A Guide to Fuel Storage Solutions: What you Need to Know

Fuel Storage Solutions

Many businesses rely heavily on fuel storage tanks to power their machinery and vehicles and the storage tanks do require maintenance and regular inspections to ensure the unit is not compromised. Luckily, there are specialist companies that install and maintain a wide range of storage tanks and they can easily be located with a simple Google search. Let’s see to a guide to fuel storage solutions: what you need to know.

Laser Scanning Technology

The latest laser scanning technology is used to check the welds on a fuel storage tank, which enables the technician to finely look at all joints and welds. Providers of tank management in Thailand will ensure that your storage tanks are in good order while giving you a detailed report on the tank’s condition, as well as booking another inspection in a few months. The 3D laser scanning creates accurate cloud points that can be inspected by the amazing software and when you consider the very real risk of a leaking tank, it makes perfect sense to have your storage tanks inspected on a regular basis.

How Does Laser Scanning Work?

The actual scanner sits on a tripod and the technician locates the scanner at various locations around the tank, scanning to create many points on the sides, top and bottom of the tank. Once the entire tank has been scanned, the technician can create a digital image of the tank interior and scanning a tank can normally be carried out in a couple of hours.

Delivery Pipes

Most fuel storage tanks employ a delivery pipe that enables secure fuel transfer, which is normally connected near the bottom of the tank. This pipe must be locked in a secure container to prevent damage and it should be inspected regularly, looking for signs of excessive wear and tear or corrosion. Special attention is paid to connections and the delivery system, which is usually a trigger-type, as you would find in a petrol station. 

Tank Checking Software

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Once the cloud points have been created and the scanning is completed, another set of software is used to check the digital data the scanner collected. Virtual views can be created from any location and an expert technician would create many views, as this will give them a very detailed image of the interior walls and floor. Click here for information regarding working in confined spaces, as you would when inspecting fuel storage tanks.

Online Solutions

If you are wondering how to get your fuel tanks inspected, worry no more, as Google will help you locate a local company that specialises in laser tank scanning and inspection. If your business is located in Thailand, there is an established company that handles fuel storage tank installations and inspections and they have the experience and the resources to ensure that your fuel storage tanks are always in good order. Here is a PDF file from the Ministry of Energy regarding the standards of fuel storage tanks.

It simply isn’t worth taking any chances with fuel storage tanks and with a local expert who offers laser scanning, your business will always be fully compliant with the rules and regulations.


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