Best Chocolate in the World 2019 as Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Best Chocolates in The World 2019

Chocolates are something that brings everyone close. Everyone at every age is open to having one bite that completes their meal or simply makes their tastebuds happy. This reason also makes chocolates one of the best gifting products. Since the year is ending, you might want to check out the best chocolate in the world 2019. These aren’t ones you get at your local grocery, but gourmet chocolate brands giving you the taste of premium chocolates.

As you start checking all over the internet to find out the best chocolate brand, you must stop here for the best sources. Here, we will take you on tour to find out the best chocolates in the world 2019. You must know that the best chocolates in the world are those that are sourced from the best places and developed using the best ingredients.

There are master chocolatiers all around the world, and we must know about them too. Although we can’t travel all around to find the best chocolate in the world 2019, we can at least get knowledge about the sources.

Where will you find the best chocolate in the world 2019?

In this section, we will talk about the brands from where you can get the best chocolates of all time. All the below brands use the best ingredients to develop the best chocolate in the world 2019 finally.

1. The Original Beans in Amsterdam

Starting from 2008, the brand Original Beans they have been justifying the notion of ‘bean to bar’ by which they mean that their chocolates are curated directly from the fresh cocoa beans. Now they have made a complete circle by promoting a new tagline that says ‘bar to the bean.’ With the help of this notion, they want to spread the word that they will plant one seedling every time a bar of chocolate is sold.

The USP of Original Beans is their 80% Natural Grand Cru Blend, the recipe of which is a secret that they never reveal. However, Original Beans claims that they source the best variety of cacao from Africa and South America. What is more is that their chocolates are vegan, and they only use cane sugar. So, one of the best chocolates in the world 2019 is both healthy and tasty.

2. Lyon’s Bonnat

Several chocolates around the world are sold with fancy packaging, but when it comes to the purest, it is, of course, Bonnat by the Lyon’s. It is the brand that has been ruling the world of chocolates for years now. Bonnat was started back in 1884 by a family who wanted to serve the best quality chocolates to people.

Jack Kennedy loved this brand and bought the best chocolate bars from them to give away as Christmas presents at the White House. The Bonnats boast of the best chocolates in the world 2019 and their USP is, of course, their brand Juliana. These bars are curated from the best cocoa beans that are brought from Brazil.

The Brazilian beans are then fermented, and then slowly sundried over a week. Then, they are finally brought to France, where they are tempered and refined for almost a week again. It is quite a complicated process. However, according to Stephane Bonnat, they want to serve the best, and perfection requires time.

3. Teuscher from Zurich

It has been almost 82 years that Teuscher has been delivering magic in the form of the best chocolate in the world 2019. They are a Swiss company which is famous all over the world not only for their chocolates but for other sweets too. They have several things to cater to, which are all their specialties.

You can have the famous Teuscher Champagne Truffle or the pure chocolate bars. Besides, their hand-made decorative boxes are picture-perfect. Be it a birthday or Valentine’s Day, Teuscher chocolate is undoubtedly going to make your day.

You will be mesmerized to know how they make their chocolates. Teuscher chocolates are made out of the best variety of criollo beans, especially the ones that are thin-shelled. To these, they add just cocoa butter and sugar so that there is minimum pollution. Teuscher is one of the best gourmet chocolate online that operates from Switzerland, and is found all over the world.

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4. New York’s Jacques Torres

Now let us talk about some of the best chocolate bars in the world, and the name that hits first is Jacques Torres. They are a perfect combination of technique meets fun. Along with the single-origin bars of chocolate, the chocolate cheerios are a hot favorite too.

They have around eight stores in New York City itself. According to Torres, the man behind such amazing creations, quality is the key. He adds that there is a lot that goes into the making of such smooth and silky bars of Porcelana cocoa. It is the USP and the purest form of chocolate that is sold under the name of Jacques Torres. There are 80% cocoa and the most minimum amount of sugar, which is the secret behind such rich taste.

5. Compartes chocolate from Los Angeles

It was back in 2005 that John Grahm bought a mid-century, small shop in Los Angeles that has quite a glorious history. It was the same place that had impressed Marilyn Monroe, and she used to buy all her sweets from this shop. Later, post-2005, Grahm, in association with interior decorator Kelly Wearstler transformed the shop into a fantastic chocolate place.

It now looks like a picture-perfect scene from some old Hollywood movie. They have unique chocolate flavors such as pepper chocolate or the best chocolate bars that are layered with edible crystals. They have chocolate bars that are filled with tortilla chips and have a balsamic vinegar flavor too. Besides, they believe that every package should be equally unique and so they do not use any machines for the packaging.

6. Budapest’s Rozsavolgyi

A couple named Zsolt Szabad and Katalin Csiszár started a small business in their Budapest home back in 2004. That flourished to become one of the most fantastic chocolate shops all around the world. They have earned several awards and accolades due to their extraordinary work and quality products.

