Perfume – Dior Ambre Nuit

The sensuous slither of limbs. The expanse of a man’s chest, heated and lightly musky. The slow seduction of a dance that is always completely refined, just hinting at the passion below. The heated languor of the tango is what comes to mind when I wear Ambre Nuit, an incredibly sensuous but highly refined fragrance from Dior’s prestige line of fragrances called La Collection Privée.

When you’re a customer, you are always going to be asked to pay more. So when you’re shopping for the right scent, be sure not just to take the highest quality ingredient list and price but also customer service.

Here at Fragrantica we offer pink peppercorns, ozmoz spices and balsam notes, as well as my favorite there is the ambergris which is an extremely rare, expensive ingredient that has a sweet salty character. Ambergris gives every scent a creamy rich element with warm vanilla and spice that borders on ambered caramel.

When a fragrance opens on the skin, it can last for months and still present a sense of escapism. Of course, even if you’re not wearing perfume, the scent can be intoxicating. A little something to keep in mind when you buy fragrances from a store—not all scents smell great in all seasons. However, Ambre Nuit is different.

The patchouli note has been pruned down to where it sounds sweet and refined but is actually just a hint of that most polarizing of note: purple fruitness.

The pink peppercorns in Ambre Nuit differ slightly in aroma from that used in commercial mainstream perfumes. They have a fiery, spicy edge which evokes red chili or pimento peppers instead of something wholly fruity in nature.

The excessive use of pink peppercorn and the deep, raw, smoky patchouli ingredient in Marc Jacobs’ Lola fragrance comes to mind when thinking of things that Ambre Nuit does not resemble! Here, the pepper infuses the subtle, muted rose note, along with the patchouli, turning it into something reddish-brown and darkened; yet there’s no sweetness to make it syrupy or fruited. Instead there is a smokiness to keep it dry and earthy.

Ambre Nuit is a fragrance that could bring back memories of childhood Christmases. It’s a warm, slightly smoky aroma with notes reminiscent of honey and spiced rum. The ambergris gives the scent an almost cognac-like undertone with its dry base, which is balanced nicely by a light patchouli and peppered cedar.

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When a large quantity is used on Ambre Nuit, it can be a bit harder to discern the full range of the fragrance. Ambre Nuit is so well blended that by the time you smell it in its full form after 30-40 minutes, it becomes a straight blast of amber, smoky wood, and patchouli smoke. When using a smaller amount, you’re able to really smell the nuances of Ambre Nuit.

However, when using a larger amount, you can overdo the pink peppercorns and end up with something that’s just too sharp or screechy for your preferences. You do have to be mindful of how much you use though – I found that by trying for an even dose between a medium and large one, your experience will vary greatly based on what works best for your body chemistry (Goldilocks?). Regardless of size, in its early stages Ambre Nuit starts out as a smoky bouquet of salty-sweet ambers and liqueurs with floral notes brought out from the heat from the peppers. (zolpidem tartrate)


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