Best summer makeup trends 2019

Summer Makeup

What’s the best part about summers? Beaches? Fruits? Comfy clothes? Well, there are plenty of desirable things about this season but you can’t neglect the undesirable ones too. One of the worst aspects of summer is sticky sunscreens and melting summer makeup.

If we ask you to imagine smeared eyeliner and sticky lipsticks, you’d start cringing right away! To prevent such makeup massacre, we will give you the best of summer makeup tips. These will keep your makeup look fresh and pretty when the climatic condition is acting up.

Summer makeup tips 2019

Find out some of the easy ways to maintain makeup so that you always look like a snack:

1. Start off with a non-sticky moisturizer

Makeup is a part of taking care of skin, even when it isn’t the best treatment you put your skin through. This is why you need to ensure that the summer makeup products you can buy best makeup brushes on amazon have quality ingredients that maintain your skin.

You must apply an oil-free moisturizer on your skin every morning. Top it up with oil-free foundation formula to match the two together. This will add the right level of hydration and work as a protective layer for your skin.

2. Add sunscreen with high SPF

You cannot protect your skin if you don’t apply the right level of Sun Protector Factor (SPF) on your skin. Sunscreen is a must addition to your summer makeup routine and should be above level 50.

You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours. It might be hard when you’re on the go, but try and set a reminder and excuse yourself to take the sunscreen break. Note that even light bulbs can leave a bad impact on your skin. Thus, you should apply sunscreen one last time after the sunsets.

3. Add primer to summer makeup list

One of the expensive summer makeup products you must invest in is a primer. You need to apply it after using the moisturizer and before applying the makeup.

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Primers are the go-to summer makeup essential as it isn’t heavy enough to add an additional layer. It helps you keep your makeup in place and includes hyaluronic acid that softens wrinkles and blurs out imperfections. Isn’t it amazing that a primer can do all of these while keeping your makeup intact? It is also a magical element that keeps sweat away.

4. Add some bronzer for glow

Bronzers make our eyes look bright, teeth look white, and adds warmth to our skin. To make the bronzer look natural and fresh all the time, you should just add it to the high points of the face. The forehead, chin, nose, and cheekbones are the facial features where the sun naturally hits you.

You can buy powder bronzes as they are easy to apply. Look out for ones that come with several shades, they blend well and give you an authentic look. You can even add a little bronzer on the earlobes and neck – it works best for women with short hair or when you tie a pony.

5. Keep it minimal

The best way to prevent summer makeup from caking and creasing is by keeping it low. You can just go for a tinted moisturizer and concealer if you need one. Our makeup tends to move around when it feels the sweat. The best you can do it keep it minimal so that you don’t need to rush to the washroom for touch-ups.

6. Leave the shimmer

Everyone loves the dewy glow but there is a difference between a healthy radiance and excessive shine. You must avoid cream-based foundation or anything that makes your skin look luminous. Humidity gives an unwanted extra shine and makes you look sweaty. That’s simply too much of sparkle for the skin.

7. Choose sheer shades

Rich colors do look good for the night but can be too heavy during summers. To make your look light, turn to sheer or nude tones for the go-to eye and lip colors.

Use a lipliner that you apply beforehand when you need extra definition, but stick to nude shades. You can also try invisible lipliners that leave a clear touch and doesn’t let the color melt out. Sheer tones are also subtle so you can’t go wrong with them.

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8. Use eyeshadows that stay

Looking for summer makeup tutorial to apply eye shadow is not enough. You need to know the products you need to buy too. Avoid eye creams for your eyelids as they tend to melt your makeup. Add a smooth eye primer as it will reduce creasing and give you a base for the shadow to cling on.

To maintain it all day, layer the powder over the cream. You can also double it up as it works well for liners. Use a regular pencil or cream liner, follow it up with a tiny angled brush to press the dark shadow on top of the liner. The process helps you retain the liner for longer hours and keeps it intact.

9. Don’t use a powder blush

Blush helps you add the right level of balance to every look, but not if you’re still using a powdery formula. The blush can get cakey and you’d find it even more difficult to fix it.

Stains work better in terms of longevity during warm weather. Take resort to gel and blush stain, and then add a bit of cream blush on top. It gives you a healthy and vibrant glow. If you want to increase longevity, add a dust of light powder setting on top. Don’t get too heavy-handed as you want to lock the look but not mattify it.

10. Try waterproof products

For the best summer makeup looks turn to waterproof versions of the products you use. These might cost you a little more but saves you from the time you’d spend for touch-ups. From mascaras to primers, waterproof summer makeup products are now in the trend. Find out what your favorite brands have in store to make your summer look stand out!

Final thoughts

These were some of the summer makeup ideas to swear by. Without these, you might really mess up your beauty regimen this season. Make sure you let your skin breathe and keep it hydrated as much as possible. These tips will help you achieve the perfect look every time you try something new.

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