A Brief Guide to Disney’s “Eternals”, directed by Chloé Zhao

A Brief Guide to Disney's “Eternals”, directed by Chloé Zhao

“Eternals,” a new Marvel Cinematic Universe film, was released in November 2018. The movie follows an ancient race from Earth ruled by the godlike “Eternals” and their battle against a monstrous evil called the “Progenitors.”

“Eternals” is directed by Chloé Zhao and stars Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Don Lee.

The film’s opening takes place on the fictional “Eden,” an island located beyond the sea. The Eternals are seen playing a game, using their powers to cause different effects on the island’s natural elements. They observe two humans who have also arrived at Eden via rafts or boats. The Eternals give these men hospitality until they are attacked by a giant monster. The Eternals’ leader saves these men, only to be killed shortly afterward. In a flashback sequence, it is revealed that these men were sent from a primitive society on Earth as an offering of peace and that they carried with them a box containing a baby girl who was their god-leader.

The baby girl is soon taken by the Eternals’ leader to be raised as his daughter and heir, where she becomes a central character in the film.

“Eternals” shows many scenes of space battles between Aliens, where it’s revealed that these aliens are in a war against a monstrous evil called the “Progenitors.” The latter are trying to destroy the Eternals, led by their leader Thanos. In these space scenes, it is shown that the “Eternals” use flying disks (giant golden circular objects) in which they sit inside for flight and protection from explosions presumably used by the “Progenitors.” These flying disks are named “Benihajr,” which means “lightning.” These disks first appeared in Marvel back issue comics in 1965.

The movie also includes many scenes on Earth where the Eternals battle the Progenitors in various locations, including Japan and India. The Eternals are shown flying with their own “Benihajr” disks to the different areas. The film ends positively, revealing that the Eternals are determined to battle against these monsters once again.

What is not clear in the movie is if any of Earth’s future societies will be aware of alien presence and war. Some direct or indirect interaction between the Eternals and Earth’s humans seems to be hinted at in the movie. Still, it is unclear if future civilizations will ever be aware of this information. It has been stated that Marvel Studios is planning a theatrical release for a sequel in 2020.

“Eternals” seems to use many similar elements as another Marvel movie, “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018). Both films feature a war between the Eternals and the Progenitors. In both movies, Thanos is shown being one of the Progenitors’ leaders. Also, in both films, Thanos is shown to be a mighty being with godlike powers. In both movies, it seems that the Eternals are destroyed or killed in some way during this war.

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” many of Earth’s superheroes from other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies were also apparently killed by Thanos and his Progenitors.

Jack Kirby created the comic book “Eternals” in 1976. It has been kept active through the years with different writers and artists working on it. Various stories have been developed around the Eternals, and other timelines have also been presented for this group of superhumans. The story presented in “Eternals” is new and different from the original comic book story of 1976.

The Eternals were created by a race of godlike aliens called Celestials millions of years ago on Earth. These beings wanted to develop a humanoid species that would help maintain peace on Earth against any future wars or destructions that could affect Earth. The Eternals were then created to battle a monstrous evil called the Progenitors, who wanted to destroy humanity and create monsters that would attack humans to wipe them out forever.

The Celestials have been shown in many other movies from Marvel’s list of movies, which include “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014), “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017), “Black Panther” (2018), and “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The Progenitors first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1993 and were created by Tom DeFalco & Paul Ryan. These creatures are monstrous evil that wants to destroy or wipe out humanity for their purposes. The monster Progenitors were created by the Celestials they used to wipe out all humans on Earth. These same Celestials created the Eternals to battle the Progenitors and protect Earth’s human population from destruction. 

In summary, “Eternals” is a new superhero movie released by Marvel Studios that has already been announced as having a 2020 sequel. The film features some elements from other similar Marvel movies such as “Avengers: Infinity War (2018)” and the original 1976 comic book of “Eternals.” Still, it also features many new plots and stories that have not been used in comic books or other Marvel movies.

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