Beach Life- Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

Living the resort life and enjoying the private beaches, life on the Palm is more of a vacation compared to reality according to the Shoreline resident, Marleen Nyuts.

“When you work all day and come home to an oasis of peace and calm, such as on the Palm, it feels wonderful. We have a pool, gym, sauna and private beaches, plus all the basic amenities and facilities one needs for everyday living,” exclaimed by the Belgian.

But there is always a price to such a luxury, it does not come for free. Although the rent of the area is lower than what it used to be two years ago, they are still high compared to the city’s spectrum of rent. Since there have been eight developments, the rents have increased from affordable to very high.

“One-bedroom apartments with no view would rent at Dh70,000, with the most prestigious big villas going up to Dh700,000.” Says Ben Keith, Palm Specialist at Fine and Country.

There is a huge variety, which enables you to locate the development that suits your requirements. Shoreline Apartments that are on the trunk of the Palm is the only development that has retails, health clubs and spas.

The average rent of this apartment is Dh65,000, and it goes up to Dh100,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. If you compare it to Tiara Residence, it is Dh185,000 for two bedrooms and up to Dh115,000 for a one bed apartment. Although the high rise in the rent is for obvious reasons.

If you drive down the trunk, you will notice Milk and Honey, a supermarket, a boutique, a pharmacy that is well-equipped, a play center for the kids, multiple restaurants, salons for women and men, and a minimum of two spas.

If you look across the road from Shoreline, you will see the Golden Mile. Gold Mile does not have any retail. It had many grand plans that have not yet been materialized. Since it is bare, the residents have to drive across the Shoreline or to the Dubai Marina for grocery shopping. The most expensive place to reside in on the Palm are the signature villas on the Island Fronds.

This is where the rich people of the city and elite people live, shoulder to shoulder with the famous celebrities, local and international.

The security of this area is very tight and only residents with a permit and access are allowed. The same is followed for the guests as well.

“In today’s market, one could rent a five-bedroom signature villa for Dh430,000, or a six bedroom of Dh450,000,” says Keith.

Each villa comes with a private beach of its own, an outdoor pool, rooms that are spacious. Moreover, the place is justified to be tagged such.

But, if the residents want entertainment, they are going to have to be able to spend their cash on the prestigious Atlantis Hotel, or the newer ones as well. Such as the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray or the venture out to Dubai Marina.

An aviation consultant of Nuyut said, “the upside to living on the Palm, besides the exclusivity of the address, is the lack of traffic jams and the availability of taxis at all hours.”

“After having lived on the Palm for two years, and in Sharjah before that, I think this is one of the best places to call home, at a price that’s not over-the-top. The bad reputation the Palm has boils down to human nature,” says Nyuts. “When there’s something so beautiful and successful, people feel compelled to put it down.”

There is a lot of stuff that is worth loving in Dubai. The diverse population, the entertainment, the culture. It is a globally envied city. But, if you want the location to be ultimate, extraordinary and the best, you do not have to look further than the villa in Palm Jumeirah. It is recognized internationally and filled with every possible luxury that one can think of. The lifestyle offered here is what dreams are made of.

There are multiple unique qualities that are offered in this prestigious address, which gives everyone the opportunity to live an iconic structure that has inspired the evolution of Dubai.

Endless Possibilities

One of the greatest qualities of the Palm is that it has endless possibilities and choices for the people who live there. No matter what you prefer or what your style us when it comes to facilities, you will find all of them here. There is a range of high quality luxuries within your desired parameters.

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