Advantages & Disadvantages of Renting a Car in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern part of the United States. One thing about this state is that it has a huge population. It is the ninth most populous in the United States. People move into the city at a fast pace and as a result, infrastructures and roads are always congested. If on a typical day the traffic is bad, then on days when there is an event or people troop in for vacations, the traffic is more unbearable.

Life in North Carolina will be easier for both the local people of the state and visitors if they have a car. In cases where one cannot afford to buy a one or is without a car as a tourist, they might want to consider renting a car. The good news is that there are several car rental agencies available at different locations all over North Carolina including the airports. One that is well known to render rental services is Alamo Car Rental at RDU Raleigh Durham Airport. 

Travel can be expensive and stressful if done without proper planning and certain things may be missed or mistakes might be made. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes and ensure you have a good trip, the rest of this article is dedicated to helpful information to guide and help you especially when it involves rental cars. Hopefully, it helps to boost your knowledge.

Pros of Renting a Car in North Carolina

Car Rental companies: many have stores at different destinations all over the states. Some of the best car rental companies are Alamo, Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise. You rent a car with any of these companies, and you will barely have problems. It is recommended that you book your car from the airport when you arrive and drop it back there when you are returning, as it will be easier that way. 

  • Wide access: when renting a car, you gain access to a variety of cars and can make a choice.
  • Affordable prices: different car rentals offer different packages or deals but one thing they all have in common is that they are all affordable. You can rent a car from Alamo and you will get amazing deals and discounts at your disposal. That way, you save money also.
  • Saves money: renting a car is one of the cheapest in this state. The cost of hiring a taxi back and forth from the airport to your final destination in one day is almost equivalent to the amount you will spend on renting for a few days. 
  • Saves Time: compared to using public transport which involves a lot of waiting, having a car is easier, and faster, and it requires no waiting. That way you save time.
  • Tourist opportunities: when you rent a car, with it, you can tour and discover places within the city.


Cons of Renting a Car in North Carolina 

  • Damages: The weather in certain parts of North Carolina can be extreme during certain seasons. Severe weather such as hurricanes, flooding, tropical storms, and heavy snow can sometimes make driving impossible. Accidents are bound to happen, and you will definitely get charged for damages.
  • When you book online, insurance is included in your budget. However, on arrival at the airport, another extra insurance is offered, and they are not worth it as they are high-priced.
  • Additional fees: you get charged for unexpected add-ons when picking up or returning the car. Add-ons such as GPS, underage driver fees, mileage limits, tire disposal fees, children’s car seats, etc.
  • Refueling: Some rental companies may take advantage of you by charging more than the standard price for a full tank regardless of how much fuel you use.
  • You might get charged for pre-existing damages.

Do not be hesitant to rent a car because of the cons attached to it. Here are some helpful tips to solve some of them.

Tips before renting a car 

  • As the roads are not easily pliable in certain regions of the city during certain seasons, it is advisable, that you avoid renting a car during these periods. Summer and fall are perfect for renting a car in North Carolina. That way, you avoid getting into accidents and paying for damages.
  • You can avoid expensive insurance by either; getting your car insurance (your auto insurance provides coverage for some damages), getting travel credit cards (many offer rental car coverage), or getting private third part coverage (you purchase travel insurance for a small fee).
  • To avoid paying extra fees for unexpected add-ons, it is recommended you pack your stuff rather than rent it. Have your child’s car seat in hand, use your phone as GPS or you get one. ( But, most importantly, do your research about the rental company before you arrive to pick up your car.
  • Ensure you check thoroughly for damages on the interior and exterior of the car with patience to avoid being charged for pre-existing damages.
  • To avoid paying extra for fuel or gas, buy a full tank at the start and return it empty, or fully refill the tank before you return it.

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