Basic Etiquette for Surfers

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A good surfer knows all the rules of sports. However, surf etiquette is the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while riding the waves.

When a surfer failed to follow some basic etiquettes in surfing, misunderstanding, accidents, and injuries are likely to happen. Keep in mind that there are priority rules in the water, and most importantly, remember that the surfboard’s nose can inflict injury to anyone it hits, including its rider. Moreover, a collision can badly damage the surfboards. This is why you need a very responsive surfboard, like the ones you can get from dhd surfboards.

Below is a set of guidelines that everyone should respect whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfers.

The right of way

The first rule in surfing says that the surfer nearest to the peak always has the right of way or the priority to take the waves. So, the surfer on your left shoulder should prioritize if you are paddling for a right-hand wave.

Avoid dropping in

The general rule in surfing is one surfer, one wave. Often, there’s no way any two surfers can ride the same wave going in the same direction. Disrespecting the right-of-way rule can ruin a surfer’s wave, showing them total rudeness. Doing so will crush a wave for another person who also loves surfing.

Dropping in may result in damaged surfboards and severe injuries, so you must follow “The Golden Rule.” So, don’t rush. Everyone will get a chance to catch a good wave.

Do not snake

Snaking is one of the most common and rude behaviors that you can see in crowded lineups. Paddling around some surfers to get near the peak and get priority is very disrespectful. Choose the best spot in the lineup and avoid paddling around other surfers to get all the waves.

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Don’t throw your surfboard

Surfboard could harm anyone it gets hit, and that includes you. Make sure that you are wearing a leash, so you don’t ditch your board. If you somehow fall, wipeout, or kick out, do your best to control your surfboard. Board can inflict serious damage or even death if it hits the vital parts of the body. It is wise to get a responsive board like dhd surfboards, allowing you to control the board with ease.


In some cases, you will get into a situation where you and another surfer sitting in a peak. If a wave opens to both sides, forming an A-frame wave, you should inform each other whether you are going left or right.

By doing that, both of you will enjoy the wave and avoid any accident when you take the same side.

Be courteous to the beach and other surfers

Do not leave any garbage on the sand or in the water at all costs. You should also try to return Mother Nature the favor by cleaning the area. It won’t hurt to pick up some garbage around after your surf session.

Moreover, you must respect the other surfers regardless of your level, age, gender, and nationality. Whether you are a visitor or a local, treat everyone on the beach with respect.

These are some of the things that you should remember when you are on the beach with other surfers. By following this list, you are respecting the beach and the other surfers around you. Moreover, you will keep yourself from accidents that may happen on the water.

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