Baking Soda and Molasses are More Than Just Ingredients

baking soda and molasses

Some people claim that they have already found a remedy to prevent or cure cancer. Moreover, the magic ingredient they have mentioned is our pure baking soda! With more research, you will be able to read about a man on the internet called Vernon Johnston. He has a story to tell the world about the importance of baking soda and molasses that will surprise you.

What comes to your mind when you hear baking soda and molasses? It is highly probable for you to say that these are common kitchen ingredients that are available in most households. Well, for Vernon Johnson, the two components saved his life when he was diagnosed with the final stage of prostate cancer. Yes, you heard it correct because he switched over to the famous baking soda and molasses protocol that helped him get rid of cancer. Moreover, the same method has helped several other people too. The several baking soda and molasses testimonials will tell you a lot more about the famous protocol.

The baking soda and molasses protocol in detail

A must rule for every person who chooses the baking soda and molasses protocol is to stick to an alkaline diet. If that is not entirely possible, you must make sure that the menu is at least in a ratio of 80:20 for alkaline and acidic foods. You can now check out the common conclusions that you will find from any of the baking soda and molasses cancer cure testimonials.

The required ingredients

To follow what is precisely mentioned in the protocol, you must buy aluminum-free Arm & Hammer baking soda. The second option you have is to obtain Bob’s Red Mill that is also an aluminum-free baking soda.

The molasses that you buy must be of the blackstrap type that too of Grade B. The substitute of the molasses will be organic or natural maple syrup. You must purchase pH examination strips that are easy to use and do not leak. The alternative is, of course, Litmus paper, or you may also use both together. The potassium brand that you choose must be standard and one of the best quality available in the market.

Common procedure

The most common baking soda and molasses cancer recipe talk about mixing a teaspoon each of molasses and baking soda in a cup of water. You are most likely to find a mention of this solution in most of the baking soda and molasses testimonials.

For the previous baking soda and molasses cancer recipe, make sure you are not using a microwave, even if you want to heat it. First of all, heating is not necessary, but if you still want to do it, follow the correct way. You may warm the baking soda and water on low flame and put it off the heat before you add the syrup or molasses.

The first lap

You must consume the solution at a stretch for five days only once a day. Also, drink it at least 2 hours before any meal. Your pH examination is beneficial during this period. The pH includes both your urine and saliva. The average Alkaline level is between 7.2-7.5, and your pH must not exceed the line.

The average level will silence out the cancer-causing cells. The advanced level is between 8.0-8.5, and at these levels, the cells are killed ultimately. Therefore, the Alkaline level should only touch the advanced measurements for 4-5 days and again come back to normal.

The second lap

Once you are done with the 5-day routine, the routine will change again. Now, you will have a different baking soda and molasses cancer recipe for consumption. In this, you will have to mix two teaspoons each of baking soda and molasses and drink it twice in a day. You must continue the same solution till the next day or Day 7.

By now, you will start noticing weird changes in your body, such as feeling queasy and nauseous. Another common reaction is that you will experience a difference in the color of your stool. It will become more yellowish.

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There is nothing to be scared of because an extreme reaction is going on inside the body. Besides, you may also experience a ticklish sensation on your lips along with mild headaches. These are all a part of the recovery process and will reduce in a couple of days.

The third lap

Starting from the 8th day to the 11th day, the baking soda cancer dosage will increase. You will have to drink the solution thrice every day.

The reactions will start taking a more significant turn now, and your body will become weaker. However, if you go through more baking soda and molasses cancer cure testimonials, the importance of potassium at this stage will become more apparent to you. It will compensate for the lacking energy in your body.

The primary reaction during this time will be night sweats. Again, there is nothing to be stressed because the Alkaline level is more or less 8-8.5 at this stage. However, you may lower the dosage if you feel it is becoming extra. Experimentation is completely alright.

The final relief

By the time yo reach day 12, you are almost cancer-free, and you may quit consuming the baking soda and molasses solution. However, you may follow the routine for a couple of days, if at any time you feel the need. However, the baking soda and molasses cancer recipe will be different now. Now, you will have to mix two teaspoons of baking soda with just one spoon full of molasses. You must dissolve the mixture in a cup of water and consume it for seven days straight. Once a day during the tune-up period is enough.

The idea of the baking soda and molasses protocol

You must have come across several weird, dangerous, and wacky procedures that are used to fight cancer. For example, mineral miracle solution, laetrile, positive thinking, and coffee enemas are some of the weird solutions that you will find over the internet. The baking soda and molasses solutions are also called the Bicarbonate Maple Syrup therapy. It bases on two simple ideas. They are-

  • Cancer cells crave glucose most of the time.
  • The cells in the body that are acidic are likely to pose a problem in comparison to others.

