Best NBN Deals for Live HD Streaming

Best NBN Deals

With the different forms of entertainment, you can now access online, it can only be expected that most households are already subscribed to a certain internet plan. While the basic plans may prove to be sufficient for internet browsing and typical surfing activities, streaming high-definition videos may entail the need for a better plan. This article lists down some of the best NBN deals for live HD streaming.

TPG nbn™Home Fast Unlimited Plan

One of the best providers when it comes to an internet plan for streaming purposes is TPG. Their WiFi broadband plans include the nbn™Home Fast Unlimited Plan that comes with unlimited data as well as a typical evening speed of 90Mbps. These features prove to be sufficient for live HD streaming even in the hours that the network is most congested. The best thing about this plan is that it is a no-contract plan, which means that you get to leave without having to settle any termination fees anytime you feel the need to.

Aussie Broadband 75/20 100GB – Build your own nbn™

Another plan that you can consider to foster live HD streaming is the 75/20 100GB – Build your own nbn™ from Aussie Broadband. This internet service provider is renowned because of its exceptional customer service. But apart from this, their plans, including the 75/20 100GB – Build your own nbn™, offer one of the best download speeds during the busiest hours, which make it great for live HD streaming. The best part is that to avail of these features, you only need to pay $80 a month.

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Optus Internet Everyday Fast – nbn™

The internet service provider that delivers the best download speeds during the busiest hours of the day is Optus. It offers the Internet every day Fast – nbn™ that provides unlimited data as well as 100Mbps typical evening speeds, which means that you get to enjoy uninterrupted movie nights because no buffering occurred. For this no-contract term plan, you have to pay a monthly fee of $89 to continue enjoying their service.

Exetel Standard Plus nbn50

Finally, you can also go for Exetel’s Standard Plus nbn50 that offers unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 48Mbps. This means that you won’t be surprised with any additional fee on top of your monthly plan for going over your data allocation limit, which usually happens for users who frequently stream HD videos using a plan with a data cap. Rest assured that this plan also features a no-contract term which means that you are free to leave anytime you wish to do so without having to pay any advance termination fee.

Final Word

The NBN plans listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider in case you are looking into streaming high-definition videos with your internet connection. Apart from live HD streaming though, you can also benefit in various other ways with these plans such as when you delve into online gaming. You will also have a seamless internet connection with these plans even if several users are simultaneously using your internet.


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