Art is Still Alive in This Digital Age

Art in This Digital Age

The mysterious world of art is an expression of human creativity and imagination that always shines through; people from all walks of life and diverse cultures always find a way to express their artistic feelings, even when art is prohibited in dictatorial regimes, people still create their own art. Art is Still Alive in This Digital Age.

How Art is Changing

Art means different things to different people, yet popular art forms have changed over the eras; oil painting was big until the turn of the 20th century and when photography emerged, a new branch of art was formed, with many of the black & white period photos by people like David Bailey on display at the prestigious Lyons Gallery in Paddington NSW. Abstract art has always had a place in society, which began when artists like Andy Warhol grew in popularity and today’s young artists are still showing their work in galleries, with many moving to digital solutions with regards to displaying their work.

Digital Art

Digital, or media art, as it is also known, utilises digital technology to create art and this is an exciting field that many talented tech geeks are actively pursuing. There are powerful computer programs with tools to create textures, sheens, patterns and using light filters, you can do almost anything. If you have a desktop PC or laptop, download a graphic art app and explore with the many tools; it’s quite addictive once you get the hang of it. Despite the digital revolution, chalk-board art is alive and well, as this blog outlines.

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Holographic Art

Another art form born of digital technology, holographic art uses light and lasers, creating 3D shapes and with literally millions of colours and effects, this is an amazing way to explore the light spectrum. The up-and-coming generations will be much more attuned with this type of art, those born into the iPad age that know nothing about life before the digital revolution are embracing digital art forms.

Online Viewing

While we still have art galleries, there is a surge in the digital gallery, as the entire world moves online, indeed, many young artists create their very own virtual gallery to display their work. You can still acquire originals and prints, this side of art dealing will never die, yet more people now view art online than ever before, which is a sign of the digital times.

Street Art

The world-famous Banksy, the amazing English street artist changed the world of graffiti; turning it into an art form, as he anonymously created art in the streets and over the years, authorities have relented regarding street art, with many local governments hiring street artists to decorate buildings. Every city would have at least a dozen well-known local artists who use the streets to create and show their work; some 3D artists can create stunning art that looks so real.

Art is constantly evolving and incorporating new technology and it won’t be long before we see art by Artificial Intelligence, which will be very interesting! Can machine learning be creative? We are all waiting for the answer to that question.

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