Best Toys for 1 Year Old to Keep Baby Boys and Girls Active

Idea for best toys for 1 year old

Toys serve an integral part in the life of any child. Carefully selected toys help children to develop cognitive abilities. That is why it is essential to know about the best toys for 1 year old so that you can help in their growth by giving them the best possible options. Children of one year of age remain no longer toddlers, so their desire for toys also changes. They look for toys that will let them do more than chewing it or rattle and crinkle. They grow more and more curious by each passing day, and that is why they need toys that would help sustain their curiosity.

Idea for best toys for 1 year old

Toys like pull-along and walkers will keep the baby moving, and introducing them to playsets, dolls, and vehicles will make them aware of their surroundings. Certain types of toys, like stuffed animals or zoom trains, can serve as the best toys for 1 year old. So, let us take a detailed look at the best toys you can have for your one year old child.

Bright colored toys

As the child’s visions start to develop, they start distinguishing between bright and dull colors. Though they will not be capable of naming any color, they like bright colored toys. Without any doubt, we can say that a bright red colored truck or a colorful rainbow print would be a great choice of toy for a 1 year old that would keep him/her engaged and entertained.

Toys requiring hand movements and coordination

Since your child is growing up, one of the best toys for 1 year old would give them a chance to boost their motor skills. They want to get their mouth and hands-on everything, and that is why it would be perfect for giving them toys that would require coordination skills. Shape sorters, puzzlers, or nesting toys can help the growing child’s mind develop and help their hand’s dexterity.

Toys needing movement

By the age of one year, children generally start to walk. So, if you are looking for gift ideas for 1 year old, you can consider toys with strings that would move around. This will keep the child moving and help him/her to practice walking more. Moreover, moving around will ensure that the baby is active and is not spending their days sitting.

Toys encouraging sharing and parallel play

Indeed, a one year old will not be able to play with another toddler. However, what they can do is parallel play or playing independently while they are with another toddler. Toys that encourage parallel playing, like, a multi-pack of dolls or cars, can be great toy ideas for 1 year old. Since parallel playing lays the founding stones of social development in toddlers, playing with these toys will set them on the correct path to be socially amicable.

Unique gifts for one year old

These are the features that one should look for while searching for the best toys for 1 year old. Now, keeping these features in mind, let us look at some practical examples of toys that would serve as excellent choices for one-year old babies.

Musical toy

A musical toy can come in various shapes and sizes, and in most cases, they are brightly colored. Because of their unique shapes and colors, one year olds are bound to get attracted to them. You can consider buying a musical box set that would contain several musical instruments for your kid to try. You can also go for solo pieces of musical toys, like a guitar or a xylophone. Musical toys also come in sets that allow parallel playing, helping your one-year-old bond with another toddler.

Playing the instruments and listening to the music coming out of them will not only entertain your child but also encourage cognitive development and movement. The toys would require a lot of hands and mouth usage and indeed keep you one year old engrossed.

Musical toy

Sports toy

Spot toys can very well serve as the best toys for 1 year old. Spot toys require hand and leg movement and are bound to keep the toddler busy. Many sports toys combine a game of football and baseball. Such toys ensure that your child remains active and gets encouraged to get the ball to the net successfully. These toys require attention and help in the development of cognitive abilities. Moreover, sports toys also induce actual interest in sports among toddlers, and that interest allows them to get into sports when they grow up.

Activity table

Another kind of toy for 1 year old that comes quite handy is an activity table. These tables come in various sizes, and in most cases, they do not take up much space. These tables consist of several activities placed into them and make sure to keep your kid busy while developing their gross and fine motor skills. These activities often require coordination skills, and some activity tables also come with various learning equipment. In most cases, the legs of the tables are detachable, which ensures that it remains useful from infancy to preschool.

These are some of the best ideas for toys for 1 year old. However, there are a lot of other options to explore. Ensure you are keeping the essential features discussed in this article when you are searching for the toys for the child. Toys contribute mainly to a toddler’s growing up, so it is imperative to make the right selections. It is best to offer the child toys that would keep them active and develop their cognitive abilities.

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