A guide to the purchase of Testosterone Cypionate

A guide to the purchase of Testosterone Cypionate

The availability of Testosterone was very common within the United States initially but over the years its availability has gone down. Of course it can be found in the international market. This medicine is actually provided in standard concentrations. This is around 200 – 250 mg as per the pharmaceutical grade. This is also considered to be the industry standard. There are few laboratories that may create higher concentrations. This may be as high as 350 mg/ml.

Classification of The Medicine

There are two different types of categories in Testosterone Cypionate. There is a difference between the pharmaceutical grades and underground labs. The difference is as follows:

  • The pharmaceutical products are those that are manufactured by FDA approval. This is almost equivalent to Pharmaceutical Corporation. On the other hand the underground labs are run illegally. They mainly manufacture anabolic steroids.
  • The pharmaceutical predicts are also called as human grade products. The reason for this is that they have been scientifically produced for the use of humans. They provide purity, accurate doses and concentration as well as sterility.  The prices are therefore higher as compared to lab products. The products that are produced in the lab ranges in quality as compared to the pharmaceutical levels.

How To Choose Testosterone Cypionate?

The Testosterone cypionate product is manufactured in the pharmacy and it has gained immense popularity. If anyone who is interested to purchase this product, they should be careful of the detailed packaging. The pack should contain JH that is located on the inside of the box. It can be only seen under the exposure to UV lighting. There are many such Cypionate products that are manufactured by the labs and they also produce generic preparations.

The users can purchase Testosterone Cypionate products internationally easily from Thailand. Here you will find that there are drugs that are specially manufactured in the TP drug laboratory. Brazil is another place that produces the product and it is contained in dark amber glass ampoules. The users should buy these products if it is contained in the original box and not loose capsules.

There is a product in Chile known as Ciclo- 6 that is manufactured by Drug Pharmacy. This is a drug that is of the pharmaceutical grade. It is one of the products that are higher than the industry standard of 250mg.  Ciclo – 6 contains about 300 mg and is contained in the 2ml glass ampoules.

How Much Does Testosterone Shots Cost?

The individuals who want to purchase Testosterone Cypionate hardly find any variation in the pricing of the product. This is due to the popularity of the product and also due to the fact that it is easy to manufacture. One can either buy this product through vendors or through online. There is not much of a difference in the prices of the product. But if you buy online then there might be a difference in the prices between the websites. Those websites that do not set minimum order limits allow the users to purchase in small quantities. On the other hand since the vendors make small sales, there is tendency for the prices to get inflated. This is for making up for the logical costs of the orders that are in small quantities.

The ones who wish to purchase Testosterone Cypionate from those sources that do not set minimum order run into the pharmaceutical grade. The range of prices is about $17 to $ 20 per 1ml. This is an ampoule that is dosed at 200 mg. The product that is located in the underground lab is in the range of $ 130 to $ 160. This is for one single 10 ml that is dosed at 200 mg.

Is It Legal to Purchase Testosterone Cypionate?

There are certain laws that are related to the manufacture of this product Testosterone Cypionate. The users must be aware of this fact in their respective country. The classifications are as follows:

  • In USA the product is classified as Schedule III drug as per the controlled substance act. The trafficking or the importation of the product will be considered to be a criminal act.
  • In UK the product is under schedule IV. The use and possession is legal for personal use. Importing of the product is also not a felony.
  • In Canada the law is similar to UK where the use of the product is not a felony.

Anyhow the individual should be aware of the fact that it has no legality issues. This is important that the individual should research beforehand to make any appropriate decisions.

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