B Simone Net Worth

B Simone Net Worth

American B Simone is a well-known star in the comedy and acting worlds and on social media. Millions of people all around the globe love her because of her charming personality and humorous skits. Many people are intrigued about how much money B. Simone has amassed, although she is still young. This article will focus on B Simone and provide an in-depth analysis of her professional life, including a breakdown of her income and net worth.

b Simone net worth

By 2022, B. Simone has amassed almost $3 million net worth. B. Simone leads comedians that earn $15,000 or more each month. The entertainment industry is his primary source of revenue. She was brilliant in every performance, and her success in the shows was the only reason for her financial success. In a year, she brings in well over $2,000.

Earlier Years

On April 5, 1990, Braelyn Simone entered the world. Her father is a preacher, and they live in Dallas, Texas. Simone’s other sibling is a girl called Jordyn. She had a rough life since her parents split up as a little kid. The three of them—her father, stepmother, and stepbrother—raised her.

B Simone Net Worth

In an interview, she said things between them were tense at first but that she eventually came to forgive her stepmother. She has jumped about in various fields at the start of her career, proving her versatility. Drake, the famous rapper, is one of her primary musical inspirations.

Successful Profession of B. Simone

She quickly reached millions via social media and became an overnight star. B. Simone, who hosted 106 & Park’s last days and played DC Young Fly’s leading woman in “digital lives matter,” is worth seeing. But, unfortunately, B. Simone isn’t one to stick to what she’s good at, and with the release of her new EP, “Stack Now Cry Later,” she’s showing that she’s not.

While the sky is the limit for most people, B. Simone knows no such thing exists. So with fellow online comic Desi Banks and another cast member Darren Brand, she kicked off her “You’re my lover” Comedy Tour in August 2018. Starting in 2019, she co-starred alongside Vena E. in the Zeus Network’s original sitcom You’re My Boyfriend.

As of Season 15, she has featured in 10 episodes. She first debuted on the show in Episode 3 of Season 9, then again in Episodes 5 and 16 of Season 11. She first auditioned for Wild ‘N Out but was ultimately cast in another film. In addition, she will play the role of Aaliyah in a biopic on the life of the late R&B artist.

Career in Music

2014 saw the publication of her first extended play, Lost Soul, which she used to launch her music career.
She has now released several singles, including The Box Freestyle and Wet Jewels, Million Dollar Freestyle, Mixed Emotions, and Blueberry Rain.

Career in Acting

She’s been in nine films as a supporting or lead actress. According to her IMDb biography, below are some of the most well-known movies and TV episodes in which she has appeared.

B Simone Net Worth

Films like Scheme Queens and the show You’re My Boyfriend both had B Simone behind the scenes as a producer. B. Simone has a well-established profession in show business.


The American A-lister runs B.Simone Beauty as its chief executive officer. This cosmetic line does not test on animals and is suitable for vegans. As an experiment, B is doing stand-up comedy.
Simone has been a guest on several stand-up specials, including those hosted by Mike Epps and the host of her stand-up specials.


Early in 2020, B. Simone of ‘Wild ‘n Out’ and DaBaby’s track “Find My Way” fueled relationship rumors when she starred in the video. In the past, B. Simone has made no secret of her admiration for rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, whose given name is Kirk.

Simone’s Beauty Brand

  1. Simone Beauty, where she sells cosmetics and personal care items, is a vegan, cruelty-free makeup line known for its high-quality makeup designed to appeal to a specific clientele. The proverbial bag gets her into the fashion and beauty industries with her apparel, jewelry, shoe, and handbag lines.

At 30, Simone made history when she collaborated with Footaction on a line of women’s clothing called “Baby Girl,” In 2021, she released a second capsule collection called “Faith Over Fear.” B. has shown her abilities as a skilled performer, comedian, and shrewd entrepreneur via the fantastic success of her endeavors from the beginning.

Writing books

Her 2020 book, titled “Baby Girl: Manifest Your Life,” is another success story for this writer. Simone had hoped her book would inspire other women to achieve their goals as she did. Unfortunately, despite being useful, it faced plagiarism claims. After the fact, B. Simone came out to explain that she had been engaged in the book’s publication and had been unaware of the betrayal of trust. The publishing house was later sued for damages.

Commended & Nominated Works

As a result of LOL!, Simone was nominated for a BET Social Award.

Simone B.’s Private Life

This year marks the beginning of B. Simone’s relationship with Darian Barns. However, their relationship eventually came to an end. She dated rapper DaBaby afterward. Although the rapper proposed, she recently said in an interview that she is now single.



The bombshell’s early 2021 relationship with Chris Smith delighted her many fans.
B Simone has no significant other as of the end of 2022. Sources indicate that she is not currently involved in a romantic relationship.


For what is B. Simone most known?

A native of the United States, she has worked as an actor, a social media influencer, a singer, and a rapper. She gained widespread recognition after making a 2017 appearance on the MTV series Wild ‘N Out. The tracks Mixed Emotions and Wet Jewels are only two of many that she has published.

Have DaBaby and B Simone been dating?

Simone has made no secret of her longstanding obsession with rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (though they likely never dated), and she even revealed his full name in an interview.

As a conclusion

B Simone has made quite a name for herself in the comedy and entertainment industries. In addition to her job on “Wild ‘N Out,” B Simone also earns money from her comedy CDs and online presence. B Simone net worth will continue to increase as time goes on, thanks to her talent, hard work, and determination.


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