Best Places To Live In Georgia

Best Places To Live In Georgia


There is only one life that the Almighty awards you. You should not spend this life. In fact, you should live it. The best places to live in Georgia are some landmarks and localities deemed best for the public. It is of the utmost importance that to have a perfect life, you are living in a place filled with all the necessities, and the perks are comparatively higher than the rest of the places in the world.

If you keep on moving your finger on the map, then every city or town in the world has some positive and negative factors that will impact your decision regarding whether you should inhabit that place or not. Especially if we talk about the modern generation, they would like to update everything. This is important that we bring forward the details regarding some of the places that are best to live in Georgia.

The state of Georgia is home to millions

Georgia is one of the most famous states in the USA. In fact, if we look at the available figures, we will learn that this city is a house for more than 10 million people. These are magnificent details. You will surely like to become a part of such a community. The charm of this place is so unique that we are witnessing a constant increase in the number of inhabitants of this state.

The things to pay attention to while moving in a new place

Whenever you want to move into a new place, there are certain factors that you should pay attention to. Below we have mentioned a few of them for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Is the place filled with city life or not?
  • Whether you will be able to get the desired quietness and peace at your home.
  • How far away you are from the market where you can find the necessities of life.
  • Whether the area has all the facilities that you desire in your new place.

Best places to live in Georgia

Not many places will stand true to all of the requirements mentioned above. Therefore if you have decided to move to the state of Georgia, then it is time that we introduce you to a couple of fabulous places that will surely make you stay there for the rest of your life. Below we have mentioned all the relative details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

1.      Alpharetta (North of Atlanta)

If you move approximately 25 miles north of Atlanta, you will reach Alpharetta. The city is highly peaceful. You can conclude this fact by looking at the number of the current population, which is standing at the mark of 60,000.

The perks of the city 

The city has all the vibes that you dream of. On the weekends, you can witness the breakfasts in the gardens and the movies in the outdoor spaces. These are not the only perks. In fact, the recent opening of Avalon has changed the life of the public, and now you can shop anything and dine anything.

The real estate cost

Before moving in, you would like to take a look at the real estate costs. A rough estimate suggests that a median house in this area will cost $378,000.

2.      Canton in the vicinity of Holly Springs

Everyone is aware of the Holy Springs, but the city of Canton near it is the place to pay attention to. The recent figures suggest that the population of the city is just 30,000. Thus we can say it is just a bit bigger than a town. The 20 square mile area of the city makes it the perfect place to live.

The natural effect 

One of the most effective things regarding this place that will surely leave a mark on you is its close-to-nature look. While driving, you can spot cows and horses, which will surely relax your nerves. The parks are extraordinary, and the educational institutes are the cherry on top.

3.      Decatur a place to raise a family

Decatur happens to be just in the perimeter of the ITP highway. Also, the low population number of 29000 will surely divert your attention towards the fact that the place is quite peaceful. In fact, according to some recent votes, this place stood at the top of the names in the list of cities in Georgia.

The real estate prices 

If you are wondering about the real estate prices, then they are around the figure of 412,500 for a median house. You might think it too much, but it is worth it at the end of the day. From restaurants to shops and educational institutes, there is nothing missing in this city.

The real estate prices 

4.      Johns Creek

This particular place has been ranked best for families. Also, Johns Creek should be your north if you are searching for the best public schools. The factor of safety is of the utmost importance when we talk about moving to a new place, and Johns Creek offers all the safety you need.

Johns Creek another name for luxury 

Although this place has all the utilities and necessities you desire, you should know that the place has a certain touch of luxury. This is why the price of any median house is comparatively much higher, which is marked as $627,000.

Johns Creek another name for luxury 

5.      The Peachtree City

Although this is a perfect place to live, it is not the only thing that makes it special. In fact, the place can be coined as a tourist spot too. The Pinewood forest has added a new texture to its beautiful geography. Thus you can say that you will never be out of entertainment options in this place. Also, the number of facilities that are present here will surely surprise you.

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The best places to live in Georgia are not limited to the names of the cities mentioned above. In fact, several other names are worth making a place for themselves on the list. But if you want to choose nothing but the best, then you should choose one of the options mentioned above, and you will surely not regret making this decision.

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