A Buying Guide to Industrial Lighting

Guide to Industrial Lighting

Have you considered buying LED industrial Lights? Think about entering a large room, and you can barely see anything because the lighting is so bad. The lights have not been replaced recently, and they need maintenance. Guide to Industrial Lighting-

You will be looking for alternatives to this kind of lighting. Now, you have a choice for better industrial lighting.

Try LED commercial light fixtures. They are especially suited for the industrial type of spacing. They can easily replace the old lights in your current lighting system without the need for rewiring.

The LED bulbs from www.lepro.com have irresistible advantages over the traditional lighting systems. How will you decide that LED fixtures will work for your business? It’s overwhelmingly beneficial to switch from the old to the innovative LED lighting system.

Here is your buying guide to your industrial lighting.

Different Types of Industrial Light Fixtures

Start by identifying the different types of industrial light fixtures. These are found in industrial or commercial environments like factories and manufacturing plants. Refineries and chemical plants also use this kind of lighting.

These lighting fixtures need to be very bright and clear to spot hazardous material or any imminent danger. In addition, workers should see more clearly as they perform their tasks. (divinewoodncrafts.com) So different jobs will require a different kind of lighting fixture.

High Bay Light Fixtures

If your business operates under industrial space with the ceiling 20 feet above ground level, you need high bay LED light fixtures. They have a high lumen output to ensure light permeates the whole room and floods it with enough light. In addition, the high bay light fittings can light up horizontal and vertical planes.

Low Bay Light Fittings

If your industrial space has a ceiling below 20 feet above the ground, your logical choice is low bay LED light furnishings. They use a relatively lower number of lumens since the space they need to illuminate is less.

Area Light Fixtures

Industrial LED lights are not designed sorely for large industries and warehouses. Therefore, area lights illuminate particular areas that could otherwise remain dark. Darkened hallways and dark parking lots also need good lighting for security reasons. 

Thus, these area fixtures have the advantage of illuminating a specified area wholly. Accordingly, these could be mounted on a pole or a wall to work efficiently.

Task Lights

The task lights are designed to shine a light on an area where a specific task is performed. Due to their function, they are not made to illuminate a large extent, but a particular spot where a job is being done. 

If you need task lights, think of desk lights or a place where a specific task occurs. You can also install a task light if a group cannot concentrate on the job. Help them out by installing a glow where they and the work are concentrated.

Floodlights- Guide to Industrial Lighting

Floodlights come in all shapes and sizes. These lights are meant for outdoor lighting and are the backbone of industrial lighting. The floodlights are intended to keep your business safe from intruders or unsanctioned entrees.

These intruders will strike in the cover of darkness. It is therefore wise to supplement your CCTV and security system with floodlights. The floodlights will work with the techniques of;

  • Wall grazing; Uniformly shining light over large spaces.
  • Wall washing; Highlighting stone walls and climbing vines.
  • Shadowing; casting a shadow of an object on the wall 

Recessed Troffer Lighting- Guide to Industrial Lighting

Troffer lights can be mounted in various ways;

  •  chandelier or chain hanging
  • Pendant mounting
  • Surface mounting

You could have LED lights that may cost highly to install but last a long time. You can also use retrofits for troffer lights.

Linear Strip Lights

These kinds of light will work for both commercial and industrial spaces. They are smaller and give your smaller space a better appearance. The best example is an aisle in the supermarket. They are also usable in your industrial area, where you require the light to be discreet and subtle.

Sports Lights Fittings

These light fixtures necessitate the light to perform for long periods and at high levels. Therefore, these lights must be industrial-grade sports fixtures. Before you can decide on these, you must consult with an electrician. They will give you the right type to purchase.

Hazardous Locational Lighting

Some of the industrial and commercial applications will not fit regular lights. Mines, manufacturing plants, and smelting plants require explosion-proof location lights or hazardous location lights. The lights are referred to in code as class 1 Div. 11.

Hazardous lights are heavy-duty lights designed not to melt or explode under extreme temperatures. Explosion lights are an idea for high dirt, moisture, and dust areas that other lights cannot sustain.

Final Thoughts

Industrial or commercial setting lights are designed for specific lighting and purpose. LED lighting has unique lighting for every situation to replace the old incandescent lamps, which did the same job but not nearly as well.

While the old lights require constant services and changing, your LED industrial lighting will go on for years without needing to be changed or serviced. They will save you time and money.

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