Bansko – high in the mountain

Bansko – high in the mountain

Bansko is considered one of the most successful winter resorts not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The tourist flow is enormous every season and with each passing year it increases more and more.

And the main reasons for the increased tourist flow are the variety of winter competitions and championships that are organized in the town every year, and the wonderful conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

The 75 km ski runs are perfectly maintained, allowing beginners, intermediate-advanced and advanced skiers and snowboarders from around the world to develop their potential. The ski runs are safe and reliable, as at their highest point they reach up to 2560 meters, and at their lowest point they reach 1000 meters.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for an adrenaline boost for the fans of extreme adventures, namely night skiing and snowboarding. Bansko – high in the mountain

The perfect conditions for winter tourism, which lasts from December to April, are guaranteed by more than 200 machines for artificial snow, which operate on 90% of the ski slopes.

All kinds of facilities are provided in the ski complex, including a mobile application that gives information about the condition of the ski runs, there are also live cameras, modern ski wardrobes, and every 15 minutes there is a transport to the upgraded cabin lift, to the first station, and during the weekend and holidays there is a transport leading directly to the ski slopes.

The ski lifts and gondola are new and modern, and there are options of 4, 6 and 8 seats, as their total length is 22 km, thus providing access to routes that are suitable for all levels of difficulty of the ride. It is important to mention that apart from the impressive and well-maintained ski runs, Bansko has also one of the best freerides in Bulgaria. If you are not sure in your own skiing and snowboarding skills, it is best to hire an experienced local instructor who knows the terrains. There is even a ski school in the town that is suitable for both children and adults, as the duration of the training is different, ranging from several hours to several weeks. Bansko – high in the mountain

Bansko – high in the mountain

For example, one of the lifts (with four seats) can take you to Todorka peak, where is located the highest ski run in the country. From there you can choose where to go on riding or you can go back to Banderishka polyana, which is one of the attractions of the town. Banderishka polyana is at your disposal during all months of the year and is a recreational complex for children and adults, as there you can enjoy a shooting ground, a football field, mini golf, foosball, restaurants, cafes, bars, tea-rooms, and so on. The complex is most visited during the summer because there is the largest water slide in Europe – 400 meters.

Bansko is a center of attraction, especially during the winter months, because of the numerous competitions organized there, for example, the biggest sporting event in Bulgaria – the “Ski World Cup” (held in Bansko in the last few years, as in the future the competition will also be held there), the Snowboard Ski Cup, etc.

Bansko is not chosen by accident to be the host of such important international events with worldwide interest, as the choice is determined after a throughout verification of representatives of other countries who have assessed the condition of the slopes, facilities, hotel complexes, and so on. Bansko – high in the mountain

Bulgaria is inevitably proud of the fact that Bansko hosts such significant international forums. It is important to note that although the infrastructure and organization in the Bulgarian town are competitive with those of the most famous European and world famous winter resorts, the prices in Bansko are also among the most affordable compared to the prices of other international winter resorts. There is something for every taste and every pocket, so in Bansko you can find a family hotel, a villa or a luxury hotel in which you will feel at home. If you are looking for a really luxurious hotel we can recommend you the five-star Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Hotel, which was awarded as the best five-star hotel in Bulgaria in 2018. Bansko – high in the mountain

In addition to the numerous sporting, entertainment and cultural events that tourists visit in Bansko, the town is also an attractive center for educational activities. For example, one of the most successful children’s international English language camps in Bulgaria – LuckyKids, is organized in Bansko and is suitable for children between 5 and 14 years old. Here in just two weeks the children learn to speak and write fluent English. Extremely efficient methods are used in the camp – Montessori, Suggestopedia, Solar Pedagogy and so on. In addition, lecturers have extensive experience and are native English speakers. Along with day-to-day English lessons, children have fun with their friends in the camp by doing numerous activities – mountain biking, horseback riding, archery, paintball, badminton, rugby, yoga, swimming, cooking classes, and so on. (Viagra)

Bansko – high in the mountain

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