Best ways to get a promotion and make more money

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You might hear career experts say, “When you start a new job, you must start planning for next!” Sounds weird, right? Well, this will be true, until you find ways to expand your avenues where you work already. In turn, this means, finding ways to get promoted and understanding your scope and abilities.

We must always look forward to things that are coming our way and keep a better focus at work. We must aim higher so that we are always a step ahead in our career.

Ways to get a promotion

The following points are tips that could help you level up at your work sphere:

1. Build mentoring relationships

Four of five promotions happen because of mentoring relationships with someone higher from your post. These people have received recognition and experience to be in a significant position. Some companies give formal mentoring programs, but people can build them on their own.

Mentors are always great sources for information and career guide. They might have been in your position at some point in time to know exactly what you go through.

2. Quantify outcomes

Promotions are not always based on past performances, but they do count. People who have a list of things that add to their credibility get more chances to get promoted.

You must keep a record of everything that you did to contribute to the company. This helps people realize that more than money or promotion, you take your work seriously. They also acknowledge your creative and innovative side and appreciate your loyalty towards the organization.

3. Work on self-promotion

We all have to find ways to ‘sell’ ourselves so that we get the recognition that leads to opportunities that we deserve. You could be a modest person, but when it comes to opportunities, you must never move back from proving your worth.

If you have major accomplishments or know the aspects you’re getting better in, you must keep your seniors updated. There will be people who think you’re seeking attention or being stupid, but validating your worth in the right way is essential.

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4. Create a bond with your boss

Your boss will have a major role to help you get to a higher position or remain where you are. Keeping him in good terms and being in his good books will always leave a positive impact for you. We don’t get along with everyone we meet, but you shouldn’t let anyone block your growing success.

Being in good terms with your seniors is important in both formal and casual ways. You could share your interests and see how they find them helpful or interesting. Talk to them about roadblocks and solve issues that could benefit the company. The better potential you show, the more chances you’d get to move ahead.

5. Get more knowledge and skills

One of the best ways to get promoted is to make sure you have more knowledge and skills. From technical aspects to theoretical ideas, you need to know a lot about your niche. This will make people feel that you could be depended upon. Experts say that people who want to go ahead must consider current issues in mind and attend to trends, events, and other aspects.

Knowledge is not bound to theories and technology, your experience gives you more of it and fine-tunes your skills. You must allow opportunities that help you realize how knowledgeable you are to put your experience to use wherever you need to.

6. Build a network

Having good contacts is essential to tick through in any industry. You need to show people what you are good at so that when they need some help, they think about you. It opens up opportunities. If you network with people, you will get more idea about other companies in your industry.

7. Take up more responsibilities

When you know you can do better than how you are doing already, you should try to take up more than what you probably could. Ask for more work and take up more responsibilities. The process will interestingly reward you with promotions and acknowledgments.

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8. Always act professionally

You must earn a reputation that reflects dependence, cooperation, and professionalism. You must dress professionally and look presentable. You should ask questions when you don’t know about something. You must dare to be different from others and explore yourself to do so.

There will always be times when ‘putting up a show’ seems superficial to you. However, just like school kids have a uniform to wear and a discipline to maintain, we as adults need to maintain decorum too.

9. Have a positive approach

You should always have a positive approach to things because that is a sign of a problem-solver. Every time your seniors are in a fix, they must be able to connect with you and get a useful suggestion.

People who are positive can find something good in the darkest hour. Companies need such people to show direction when everything else seems to fall apart.

10. Work for a team

Leaders, who take their people along, have more chances to succeed, than who gets everything done on their own. You have to be a team player and work with everyone in harmony. Your interpersonal skills would be much required and will help you level up.

A person who is looking forward to getting better at what he’s doing needs people around. These people may include ones who hate your success, but they’d still cooperate with you if you’d compel them to. This is how a team can work in harmony and become more productive. You need to understand the importance of working together and find ways to promote a healthy work culture.

Final thoughts

People who always do well have solutions to their problems. They don’t go to their bosses and whine about things, but they find their own ways to handle situations. People who solve problems have more chance to get promoted than the ones who ask for solutions.

You need to understand who you are and what your approach towards growth is. When you’re clear about how to get ahead in life, you will make your way anyhow!

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