Styling Tips and Best Dress Shirts for Slim Guys

Your body type is a never a problem, but your dressing style could be. If you’re a skinny man, you need the best dress shirts for slim guys to know how to style yourself.

Skinny men should never coil in fear to try something new. They also shouldn’t look at a piece of clothing and think it could look bad on them. You just need to know how to style it, and you’re good to go.

Best dress shirts for slim guys

There are many suggestions online for larger men, but when it comes to smaller body types, people have less to recommend. Here, we give you a complete style guide so that you can rock in the clothes you have when you’re on the slimmer side.

1. Wear more crew necks

Men with slimmer body should avoid V-necks at all costs, especially the ones that have a drastic scoop. You don’t have big pecks to flaunt and that’s okay. Even if you do, it is better to not show them off. Crew neck style gives an appearance of squared shoulders and complements a narrow frame.

2. Tailor the slim fit

While many skinny men think that slim fit accentuates their shape, it is the best clothing option for formal events. You need lots of tailored slim fit clothing that flaunts the shape you’re proud to have. It gives a cleaner silhouette and appearance of a customized fitting.

Just make sure that the suit fits you well and it doesn’t come with baggy trousers. You wouldn’t want the jacket to look big as well. If you’re already a fan of skinny fits, you can get away with skinny fitting suits.

3. Wear clothes that fit well

Not just slim fit but also the kind that fits you perfectly is what you need to add more of. It might seem obvious but its one of the common mistakes that skinny men make. Many men tend to wear baggie clothes to hide their frame, but that just makes you look small. You might also be joked about for wearing your brother’s or father’s hand-me-downs!

The key here is to avoid baggy jeans and oversized tees. Keep away from the chunky outwear and just stick to well-fitted clothes. Also, the days of trousers hangings below the arse are gone! It is time to make some major wardrobe changes if you still do wear pants like that.

4. Layer up

Layering up doesn’t mean wear three tees, two jumpers, and one coat to make yourself look bulkier. You have to layer up properly and the total idea of layering is about making the outfit blend naturally.

You might think that it’s a pushy way to not look skinny but it needs to be an overall style statement. Moreover, the outfit highlights exactly what we’re trying to mean here.

5. Don’t wear shoulder pads

Many people influence smaller men into wearing shoulder pads but that’s a complete no. You can get away with this kind of trick subtly but there is no guarantee that you surely will. There are many people with a smaller build and that’s completely fine. You must be comfortable in the shape of the body you have and embrace it.

6. Wear things that make you look strong

Many people make fun of slim men as they think they aren’t strong enough. However, when you have the best dress shirts for slim guys, there’s no one labeling you that. There are some kinds of clothing that give you an instant buff and you need more of that in your wardrobe. It can be a blazer, suit jacket, sports coat, and more.

7. Wear fabric that adds a natural bulk

You need to choose the right kind of fabric to add visual bulk to your look. Types of textured fabrics give an illusion that you have more mass than smooth ones. When looking for fabrics like these consider flannels, tweeds, denim, glen checks, and corduroys.

Moreover, fabrics that look rough can make you look bold and add mass.

8. Add colors and patterns

When you need to dress up for summers with lightweight shirts at casual events, you need subtle gains. You need to add an extra effort to make sure what you wear doesn’t make you look too thin.

You might not like lighter colors like pastels, white or beige. But do you know that darker colors like brown and purple can weigh you down? This is also the reason why rooms with lighter colors look spacious than they are compared to darker-colored rooms.

Styling tips

Many people think that slim guy can’t wear what they want, but that’s not true. There sure are many ways to style them but there are also basic rules that they should keep in mind:

1. Avoid big accessories

You need to keep away from big belt buckles, huge watches, big chains, and scarves. Rather than going in for things that look too large compared to your body type, stick to classics. From sleek watches to minimalistic necklaces, you need to consider the least when it comes to accessories.

2. Avoid jeans that are too skinny

Slim fit is fine but skinny fit on your body could be a complete disaster. You have to be very particular when choosing a skinny fit because they can’t look like women’s jeans. It will emphasize your leaner body and make the overall look unappealing.

Just stick to the normal or slim fit jeans or try chinos by Dickies or other similar brand options. These are the perfect alternative for regular jeans and open up several new styles for the wardrobe.

3. Avoid vertical stripes

While stripes have always been in trend, it isn’t one of your things! You should stick to horizontal lines if at all, as they give you a squared look instead of making you look streamlined. You should keep away from trying big and bold prints as it simply overpowers the entire outfit.

4. Wear your confidence

There is nothing better than having confidence and wearing that with every other superficial element. Even if you make a fashion faux pass, your confidence might not allow it to overpower. Be comfortable in your skin and it will help you express the same.

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