Best Places to Live in Texas- If you’re Thinking of Relocating!

Best places to live in Texas

Thinking of the best places to live in Texas? Here, we have got it all covered for you!

Deciding to settle down to find a place to live is one of the most significant decisions. However, the beautiful idea of finding a safe place to live forever can be complex. The reason being, our constant desires are usually contrary to the opportunities a place provides. It is not just the scenery and sublimity of the place needed but also other possibilities, like employment. Because in the end, you want to grow your income and at the same time. Along with increasing your happiness and preferences too. In addition to that, if you have kids, the school’s location matters as well. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best places to live in Texas.

Texas, as also most people call it, is the “Lone Star State.” It is also the state -most populous in the whole of the United States. The state- Texas consists of seven diverse geographical areas and has a total span of 268,000 miles. Adding to that, the massively populated state is already a home to a little over 29 million people.

Texas can be the ideal home to anyone from outsized borough areas to miles and miles of open spaces. The distinct and vast regions of Texas offer a settling place for each of its residents. Additionally, more or less every other person looking for a place to call home, Texas always welcomes them!

So of all the places, if you choose to live in the States, Texas is the ideal place to settle down. Hence, we have grabbed you the best places to live in Texas. So, here is our list that brings you a step closure to your home in Texas.

How did we decide on the best places to live in Texas?

Best place to live in Texas
Source: Global Trade Magazine

Texas is known to have quite a long history, and hence, it is like a cultural melting pot of the States. Moreover, it is along the southern border of the US, making it a state with ample job opportunities. Adding to that, the state has access to almost every other state of the country. Also, the cherry on top is the fantastic weather, which is the same all year-round.

Unlike any extensive list, we needed some essential criteria on which we would suggest to you the name of the cities. So, we made a list of the basics that is essential to everyone while settling down. The grounds of our judgments are measurable criteria such as amenities, total crimes, weather, and commute time. In addition are the tax and unemployment rates, and the most important, the quality of life that you will get. Also, by the quality of life, we mean- the cost of living, student and teacher ratio, median rents and household incomes, and more.

Apart from the economic point of view, the countryside is also known for its southern hospitality and delicious food. Also, everything in Texas comes usually in a large size. Take, for instance, the state fair that it holds. It is listed ad regarded as one of the best in the whole nation. The best part of Texas State is that the people tend to live a carefree lifestyle. So, your days in the states are never going to be boring, and you will always have something to cheer for.

Hence, to assure you that this isn’t just some random list, but an accurate way to find a home in Texas. Thus, moving on, we hope that you find the best places to live in Texas for you out of these cities!

The best places to live in Texas

So, here we are, finally where we will jump onto the best places of the southern state;


Best places to live in Texas
Source: Britannica

Austin is a city unique in Texas, and the metropolis functions as the HQ of the Texas government. Moreover, it also acts as the epicentre for political and social changes and movements. Hence, as a dweller, you will get the front row vision of the state’s coming. 

Apart from the industrial development, Austin is also the greenest urban city in the whole state. Also, if you are a fan of delicious food and numerous cuisines, Austin will be the perfect metropolis for you. 

In addition, Austin is the place for you when it comes to a surrounding or neighbourhood that is safe. Because the FBI rates the metropolis as the safest place to live and thrive in. 

Lastly, it is evident that Austin has to be your first choice, as it is the state capital. In addition, it is also the home of the University of Texas.


Source: Wikipedia

Often people don’t appreciate the lifestyle and affordability Georgetown has to offer. However, Georgetown is among the fastest-growing cities in entire Texas. 

The city offers a fantastic quality of life to its residents and a decent household income (median) of nearly 71k. Apart from all this, Georgetown is among the safest places to be in, with the lowest crime and violence rates. 

So, a friendly, affordable, safe, and thriving place can turn out to be a fantastic home for you. 

Fort Worth

Best places to live in Texas
Source: The Scout Guide

The beautiful Forth Worth is an oasis in the northern state of Texas. The city provides you with all the fun that an urban city has. In addition, the perks of being in the city are that it has low crime rates, so you are free and safe in the beautiful northern city. Fort Worth is a city affordable and has a decent growth rate to it. You won’t buy it if we inform you that Fort Worth has one of the fastest growth rates in all of the US. Moreover, it is the 12th largest city in the States. 


Source: TripAdvisor

We hope that whenever you think of Texas, it’s the classic Western movies that pop up in your head. Midland is the same as those classic movies. Moreover. You can get a bar for yourself to enjoy it in a typical cowboy hat. 

Apart from all that, Midland is famous as it is the centre of the oil industry. Also, because it is a portion of the Permian Basin area. 

Coming down, the city of Texas- Midland is affordable and has a growth rate of approximately 31%. Also, if you crave a cowboy lifestyle, the city is always going to make a space for you. 



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We’ll start with the population first and then move on to the other stuff. Houston, by far, is the largest populous city in Texas. It is also the fourth largest city (population-wise) in all of the United States. 

Houston provides a variety of fantastic food, along with a rich culture. You can live affordably in the city of Houston and have a decent and thriving lifestyle. You are less likely to have a not cheering life here, and you might enjoy the populated city and its environment. 


If you like greenery and want to settle down next to it, then Plano is the city in Texas. It is regarded as one of the lushest, sprouting, and most prosperous city in Texas. The public parks of the town are the highlight. Moreover, more than half of the city population are within walking distance of ten minutes to the gardens. 

The lifestyle that Plano offers is that of the highest quality, with little to no crime rates. Moreover, the city offers affordable living with high-income aspects. 

So it can be an ideal city for you to live and settle down in. 

The bottom line on the best places to live in Texas

Our list of the best places to live in Texas includes all the possible locations you can turn into your home.

The state has everything, from an affordable, carefree lifestyle to rich traditions and southern charm. All these factors make Texas a place that is a perfect blend of both rural and urban life. So, you get the choice of opting from either of the lifestyles and make your home along with it.

Texas has ample benefits to lure people into it, and all of them are in your favors. From a rich history, tradition, and culture to the low tax rates, it is one of the perfect states. Adding to that, you won’t even need to worry about lousy or annoying neighbors. Texas is home to friendly and carefree people. Moreover, you would get to see a perfect blend of both rural and urban lives. Thus, making your days never boring and giving you reasons to be cheerful.

So, if relocating is in your mind, you might find Texas the ideal place for you. So, for that, our list of best places to live in Texas gives you an idea to select the perfect place.

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