In the above statement, the first idea is entirely scientific, while the other one has no proof to back its validity. The two concepts, thus, form a perfect combination that has developed to become the weird baking soda and molasses protocol.

Loopholes in the protocol

The first misconception that you must be clear about is that molasses or maple syrup contain sucrose and not glucose. Sucrose in the body indeed produces glucose. However, the whole process will, on the other hand, neutralize the amount of bicarbonate in baking soda.

If you have ever used baking soda to cure acid reflux issues, you will know that bicarbonate produces a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. You must have also experienced how the CO2 from the bicarbonate will have a neutralizing effect on stomach acids.

The baking soda cancer dosage rules, just like several other therapies, ignore the most basic fact. It does not consider the fact that anything that you consume orally will have to travel a long way to reach the actual cancer cells.

While traveling, any solution will have to cross the extensive digestive system. Now, you already know that everything that enters the digestive system changes its chemical composition, and the bicarbonate solution is no exception. Just think for yourself, how much solution reaches the cancer cells.

Have you ever thought why scientists have never paid proper attention to such a simple solution? Everywhere you read about researches about various types of cancer; the same conclusion will catch your attention.

To date, none of the scientists have come up and said that finding a solution to cancer is easy. So, if cancer could be cured in just a week and a half, scientists all over the world would have undoubtedly researched more about the treatment.

Why do you require molasses in the solution?

To sum up the whole concept of using baking soda and molasses, we have come to this section. There are indeed stories and accounts of people who have found cancer remedies with the bicarbonate and syrup solution. However, the question that we will clear out in this section is, why exactly do you require molasses or maple syrup in the solution?

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The most common answer to the above question is that cancer-cells crave sweetness from sugar, and it is when you will have to trick them. When the cancer-cells try to soak in all the sucrose from the molasses, the soda bicarbonate mixed will do the rest of the work. So, molasses or the maple syrup is the bait to capture the fish (cells in this case).

On the other hand, it is already clear that the proper combination of baking soda and molasses will not be able to cross the digestive system. In the rarest scenario, if the digestive system is unable to alter the reaction, it will still not release into the bloodstream due to its mass. You may instead be assured of the fact that baking soda is an essential ingredient when it comes to cancer-cure. However, there is no real requirement for maple syrup or molasses.

It is also vital that you note one thing. It is that all the accounts that you read about people who have overcome cancer with natural solutions have also shifted to a healthier lifestyle. Along with medicines and supplements, they have moved to healthy food and regular physical activities.

Is baking soda the actual magical ingredient?

Over the internet, you will find several health articles that will mention baking soda in the list of cancer remedies. However, in most cases, it is mixed with some other ingredients. While baking soda use is backed with scientific proof, the other element that varies every time is based on the belief of people.

There is a famous Doctor named Tullio Simoncini, who has come up with a successful way of using baking soda to cure cancer. According to him, cancerous cells thrive in a yeasty environment, and bicarbonate from baking soda helps to destroy that. He has evidence of eradicating the disease from the body by injecting baking soda precisely in the section where the cancer cells exist.

Now baking soda is no magical ingredient, and overconsumption may lead to harmful side-effects for sure. However, small amounts of baking soda do not harm. The reason why people still believe in such remedies is that they do not want to lose hope until the end.

Benefits of consuming blackstrap molasses

We have all heard of molasses, but precisely the blackstrap variety maybe a new term for a lot of you. For a detailed overview, blackstrap molasse is a common by-product of the process of conversion of sugarcane into sugar. The categories of molasses, however, depending on the combination of ingredients such as sugar, plant age, or the way of sugar extraction. There is a list of benefits associated with blackstrap molasses, and a few are listed below.

  • It is a fantastic ingredient that forms a part of haircare regimes.
  • Blackstrap molasses are capable of reducing the symptoms of anemia.
  • It is often used to treat major diseases such as various types of cancers
  • You may include blackstrap molasses in your regular skincare regime.
  • A great source of strength and iron for pregnant women
  • Relieves you from menstrual pain
  • Improves the heart and bone health

Benefits of consuming baking soda

The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, and the ingredient is majorly used for baking. There is a reason for its purpose in baked dishes. It is that baking soda releases carbon dioxide that, in turn, helps the dough to puff up and thus become fluffy and airy. Here we have made a list of a few of the benefits of baking soda for the health.

  • Relieves from heartburns and acid reflux issues
  • Eases the pain of canker sores
  • A great mouthwash and teeth whitener
  • Treats sunburns and itchiness in your skin
  • Aids cancer treatments

Final thoughts

Although baking soda and molasses sound as mere kitchen ingredients, they have a lot of usefulness when it comes to our health. When the disease in question is cancer, there are still several disputes.

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