Advantages Of A James Hardie Siding

A worn-out siding can leave your house vulnerable to damage from water penetration, which can lead to pest invasion, rotting wood and mold or mildew accumulation.
A timely siding replacement can prevent these hazards. Below we introduce you to James Hardie siding and the numerous benefits it offers.

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Make the most of your home exterior style with beautiful Hardie board siding. An attractive siding installation is a sure way to increase your home’s worth if you’re planning on selling. Hardie siding comes in a wide variety of styles that makes it easy for you to achieve a unique look that reflects your own preference.

From the traditional horizontal HardiePlank lap siding, to the modern-style HardiePanel vertical siding, the Hardie Board line has the touch your home needs for an improved architectural style that matches your personality. If you want to go for a board-and-batten rustic look, siding companies recommend combining HardiePanel with HardieTrimto to achieve this classic farmhouse style.

Prevent Pest Infestation

James Hardie siding is built with materials like cement, cellulose fibers and sand. It has very solid manufacture that provides resistance to pest infestation unlike materials like wood. With a higher quality James Hardie siding installation, you will be avoiding dealing with the cost of infestation damage.

Forget About Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers are naturally attracted to wood siding, which can pose a threat to the integrity of the structure. Holes resulting from these birds pecking your siding can be the way to water penetration and further water damage. Investing in Hardie board siding will save you the hassle of dealing with these animals and having to repair or replace your siding installation.

Lasting Color

With a Hardie Siding installation, you can opt for a pre-primed installation that you can paint after, or for baked-on color. The ColorPlus Technology consists of a coloring process from the manufacturer that firmly adheres to Hardie siding. This way color doesn’t fade and the material resists damage from UV rays, with the additional benefit of a 15-year warranty.


Wood siding is a sure way to fuel a fire, and vinyl can heat and melt causing additional damage. Hardie board siding, on the other hand, is fire-resistant, which makes it unlikely to pose an additional hazard in case of a house fire. That’s why firefighters endorse its use nationwide.

A good siding company can help you protect your most valuable assets: your family and home. You can even obtain insurance discounts in homes protected by a James Hardie siding installation.

Enhanced Performance Against Other Materials

Wood, stucco, and vinyl siding can’t outlast a good quality Hardie board siding. A Hardie siding is 5 times thicker than vinyl, and it’s not as vulnerable to harsh conditions that can cause rotting, fading, leaks or other kinds of damage as other types of materials.

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