Baby shower ideas for your expecting friend

Baby shower party ideas

Your best friend is pregnant and you will soon be blessed with a godchild! As a godmother, it is your responsibility to plan a memorable baby shower for your friend.

Planning a baby shower requires a lot of ideas, so you should start preparing for the occasion weeks in advance. From sending the baby shower invitations to discussing the baby shower party ideas with organizers, there is so much on you. Here, we help you chalk out how to go about this event, Here is cotton baby wraps.

Best baby shower party ideas

Here is a guide on how to plan a perfect baby shower which your friend will love:

1. Prepare a guest list

The first thing you need to do is estimate the number of people you will invite for the baby shower. You need to make a list of all the people the mom-to-be is close to – these include her girl gang, the female members of her family, and probably some of the females from your friend’s partner’s family. Many baby showers also include men, but that’s as per your friend’s preference.

The total number of guests will provide you with an idea of how to go about preparing the arrangements for the baby shower. If you are keeping the baby shower a surprise, ask her partner about the people you should invite.

2. Set your budget

Once you know the number of people attending the baby shower, you can calculate the budget. You need to decide whether you want it to be on a small scale or whether you want to go all out and plan something extravagant. Prepare the budget taking into account things like food, decorations, gifts, catering, and the other necessary requirements.

3. Finalize date and location

After preparing a budget, you need to decide on a date. You need to make sure that your friend’s schedule for that day is clear. If you are planning on keeping it a surprise, keep your friend’s significant other in the loop so that he can help you out in sorting the practical details of the surprise.

Decide if you want an intimate gathering at your home or you want to book a hotel or a restaurant to celebrate the baby shower. Finalize the date, time, and location well in advance so that you can plan the rest accordingly.

4. Decide on a theme

Once the basic things are finalized, you can move on to planning the actual baby shower. Pick up a unique theme to make things interesting and fun. If your friend has revealed the gender of the new baby, you can keep the theme accordingly.

Get creative and choose themes from different themes like floral, favorite Disney characters, baby products, or something along those lines. You can even keep a dress code to spice things up. It will make your baby shower even more festive and fun.

5. Send out invitations

The next step is to buy invitations and prepare invites for the entire guest list. You can choose to get them printed or you can go vintage and write the invites using calligraphy to make it look more sophisticated and elegant.

Remember to mention the time, date, and venue clearly. If there are any specific requests on the dress code, make sure to highlight them. Request their confirmation by at least two weeks so you have an idea about the headcount and you can start off with the other preparations.

6. Pick out the menu

Pick out a menu by taking into consideration the time and location of the baby shower. You should have options for beverages, snacks, appetizers, and if you are planning it on a big scale, you need to go all the way with entrée and dessert.

Choose items which the mom-to-be can eat, after all, she is the guest of honor. In the invite, ask if anyone has a specific preference, for example, vegans will need a different kind of menu. Make a note of it and keep another alternative for them

The menu will include a cake of course! Order your cake well in advance to make sure it is well-designed for the occasion. Try to get a theme-based cake to make the event more exciting.

7. Plan games

Plan out fun activities and games for the baby shower. You can have trivia quizzes, baby-themed games, a unique game dedicated to the mom-to-be, and so on.

Put your creative hat on and prepare something special for your friend. You can, for example, prepare a quiz based on the likes and dislikes of your friend and the guest who knows the most about the mom-to-be wins the game!

Think of 3-4 games and jot down the materials required to play the game. Add it in your shopping list so that you are well prepared for the baby shower.

8. Buy decorations and gifts

Order flowers for the occasion. Pick a flower your friend loves and use it as the central element. ( Buy streamers, banners, baby shower balloons, and other decorations for the party. You also need to buy presents and gifts for the guests who win the game.

If you are going for a specific theme, you will need to buy decorations accordingly. For example, if the theme is on books, get props like books, quills, posters of iconic books, and other such things.

You can also make your own decorations. Handmade items lend a special touch to any occasion. At this point, you should also remember to get a gift for your friend. You can make something special for her like a photo album or a personalized greeting card. As for conventional gifts, you can opt for baby clothes, toys, and other baby products.

9. Cross check the baby shower ideas

Once you have finished with the above steps, prepare a final list of things you need to check on. Follow up on the guests and check if someone hasn’t informed you about their presence.

Coordinate with the catering department for the food and drinks. Collect all the decorations and keep them in a particular place or get people to set it up on time.

Prepare an inventory for the gifts. Check if you have all the materials required for the games and activities planned. Finish up all your last minute work a week in advance to enjoy the day fully.

10. Final preparations

The final preparations begin on the day of the baby shower. Arrange for your friend to arrive at the location, plan it so that it remains a surprise. Hang up all the decorations, arrange the gifts and flowers, set up the food table, and prepare the room for the guests.

You can take the help of other friends and family members to save time. Once the guests start coming in, play the host and make sure that things go smoothly. Be pleasant and make the whole atmosphere warm and festive for the mom-to-be. Your friend will not only appreciate your gesture but also remember the event forever.

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