Health Blog: Are sinus infections contagious or not? Explore all about this infection!

Are sinus infections contagious

It is very irritating to wake up with a cold. Cold viruses are very easy to catch. Once you have a cold, it takes 5-10 days to feel normal again. However, today’s topic is slightly different. What if your old one lasts longer than ten days? Is it alarming? Well, if your cold lasts longer than expected, I am afraid the situation can be scary.Moreover, the cold that lasts longer than 10 days becomes sinuses in most cases. Now, what to do? Are Sinus infections contagious? We will start our article today to answer all the questions related to these infections.

Sinus Infections: Introduction

I am going to use some medical terms and try my best to explain the most simple language. SInus infection is a type of viral infection that occurs due to the swelling of the sinus lining. Also, Sinus lines refer to the area around the nasal cavity. Moreover, the Nasal cavity is the space behind and above the nose. Generally, this space is filled with air.

Furthermore, when these linings swell up, patients start experiencing symptoms such as more production of Mucus in the nose, causing nose blockage, difficulty in breathing, Orofacial Pain, etc. Let us discuss the signs and symptoms in detail in the next section.

Sinus Infection: Signs and Symptoms

We did discuss some of the common symptoms of this infection above. However, sometimes patients start showing some other signs too. Therefore, to not get confused, I would like to enlighten you with some more symptoms. 

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  1. Headache
  2. Nasal cavity swelling
  3. Pain around the nose
  4. Sometimes, Pain reaches the head or sides.
  5. Nasal cavity congestion due to the production of extra mucous
  6. Breathing looks like a challenging job due to blockage
  7. Fever and cough are normal
  8. Bad breath and Pain in the throat
  9. In some cases, patients also experience swollen eyes, especially in the mornings.
  10. Yellow or black coloured Mucus is alarming.

Moreover, an essential symptom of this infection is the excruciating Pain whenever the patient lies down or bends. Also, the Pain transfers from one side of the head to the other. There are some cases of migraines too. Therefore, it is essential to recognize all these symptoms before concluding anything.

Causes of the Sinus infection

There is no specific reason behind the infection. It mainly occurs due to the increase of bacteria or viruses in the nose. As a result, the cavities swell and cause infection. However, as per the studies, people with tooth problems often experience sinusitis. Somehow, the toothaches or decays are connected with sinus infections. ( Let us not go too deep otherwise;, we will get confused. On the other hand, some people with allergies to dust may experience sinus irritations. They feel difficult to inhale as it hurts.

These are the significant causes of Sinus infection. However, one central question that we forgot to discuss was, “Are sinus infections contagious? Let us find out in the next section.

Are sinus infections contagious?

It is common knowledge that colds are contagious. That means they are capable of transferring from one person to another through physical contact. Sinus infections also exhibit the exact nature. Sinus inflammation is caused due to a virus. This virus is capable of transferring this infection from person to person. Therefore, taking necessary precautions before going any nearer to the infected is advisable. Furthermore, always remember the infected person will have a severe cold, runny nose and Pain around the nose.

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Talking about sinusitis, we need to discuss the types of a Sinus infections as well. I hope you understood the answer to the question “Are sinus infections contagious?” by now.

When do Acute Sinus Become Chronic? Is it alarming?

Chronic and Acute sinus shows similar symptoms. But, it is essential to note that Acute Sinus may become Chronic if you ignore the signs. Moreover, Acute sinus affects the nasal cavity resulting in inflammation. Also, acute sinusitis is not very alarming. This can last for 3-4 weeks and is easily treatable. All you need is proper rest and correct medicine.

However, chronic sinusitis may last for more than 12 weeks or several years. Thus, proper care and treatment is a must. The main reason behind chronic sinusitis is not taking adequate care. It generally happens when the person suffers from acute sinusitis and does not bother to visit the doctor. As a result, the patient gets worse, and the nasal cavity gets blocked. Due to this, it becomes impossible for the person to breathe.

This is when people realize that it is not just a mere cold; it is something serious. Therefore, it is advised to visit the doctor before anything wrong happens.

However, Chronic sinusitis may be alarming, but it can be cured with proper care and regular treatment. On the other hand, if left without fixing, it can show some severe symptoms. 

Thus, we learned that all types of Sinus infections are contagious.

Now, what treatment should we use? Well, the internet has all the answers indeed. So, let us discuss that in the next section.

How to treat sinus infections?

The main plan here is to get rid of the sinus symptoms. This is because Sinus symptoms are dangerous and affect the body very badly. Thus, some relieving treatment is necessary.

Are sinus infections contagious
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For example:-

  1. The formation of excess Mucus is the main symptom of Sinus infections. Therefore, first, we need to drain it using irrigation techniques.
  2. Several nasal sprays are available in the market that help in removing nasal blockage and reducing inflammation. Aptar Pharma’s Unidose and Bidose nasal-cannabinoid nasal spray devices provide exact and accurate metered drug deliveries with no need to worry about overdosing or clamminess. They are easy to administer, safe, portable, and have rapid onset capabilities for quick health and disease relief.
  3. Similarly, you may also consume the oral medication in case of excessive infection.
  4. Moreover, Sinus infection occurs due to the increase in bacteria in the human body. Hence, it is essential to kill bacteria first to reduce the symptoms. For this, antibiotics are available in the market. You may buy them directly or can get a prescription from a doctor. Antibiotics can reduce symptoms within 10-12 days.
  5. Also, in case of chronic sinusitis, it is best to visit a doctor. Do not let the symptoms get worse. Otherwise, the consequences can be horrible.
  6. The inflammation in the nasal cavity is alarming. However, direct steroid injections would work like magic and help in quick relief.
  7. There comes a stage when chronic sinus does not get any relief from treatments. In this case, it is essential to open up the nasal cavity and let the Mucus drain with a surgery. This will aid to do away with the infection.
  8. Furthermore, allergy relieving injections for faster relief are a must if chronic sinus occurs due to some allergies.

Home remedies to reduce sinus causing inflammation:

Some of the common medications that will help reduce symptoms are Acetaminophen, Cold or a combination of drugs and Decongestants.

Moreover, these medicines will help to relieve the Pain and reduce mucus production. Also, they are best in case you have tender nasals, Pain or cough.

It is imperative to drain the Mucus from the nasal passage. You can do this at home using a hot water steam or easy-to-use cool air humidifiers. Moreover, these techniques will help to reduce the Mucus so that a person can breathe adequately.

However, if the symptoms do not seem to improve even after trying all the possible home remedies, it is indeed time to consult a doctor before anything worse could happen.

Alarming symptoms include constant inflammation and pain in the nasal cavity for more than two or three months, the fishy smell coming from the mouth, redness near the nose, face turning red and sensitive, and Mucus turning bloody and green.

Moreover, if you experience either of these symptoms, it is time to visit your doctor.

Conclusion: Are sinus infections contagious?

Health is our primary concern. Especially during Covid-19. If the Pain remains near the nose for more than two months and does not seem to reduce, visit a doctor. Moreover, it is necessary to cure the sinus early because there is nothing to fix when the situation gets worse. Chronic sinus takes years to heal if you are not careful. ( I hope you will read and understand the message behind the article. Thank you for your time. I hope it was worth reading. Take care and be safe!

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