Assisted Living Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

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It’s increasingly becoming challenging for assisted living facilities to grow their business. With the growth of competition in the assisted living business, facility owners are struggling to attract new clients. There are now more facilities of this kind available. Hence, more competition. The times are also changing, and the needs of the seniors change with the times. To stand out from the rest, you need to step up your living marketing strategies.

In this digital age, the key is to make your business more visible online. This can be done through several marketing strategies and campaigns. If you are in need of senior care marketing services, you can check out the options that are available. Now here are some assisted living marketing strategies you can try to grow your business and make it stand out:

1.  Invest on a great website design.

Your official website must look professional. Give your prospects and clients a lasting impression by creating a user-friendly and attractive website. People will judge you according to how your website looks and what it contains. Consider your website as the center of your overall digital marketing strategy. It’s your main lead generation source.

Keep it clean and simple. Making your website too fancy will make it look amateurish and may put off certain visitors. The key is to make it as user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as possible. Make it mobile-friendly as well, since most of your prospects will likely visit your site via their smartphone.

Your website should not, however, be all about design. Use it to give your visitors a virtual guide about your company, the services you offer and relevant information about assisted living in general, among other things. Help them come up with an informed decision.

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2. Regularly upload SEO articles.

Content writing and blogging will keep your visitors and target audience engaged when they visit your website. The blogs you post must be relevant and helpful to your target market. The articles must touch up on topics related to assisted living  Make use of keywords and other SEO tools for your site to rank in Google search. Senior Care Click says that this is a great way to attract new visitors to your site. With high ranking in search engines, you will increase your chances of attracting new visitors to your site, and possibly, new clients.

3. Use inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a great way to draw new leads and traffic to your website. It’s an essential digital marketing strategy to boost your assisted living facility’s online presence. This can be done through various channels, like social media, white papers, ebooks, videos, email campaigns, and blog posts. By giving your prospects relevant information about senior care, assisted living benefits, and other topics that they will likely search for, you are in effect increasing your database of prospective clients. The purpose is to get the email address or contact information of your prospective clients.

4. Use targeted strategies.

When you have already enough leads and prospective clients, it’s time to make use of targeted strategies. You don’t get the email addresses or contact information of prospective clients for nothing. Regularly send these contacts with email newsletters, testimonials, links to your articles and blogs, and invitations to a senior or community event. However, don’t just bombard them with these materials. Be strategic about it. Engage with your readers and prospects. It’s all about building a lasting relationship in the hopes that they will soon become a resident or a client.

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5. Increase your social media presence.

Your website, blogs, articles, and newsletters won’t be enough. Since many people, including seniors, are now on social media, it’s only logical that you boost your social media presence as well. Find out which channels your prospective clients are most active at. The usual channels include Facebook and Twitter. Constantly promote information and materials on these social media platforms and draw leads to your website.

It’s not enough that you only post content, video, or any material on your social media account. You need to engage with your followers as well. Interact with them regularly. Be responsive when they ask something in the comment section. Encourage people not only to regularly check on your social media accounts, but also to go to your website.

6. Use videos.

Many people don’t like to read long articles. Many prefer watching informative videos instead. Thus, on top of your blogs and articles, you need to create and share informative videos as well. Try to make the videos as entertaining and creative as you can. Through videos, you can better attract prospective clients regarding how your facility looks, what will they expect there, the range of services you offer, and so on.

Make videos showcasing resident outings, senior activities, and special events, among others. These will attract and possibly convince seniors to be a resident at your facility. Post the videos on your website, social media platforms, and Youtube.

With these assisted living marketing strategies, you will be able to stay relevant and grow your business despite the growth of competition in the industry.

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