They prefer beans from the local sellers of Venezuela and then lightly roast them to preserve the original flavor as much as possible. Post-roasting, they add small amounts of cocoa butter and cane sugar to the raw materials to develop the chocolate. Their bars look like wall tiles that surround the fireplace at your house.

The chocolates are finally wrapped within pretty silk scarves that are papers. While on the one hand, maximum chocolate enthusiasts swear by their Trincheras and Criollo bars, you can also try the bread and olive inclusions. Their specialties include masala and matcha flavored chocolates too.

7. Mary from Brussels

Expert chocolatier Mary is known all over the world for her picture-perfect, colorful bonbons. They are all packed in equally beautiful pastel color boxes and displayed in each of its ten outlets. Mary’s chocolates are a favorite of the Belgian Royal family, and the best is no doubt the dark chocolate bar containing 72% organic chocolate.

Mary sources her chocolates from the Sao Tome region of Africa, where you will find rare varieties of Equatorial cocoa. All the outlets of Mary’s chocolates are situated in Belgium apart from one that is in Ohio.

8. Kate Weiser from Dallas

The queen of unconventional chocolate bonbons and bars, Kate Weiser, does it like no one else. She sources the rarest varieties of Venezuela cocoa beans and then develops it into extraordinary chocolates.

She crafts each bonbon like an intricate piece of art and uses all the wacky combinations. Her specialties are using berries, seeds, and pain in her bonbons. They look exuberant and mind-blowing absolutely.

9. Paris’ A La Mere De Famille

It is the oldest shop in Paris that was established around 250 years back and still stands strong on rue du Faubourg-Montmartre. It is a historical landmark, and visiting it is nothing but sheer luck. They have a wide range of plain chocolate bars that are silky smooth and complete meltdown as you put them in your mouth.

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The rest of the chocolates have inclusions of nuts and bits such as hazelnuts and sesame seeds. You are spoilt for choice in this heritage shop because all that you see and touch looks extraordinary.

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolates

Chocolates are everyone’s favorite and can make you smile at any time. The pleasant and productive smell is like an addiction, and so it is time we get to know a little about the pros and cons of eating chocolates. Even before that, we must check out the main types of chocolates that we consume daily.

1. White chocolate

It contains milk, cocoa butter, and sugar, making it the sweetest of all. To be precise, white chocolate contains 14% milk, 3.5% milkfat, and more than 55% sweetening agents. Besides, white chocolate also contains lecithin and vanilla for flavoring and emulsifying. All the contents make it the best to use in delicious pastries.

2. Milk chocolate

The king of the chocolate market, milk chocolates, has impressed everyone with its rich aroma and taste. Milk chocolate was the invention of Cadbury, and they developed the variety by making a combination of milk powder, sugar, cocoa pile, and cocoa powder. It contains less sugar in comparison to the previous array making it a bit healthier. Milk chocolates do not contain any cocoa solids, and so are liked by everyone.

3. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the most delicious and nutritious variety with the lowest amount of sweetness. It contains quite an amount of soluble fibers along with almost 75% of cocoa. The calorie content is the smallest, and so is preferred by people who are watching their weight. Especially, fitness enthusiasts and older adults who want to eat chocolate but fear the calorie intake can relax and consume moderate amounts of dark chocolates.


Now, you can check out the following points that will make you happy as a chocolate lover.

  • White chocolate contains milk, and so is a rich source of calcium. It does not hold any amount of caffeine and so good for your health.
  • Milk chocolate helps to regulate your blood pressure and also lowers the risk of strokes and heart problems.
  • Dark chocolates are the best and come with several health benefits. It contains cocoa that makes it a rich source of minerals and soluble fiber. The minerals present in a bar of dark chocolate include manganese, iron, and so on.
  • Dark chocolate is an excellent antioxidant that, in turn, helps in cell regeneration. It is also rich in the antioxidant commotion and other polyphenols.
  • It stimulates the functioning of the brain and prevents the risk of asthma and other similar diseases. The caffeine content of dark chocolates is useful for respiratory issues such as bronchitis and others.


So, it is not enough to know about the advantages until you get to know the cons too. Check out the following for a better idea.

  • Talking about white chocolates, they have a minimum contribution when it comes to health benefits. They are loaded with sugar and can cause diabetes. Due to the excessive sweetness, they are high on calories too.
  • White chocolates are high sources of cholesterol and are a significant cause of weight gain.
  • Dark chocolate contains caffeine, and excess of that can cause dehydration. People suffering from migraine problems should also stay away from too much dark chocolate.
  • One of the major issues with dark chocolates is that it can give rise to kidney stones too.

Final thoughts

The best chocolate in the world 2019 are indeed attractive and are the creations of the most amazing chocolatiers present around the world. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages that we often skip, and here you get to know all of that.

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