Best Games of 2022

2022 is a year of great upheavals. It will clearly be remembered, but, alas, hardly by its brilliant games – there were too many other events that were much more deeply imprinted on the mind. However, it did have its bright moments, including in the video game industry. Just like in previous years, took a look at the most important games of 2022 and made a final ten. There are no surprises, but we will be surprised.


Sam Barlow is famous for his ability to create unusual games full of experiments. One of the earliest was a text-based quest that invited you to pass yourself by typing just a couple of words and keeping track of changes in your answers. Later Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released, which was a psychological test that was accompanied by several individual moments during the game’s playthrough. After that came to Her Story, a conceptual detective game where you need to study an interrogation video of a woman who committed a crime and try to understand what she did and why.

Gran Turismo 7

With the seventh installment, the Gran Turismo series is back to what its fans have been missing. After GT Sport, which emphasized competition and online, players once again got a full-fledged product for an enjoyable pastime even in single-player mode, rather than one hastily assembled out of scraps. The only minus in this regard is the extremely “vegetable” and boring bots, which are challenging only when driving on an unfamiliar track and do not understand at all where to brake and how to enter the corners. But this is a problem with the entire series of simulators from Polyphony Digital.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is a game that pleased everyone who almost lost faith in Blizzard. In 2022, MMORPG fans vitally needed dense content, but not exhausting in the amount of mandatory grind, and after a month of play we can summarize: the balance is found, and it’s almost perfect.

Gamers who want to spend as much time in the game as possible in the first few weeks do not get bored: galloping through the fields for reputation with centaurs, cooking soup, fishing and endless killing of rare creatures is extremely fun. And most importantly, it’s not necessary, though it does improve your character. No Torgast from Shadowlands, no island expeditions from Battle for Azeroth – the game does not force you to waste hours on blatantly boring activities. Now there is time for side quests in the open world, a couple of unranked battlefields, and even crafting. Games in a similar genre can be found on the pirate bay proxy.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Maybe the Warzone 2.0 release version scared away some players because of technical problems mixed with the influx of bots. However, after time and a lot of patches, this game has gained recognition because of the fresh look of the shooter of two years ago, for which we want to only praise Activision. It’s not often that players are allowed to see a continuation of the “battle royale” – the same PUBG and Fortnite, released back in 2017, feel good even five years later. However, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has quite a few innovations that allow you to consider it not an update, but a full-fledged game.


Who can’t like this cute game about a kitty cat? Stray is a pleasant and relaxing adventure for a couple of evenings. It’s the kind of game you can get your girlfriend or mother involved in gaming – they’ll love it. Is that in some moments you will have to help them: escape from annoying “fleas” will not be easy for a novice gamer.

The authors managed to create an interesting world that one wants to explore. However, there could be more side quests. Collect notes or energy – it’s certainly good, but it would be nice to have full-fledged secondary tasks. On the plus side, we can add a storyline that is unlikely to surprise or surprise anyone, but the task of engrossing for an evening or two will cope with it. And it seems that more is not required.

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