Best Linkedin Profile Scraping Tools

Nothing is more tiring than going through all the profiles on LinkedIn in hopes of generating leads. But how many profiles can you manually go through in an hour or even a day? Well, not much. 

That’s why it becomes quite important to automate this process. You can find a variety of tools for automating the processes over linkedIn. So, before jumping on talking about the best Linkedin Profile Scraping Tool, let’s see what data scrapers are and what their uses are.

What are Data Scrappers?

For B2B prospecting, generating leads, building meaningful relations, and forming the best outreach strategy for all require data scrappers. These tools ensure that you can work over LinkedIn as smoothly as possible. Let’s dig deeper into the term ‘data scraping’ and why it is essential for any B2B company:

Data scraping is a process of extracting information either from a website or a profile. It can be done by locally saving it on a file on the computer or by putting the information in a spreadsheet. There are many reasons why there should be a Linkedin scraping tool for businesses. 

For marketing research:

When it comes to marketing research, you need to have ample data to gain fruitful results. Data scraper tools help you fetch all the relevant information from websites or LinkedIn profiles. You can easily perform any type of research with these tools, and this will help you in getting to know where you are stepping foot properly.

Extracting contact information:

When it comes to the extraction of contact information over LinkedIn, it is never an easy task. You can’t go through every profile and write all the information in a spreadsheet. For this, you would require a LinkedIn profile scraping tool to ease the burden and provide quality information. 

Lead generation:

The foremost purpose for which LinkedIn comes into use is lead generation. The data scraping tools make this task easy for you and provide you with leads that will help your business grow positively. Data on leads that are collected with the help of these data/ profile scraping tools is much better than the jotted down manually.  

What is a linkedin chrome extension? 

With a user base of over 645 million, it’s not a simple task to generate leads and maximize one’s network in such a cramped space. It gets quite challenging and overwhelming getting in touch with the right people. But with the help of the LinkedIn chrome extension, one can easily clear the way for finding quality leads. 

The chrome extension is quite a clever tool and is integrated to make one’s daily tasks over LinkedIn easy. Here are some of the benefits that one can receive through the LinkedIn chrome extension:

Saving connections for future lead generation:

For those users who have direct exposure to sales navigators, a LinkedIn chrome extension can work wonders for them. With this, they can easily save on their connections as leads and track them down whenever they wish. By using “Team Link,” you can check out all your mutual relationships with your prospects and request an introduction from them. 

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Ensures you reach your goal quickly:

With the help of chrome extensions like Linkedin profile scraping, you can reach your desire in a shorter period. These tools ensure that you get useful data to help your business get in touch with the right type of connections. 

Tracking of performance:

With the help of a quality Linkedin chrome extension, one can get insights into how their content is performing over the internet. These insights become a stepping stone in crafting a strategy that would aid businesses in gaining a good audience. 

You can also opt for a LinkedIn chrome extension to monitor your followers and target customers’ activities. 

Scheduling of content:

Good quality content could pool in an immense amount of audience, which will ultimately help in increasing your account’s visibility. But one thing is clear: creating good content is not enough. One has to analyze when their target audience is active so they can post their content during those hours. Well, the linkedin chrome extension helps you in scheduling the content so that you can grab the attention of your audience. 

After understanding all about data scrapers and LinkedIn chrome extension, let’s talk about a Linkedin profile scraping as well as an automation tool called Dripify in detail:

Dripify LinkedIn Profile Scraping Tool 

Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation and scraping tool that helps in generating leads that will help the business move forward successfully. Plenty of activities can be done with the help of Dripify, like automating tasks, creating a healthy brand reputation, selling products on autopilot, etc. 

Although this tool is a bit more expensive than all of its counterparts, its features can help a business build all kinds of marketing strategies and campaigns. Here are some of the things that Dripify offers to its customers:

Making a linkedIn campaign:

With the help of Dripify, one can boost their engagement by manifolds, build drip campaigns, generate leads, and optimize their sales, all on autopilot. But be sure to choose carefully. Once the changes are selected, and the campaign is started, it is hard to make modifications. If you want to make any altercations, you must delete the whole campaign and redo it.   

Monitoring campaigns:

Dripify makes use of advanced analytics for assessing ongoing campaigns. One can easily create an amazing strategy from the outcome by tracking the campaign. This would help in carefully analyzing the highs and lows, which will further help improve the conversion rates. 

Assessing team members:

The control panel presented on Dripify ensures that you can monitor your team’s stats carefully. In addition, it provides an option to assign tasks to other members and provide them with permission to perform the tasks. 

The smart box feature:

The smart box feature over Dripify provides easy access to messages effortlessly and quickly. 

Allows testing of campaigns:  

Before your campaign goes live, one thing that any user would want is whether their campaign is working perfectly or not. Dripify provides the users with a testing tool that provides message models, test group links, and link request notices to see which campaign works the best. 

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No worries about hacking:

With Dripify, you won’t have to worry about your LinkedIn account getting hacked or misused. The safety algorithm on Dripify provides a safe and sound environment for a user to function without any worries. 

Making more human-like efforts:

With the help of Dripify, you can create a sequence of activities in which you can also add time delays and prompts. This will make the machine-generated activities seem more like a human. 

How to perform Linkedin profile scraping with the help of Dripify?

The Dripify profile scraping exports contacts from LinkedIn to a CSV file. This file will also consist of a lot of data. All of this can be done in just a few clicks. Let’s check out how:

Getting the leads data:

Go to your personal “Leads” tab on Dripify after creating a campaign that allows you to create a group of them according to the actions performed by the leads. Then, filter them all by creating a group named “campaign” and adding notes. (  

Exporting data:

After the first step, download linkedin contacts to the CSV files, which will consist of tons of valuable information like the number of connections, phone number, website URL, etc. 

Now, it’s all up to the user how they want to use the data. 

What data can one scrape from LinkedIn using Dripify profile scraping?

As stated above, scrapping profiles from LinkedIn will take just two steps. You are only required to use a simple LinkedIn extractor function on Dripify to get started with it. By using this feature, you can easily get data like full names, addresses, positions, company headcount, industry, mutual groups, skills, and much more. 

You can easily get data from 1st level connections using the Dripify profile scraping tool, but it gets a bit difficult when it comes to 2nd and 3rd level connections. This is because LinkedIn has set up a limitation on getting information from people not in 1st level. But if the LinkedIn user has provided their email addresses and other important information, a Dripify can easily extract the data. 


There is no other social media platform other than LinkedIn that can provide you with quality leads and opportunities for building a firm relationship with like-minded professionals. But all of this is possible when you actively participate in LinkedIn activities and get in touch with the right audience. 

For this, you must use a good quality tool like Dripify that will help you scrape profiles and automate your tasks over LinkedIn. This tool will help you in boosting your brand’s image and improve its visibility. Dripify is a versatile tool suitable for all businesses, whether small or big. With Dripify on your side, you can easily make your LinkedIn account grow to tremendous levels. 

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