. The eager to download them will not only be disappointed by not receiving the game but could end up being victims of malware that will seek to steal your personal information or credit card details, in order to provide economic revenue to the cybercriminals behind.

On the other hand, recognized virtual stores will provide guarantees in the transaction. On the other hand, if you opt for an unofficial or “pirated” version, you may end up losing more money than the original game would have.

3. Be careful with the information you share in forums

We know that gamer communities are a good place to make contacts, look for new tactics or evacuate doubts (and for the less patient, look for cheats), but many cybercriminals point to the game forums to obtain long lists of users and passwords.

So, if you are going to participate in a forum, never publish your access credentials and try to use a password (and as far as possible, an account) different from the one you use to access the game in question. It is also not recommended that your user reflects your real name or details of your identity.

Remember that many scammers will pose as expert players willing to help you, and they will ask for your information to do so. Do not deliver them!

4. Pay attention: Social Engineering also adapts to gamers

In addition to fake cracks, we have found phishing campaigns using names of well-known videogames and fraudulent offers of valuable objects in places like Steam’s Marketplace, where a “free” screensaver was offered that only masked the theft of goods.

The scams will generally seek to steal access credentials, so remember to log in by logging directly into the official site and never enter your password on a page you arrived at through a redirect that could be suspicious.

5. Use robust and distinct passwords for each platform

For being the entrance doors to accounts that host sensitive information and personal data, passwords need all your care: learn how to build a secure password.

Unfortunately, the reuse of passwords is still frequent and is combined with the choice of predictable combinations and little robust. But to avoid worries like “I cannot remember so many complex keys”, you can use a password manager.

6. Activate double authentication in gaming services

With so many major attacks on online games, many companies realized that it was time to offer double authentication to their users. This practice helps to prevent the theft of information since it makes access to accounts difficult and guarantees protection in case the password leaks.

7. Close your session when you finish playing in services such as Origin or Steam

If you are invited to play collectively, you use an open network or an unknown team, make sure to close your session so they do not steal your account or your achievements or make purchases with your data.

If someone takes control of your session and manipulates your account, in addition to playing for you, you will have access to your banking information and personal information, so you must safeguard it. That an impostor finishes the game that you come playing is already serious enough, but imagine if someone stole the information from your credit card!

8. Beware of the friends you add

Bitcoin thieves, gold farmers, trolls or simply cybercriminals are characters that you want to avoid, so you should be cautious when interacting online and try not to give too many real personal details. Truthfully, you will hardly know who is on the other side: perhaps even a teammate may not be who they say they are and be there only to spread threats or catch unsuspecting victims.

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